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1234 Main St.
Columbus, OH 43235
10/13/2019 9:00AM

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1 - Inspection Details

General Information: In Attendance:
General Information: Building Type:
Single Family
General Information: Occupancy:
General Information: Utilities:
All Utilities On
General Information: Temperature:
Below 32°
General Information: Weather:
General Information: Radon:
Test Underway
General Information: Overview

A home inspection is a non invasive, visual examination of the accessible areas of the property, designed to identify areas of concern within specific systems or components defined by the InterNachi Standards of Practice, that are both observed and deemed material by the inspector at the exact date and time of inspection. Any and all recommendations for repair, replacement, evaluation, and maintenance issues found, should be evaluated by the appropriate trades contractors within the clients inspection contingency window or prior to closing, which is contract applicable, in order to obtain proper dollar amount estimates on the cost of said repairs and also because these evaluations could uncover more potential issues than able to be noted from a purely visual inspection of the property. This inspection will not reveal every concern or issue that exists, but only those material defects that were observable on the day of the inspection. This inspection is intended to assist in evaluation of the overall condition of the dwelling only. This inspection is not a prediction of future conditions and conditions with the property are subject to change the moment we leave the premises.

General Information: Online Web based Presentation

To see the online web based presentation of this report follow the link below. This format is best for phones, tablets and desktop computers.


2 - Exterior

Roof Covering: Method of inspection:
Walk part of the roof
Roof Covering: Roof construction style:
Roof Covering: Roof-covering type:
Architectural Fiberglass Asphalt Shingle
Roof Covering: Chimney Exterior Material:
Roof Covering: Drainage system description:
Gutters and downspouts installed
Walkways, Driveways and General Grounds: Driveway Material:
Walkways, Driveways and General Grounds: Exterior wall-covering Material
Vinyl Siding
Walkways, Driveways and General Grounds: Exterior Doors:
Walkways, Driveways and General Grounds: Walkway Materials:
Roof Covering: The roof had not yet reached the Mid Point of it's service life.
The roof had not yet reached the Mid Point of it's service life.These photos are for your information.
2.1.1 - Roof Covering

Multiple layers on roof

This asphalt or fiberglass composition roof surface had two or more layers of roofing materials. When this roof is replaced, recommend a complete "tear off", where all existing layers of roofing are removed before installing new roofing materials. Removing existing roofing materials will increase the cost of the next roof.
Roof Roofing Professional
2.4.1 - Gutters & Downspouts

Damage/disrepair of downspout

One or more downspouts designed to discharge roof drainage was damaged or in disrepair to an extent that may limit its ability to function as designed.
Gutter cleaning icon Gutter Contractor
2.4.2 - Gutters & Downspouts

Downspout discharges on the roof

The downspout is improperly discharging onto the roof because of a missing transition extension.
Contractor Qualified Professional
2.4.3 - Gutters & Downspouts

Debris in gutters.

Debris visible in the gutters at the time of the inspection should be removed to encourage proper drainage.
Contractor Qualified Professional
2.5.1 - Walls, Trim and Foundation

Holes in siding should be sealed.

Exterior wall penetrations had gaps that should to be sealed with an appropriate sealant to prevent moisture and insect entry.
Contractor Qualified Professional
2.5.2 - Walls, Trim and Foundation

Deterioration of trim on home
Rear Of The Home

Trim at the home exhibited weathering and deterioration. It may need to be replaced. We could not determine the condition of underlying materials.
Contractor Qualified Professional
2.6.1 - Doors and Windows

Deterioration of window frame
Rear Basement Window

A window frame had general severe deterioration. Maintenance will be required to prevent leakage and replacement may be necessary.
Window Window Repair and Installation Contractor
2.7.1 - Deck, Porches and Patios

Spacing on guardrail balusters over 4".

Spaces between guardrail balusters were too wide. Safe building practices dictate no more than a 4 inch space between balusters. This condition is hazardous to small children.
House front 1 Deck Contractor
2.7.2 - Deck, Porches and Patios

Deck old and deterioration

This deck was old and exhibited deterioration commensurate with its age. Repairs may not be sufficient and some portions may need to be replaced.

House front 1 Deck Contractor
2.8.1 - Walkways, Driveways and General Grounds

Neutral or negative grading around the home.

