Rick Smith
Maryland License #33227, InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector # 180931903, IAC2 Cert. #IAC2-08-0939

Absolute Assurance Home Inspection Services, LLC is a quality source for buyers, sellers, property management, and relocation companies needing residential home inspection in the Maryland area. Based in Westminster, Maryland, our inspection services will educate you with the facts and current conditions for your prospective home and property. We will meticulously inspect your Maryland property in order to equip you with a better and more informed understanding of the home and its systems. For more information, please visit our website at https://www.aa-home-inspection.com. For more information on our home inspections, please visit https://www.aa-home-inspection.com/services. Here are some links to our other services:

Rental Inspections:  https://www.aa-home-inspection.com/rental-insps/

Radon Testing:  https://www.aa-home-inspection.com/radon/

Mold Inspection and Testing:  https://www.aa-home-inspection.com/mold-2/

Water Testing:  https://www.aa-home-inspection.com/water/