Kurt Puterbaugh

ASHI #260782
<p>Inspections of residential properties that are non-invasive, visual examinations of the accessible areas of properties that includes:</p> <p id="yui_3_18_1_1_1507577708387_665">&ndash; Roof&nbsp;<br /> &ndash; Exterior&nbsp;<br /> &ndash; Basement, Foundation, Crawlspace &amp; Structure&nbsp;<br /> &ndash; Heating&nbsp;<br /> &ndash; Cooling&nbsp;<br /> &ndash; Plumbing&nbsp;<br /> &ndash; Electrical<br /> &ndash; Fireplace&nbsp;<br /> &ndash; Attic, Insulation &amp; Ventilation&nbsp;<br /> &ndash; Doors, Windows &amp; Interior w/Infrared Scan</p> <p id="yui_3_18_1_1_1507577708387_662">The inspection report is a vital element of an organized purchase. iInspect | Professional Home Inspections is a proud member of&nbsp;<a href="http://www.homeinspector.org/HomeInspectors/Find/Details/18257IH/Jefferson/GA/Buyers-Protection-Group" rel="nofollow">ASHI</a>&nbsp;Georgia.</p>