The home had areas of neutral or negative drainage that will route runoff from precipitation toward the foundation. Excessively high moisture levels in soil supporting the foundation can effect its ability to support the weight of the structure above. The ground should slope away from the home a minimum of 1 inch per foot for a distance of at least six feet from the foundation. The Inspector recommends that these area be re-grading to improve drainage near the foundation.
Triangle Grading Contractor
2.8.2 - Walkways, Driveways and General Grounds

Overgrown vegetation

Vegetation was overgrown and needed cut back at the time of inspection.
Contractor Qualified Professional

3 - Interior

Attic: Attic inspected from:
Inside the attic
Attic: Attic thermal insulation material:
Attic: Approximate attic thermal insulation depth:
8-12 inches
Attic: Roof ventilation type:
Passive vents
Ceilings, Walls & Floors: Window Glazing:
Ceilings, Walls & Floors: Window Operation:
Ceilings, Walls & Floors: Central Vacuum System:
Not installed
Foundation: Foundation Configuration:
Partially-finished basement
Foundation: Foundation Method/Materials:
Poured concrete foundation walls
Foundation: Method used to Inspect Crawlspace:
No Crawlspace
Attic: FYI Video/Photo
This video/photo of the attic are for your information.
Ceilings, Walls & Floors: Smoke/CO Detectors:
Smoke detectors installed (battery type), Additional smoke detectors recommended

It is recommended that the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors be replaced with new units upon taking ownership of the home. Each level of living space should have both types of detectors installed. The installation of hard-wired smoke detectors in each bedroom is recommended as is the inter-connecting of all smoke and CO detectors. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are relatively inexpensive considering the importance of their function and protection they provide.

Foundation: Finished basement walls.
Part or all of the basement walls in the home were finished at the time of the inspection. The foundation was only inspected in unfinished areas and the Inspector disclaims any responsibility for confirming its condition.
Ceilings, Walls & Floors: Inspection restricted by stored items
Basement & Garage
The inspection was restricted in the noted areas by owners possessions. We were unable to fully view these areas.
3.2.1 - Ceilings, Walls & Floors

Ceiling fan wobbled during operation.
Family Room

A ceiling fan wobbled during operation and appeared to be out of balance.
Contractor Qualified Professional
3.3.1 - Cabinets & Counter-tops

Countertop sealant maintenance needed
Master Bathroom

Sealant on a counter top needed maintenance at the time of inspection.
Contractor Qualified Professional
3.4.1 - Doors & Windows

Difficult to close door, jamb binding.
Master Bedroom

The door in the home was binding on the jamb and was difficult to close.
Contractor Qualified Professional
3.4.2 - Doors & Windows

Door would not close, rubs floor
Upstairs Hallway Bathroom

An interior door was rubbing on the floor and would not close.

Door Door Repair and Installation Contractor
3.4.3 - Doors & Windows

Multiple Misaligned latches, did not stay closed.
Several Doors upstairs

The latch bolt of multiple doors in the home did not align with the hole in the strike plate and did not hold the door closed. Multiple doors will need adjustment to operate properly.

Door Door Repair and Installation Contractor
3.4.4 - Doors & Windows

Multiple windows had failed seals and moisture between panes

Condensation visible in the double-pane glazing of multiple windows indicated a loss of thermal integrity. Some windows may have lost their thermal integrity but may not be showing symptoms at the time of inspection. The Inspector recommends that you have each window in the home evaluated by a qualified contractor to determine the cost and exactly how many windows need to be repaired or replaced.
Window Window Repair and Installation Contractor
3.6.1 - Foundation

Foundation movement
Rear Basement Wall

Larger than typical foundation movement was observed. This is usually the result of expansive soil or frost pressure, it may have been caused by installation of the swimming pool. Lot drainage and foundation improvements should be addressed to keep water away from the building. Repairs may be necessary. The rate of movement cannon be predicted during a one-time inspection. Cracks may need sealing on the exterior to prevent moisture penetration.

Foundation Foundation Contractor
3.6.2 - Foundation

Settlement cracks should be sealed.

Cracking visible at the foundation wall appeared typical of settlement cracks. They should be sealed with concrete caulk to help prevent water penetration.
Contractor Qualified Professional

4 - Electrical

Service Equipment: Manufacturer:
General Electric
Service Equipment: Capacity:
200 amps
Service Equipment: Type:
Service Equipment: Conductors:
Underground service
Service Equipment: Disconnect Location:
At Service Panel
Service Equipment: Type of Branch Wiring:
Service Equipment: FYI Photo/Video
This photo of the service panel is for your information.
4.2.1 - Service Equipment

Breakers different brand than panel.

Circuit breakers in the service panel were of a brand different from the main panel brand. Because circuit breakers made by different manufacturers vary in design, panel manufacturers typically require that breakers manufactured by their company be used in their panels. Breakers from one manufacturer used in the panel of another manufacturer may result in poor connections which can create a potential fire or shock/electrocution hazard.
Electric Electrical Contractor
4.3.1 - Outlets, Switches, Lighting

Outlets not GFCI protected
Kitchen Corner

No ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection of home electrical receptacles was provided at the time of inspection.
Electric Electrical Contractor
4.3.2 - Outlets, Switches, Lighting

Outlet in home did not operate
All bathroom outlets

An electrical receptacle in the home was inoperable at the time of inspection. The receptacle was tagged with a red dot marked "Non Op".

