Home Inspectors

Burton Inspectors is a family-owned business of professionals who inspect homes, invent residential solutions, and design 19th Century European walls in the North Texas area. Burt is a native Texan and former U.S. Marine. In 2010, he moved to North Texas from Houston where he was engaged in landscape construction. He is supported by his loving wife and two sons.

Burt Says...

There are a lot of house inspectors available, but what you want is a home inspector. Whats the difference? At the end of long grueling day, you dont dream of going to a house. You long to go home. 

Home is the place where you can finally relax. Its where you go to enjoy a warm bath with your favorite music. Its where you make a delicious meal and finally settle down in the comfort of a soft bed, engulfed in all youve worked so hard to achieve. We understand what a home should be and inspect a homes ability to perform, protect, and provide many sweet memories. 

Looking Ahead

Our approach has highlighted functional areas of the home that we felt needed improvement. So, we developed the first hydroponic capture irrigation system for lawns and further developed UVA filtration systems for swimming pools and drinking water. 

Now we are bringing classic architecture to the family home by expanding into the art of boiserie. As artisans, we design and build roman and high renaissance period walls using marble, 24 Carat gold leaf, architecture elements, and exotic woods.