Electric Electrical Contractor

5 - Heating & Cooling

Heating System: Brand:
Heating System: Date of Manufacture:

The expected service life for a furnace is 15 to 20 years.

Heating System: Type:
Heat Pump Forced Air (also provides cool air)
Heating System: Energy Source:
Heating System: Number of Heat Systems (excluding wood):
Heating System: Heating/Cooling Ducts:
Partially insulated
Heating System: Air Filter Type/Location:
Disposable, in Panel Below Furnace, 20x25
Heating System: Thermostat Location
Dinning Room
Cooling System: Manufacturer:
Cooling System: Date of Manufacture:

The expected service life for an air conditioning unit is 12 to 15 years.

Cooling System: Energy Source:
Cooling System: Type:
Heat Pump
Cooling System: Number of cooling systems (excluding window AC)
Heating System: Heating System: No Deficiencies

At the time of the inspection, the Inspector observed no deficiencies in the condition or operation of the heating system.

5.3.1 - Fireplace

The fireplace was dirty.
Family Room

The firebox of the wood-burning fireplace in the needed cleaning at the time of the inspection.

6 - Plumbing

Plumbing: Water Supply (Into House)
Plumbing: Water Distribution (Inside Home)
Plumbing: Waste Pipes
Plumbing: Sump Pump:
An operable sump pump was installed
Plumbing: Gas Information:
No Gas Service to Home
Plumbing: Water Treatment Systems/Filters:
Water Heater: Manufacturer
Water Heater: Date of Manufacture

The expected service life for a water heater is 8 to 12 years.

Water Heater: Fuel Type
Water Heater: Tank Capacity
120 Gallons
Water Heater: Location:
Plumbing: Source and Shutoff:
Public Water Supply, Shutoff in Basement
Water Heater: Water heater rented from utility

The water heater appeared to be rented from the utility company. You should ask the owner for any information related to this rental agreement.

Sump Pump: Sump pump operated properly

The sump pump operated properly at the time of inspection. This video is informational.

Gas Plumbing: No natural gas supplied to the home

There was no natural gas supplied to the home at the time of inspection. Only electric appliances can be used.

Plumbing: Swimming pool not inspected
The swimming pool was not inspected. Inspection of pools fall outside of a general home inspection. You should have the pool serviced and inspected by a qualified swimming pool professional.

6.3.1 - Fixtures

Bathtub faucet needs sealant
Upstairs Hallway Bathroom

The spout on the bathtub needed sealant at the time of inspection.

6.3.2 - Fixtures

Sealant needed around bathtub area
Master Bathroom

The bathtub needed sealant in several areas around the bathtub. This is to help prevent moisture intrusion around the bathtub.

Contractor Qualified Professional
6.3.3 - Fixtures

Hot-cold reversed at sink
Master Bathroom

Hot and cold water supply connections were reversed at the sink. This is a potential scald hazard and should be corrected by a qualified contractor.

Pipes Plumbing Contractor

7 - Built-In Appliances

Appliances: Range Type/Brand:
Electric, General Electric
Appliances: Range Hood Type/Brand:
Recirculating, General Electric
Appliances: Built-in Microwave Brand:
Appliances: Dishwasher brand:
General Electric
Appliances: Garbage Disposal brand:
Appliances: Refridgerator Brand:
Appliances: Clothes Dryer Power
Older 3-prong
7.7.1 - Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Bathroom exhaust vent did not extend to the exterior.
Both Bathrooms

The exhaust vent for the bathroom terminated in the attic. To prevent excess moisture in this location, the exhaust vent should terminate at the home exterior.

7.7.2 - Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Bathroom exhaust vent did not operate
Master Bathroom

The bathroom exhaust vent did not operate at the time of inspection.

7.7.3 - Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Noisy exhaust fan in bathroom.
Upstairs Hallway Bathroom

The exhaust fan was excessively noisy and may need to be replaced soon.

7.8.1 - Dryer Venting

Damaged damper on dryer vent.

The dryer exhaust vent damper was damaged. This condition may alow pests to enter the vent, where they may create obstructions with nesting materials, creating a potential fire hazard. The Inspector recommends installation of a proper backdraft damper. All work should be performed by a qualified contractor.

Contractor Qualified Professional
7.9.1 - Garage Door Opener

Photo sensor installed over 6 inches above floor.

An overhead garage door photo sensor was installed at a height greater than 6 inches above the floor. Photoelectric sensors are devices installed to prevent injury by raising the vehicle door if the sensor detects a person in a position in which they may be injured by the descending door. Installation of photo sensors in new homes is required by generally-accepted safety standards and limit the maximum mounting height for garage door photo sensors to 6 inches.

Garage Garage Door Contractor