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1 - Inspection Details

In Attendance
Client, Client's Agent
Approximate Age
Age Based On
Listing, Electrical Inspection
Type of Building
Single family
One w/ Bonus
Weather Conditions
Light rain, Overcast

Thank you for choosing Integrity Inspection Services to conduct your Home Inspection. We understand that the function of this Report is to assist you in understanding the condition of the home including fire, health and safety issues as well as any potential unforeseen major out-of-pocket expenses.

WA State Standard of Practice state:

"The purpose of a home inspection is to assess the condition of the residence at the time of the inspection using visual observations, simple tools and normal homeowner operational controls; and to report deficiencies of specific systems and components. Inspectors must perform all inspections in compliance with the SOP set forth by the Washington state department of licensing."

This report contains a review of components in the following basic categories: site, exterior, roofing, structure, insulation/ventilation, electrical, HVAC, plumbing and interior. Additional categories may or may not be included depending on the particular home. This Report is designed to be easy to read and comprehend, however it is important to read the entire Report to obtain a full understanding of the scope, limitations and exclusions of the Inspection. In addition to the descriptive items of the Report there are comments which are meant to help you further understand certain conditions observed. Comments in BLUE are primarily informational do not reflect any kind of defect. Comments in ORANGE are typically defects but are not necessarily urgent or safety related. RED comments are to be considered urgent and/or safety related and should be addressed as soon as possible. It is always recommended that you call a licensed and qualified professional when contracting repairs on your home. 

*A home inspection is not to be considered technically exhaustive nor does it identify concealed conditions or latent defects. A home inspection should be considered a "snap-shot" of the home from one single point in time. As all homes age and are in a continual state of deterioration, the homeowner must preform regular inspection and maintenance of their home to maintain and repair systems and components as they age, or contract qualified professionals to preform such regular inspection and maintenance as needed.   

**This Inspection Report reflects a contracted agreement between Integrity Inspection Services LLC and the Client who's name appears on the Report. Any use of this Inspection Report by parties not reflected in the original agreement is made at that users own risk and Integrity Inspection Services LLC has no obligation or contractual agreement with that party. Integrity Inspection Services LLC retains the rights to all information found in this Report. 

If you have any questions with your Home Inspection Report, please do not hesitate to call or email.

Ryan Franke



2 - Site

Site Grading
Mostly Level
In Contact with Home
Stoops / Steps
Fencing : Latch Not Operaional

Fence gate latch was damaged or broken. 

The inspection of the site includes the building perimeter, land grade, and water drainage directly adjacent to the foundation; trees and vegetation that adversely affect the structure; walks, grade steps, driveways, patios, and retaining walls contiguous with the structure.

2.1.1 - Vegetation, Grading & Drainage

Vegetation Against Home

Trees, shrubs or vegetation in contact with exterior siding or trim will cause excessive wear and may lead to eventual deterioration. Recommend all vegetation be cleared and maintained with a minimum of 8" clearance from home and all other structures. 

Yard scissors Landscaper / Gardener

3 - Exterior

Cottage lap, Stucco, Stone
Exterior / Entry Doors
Eaves, Soffits and Fascia

An inspection of the exterior includes the visible wall coverings, trim, protective coatings and sealants, windows and doors, attached porches, decks, steps, balconies, handrails, guardrails, carports, eaves, soffits, fascias and visible exterior portions of chimneys.

3.1.1 - Siding, Flashing & Trim

Caulking - Maintenance

Exterior caulking shrinks with time and exposure. Siding butt joints, windows, doors and trim all require regular maintenance to prevent possible moisture intrusion. Recommend maintaining a proper seal at all exterior caulked joints.

Siding Siding Contractor
3.2.1 - Exterior Doors & Windows

Hardware Adjustment Needed
Dining Room

Some entry door hardware was not operating properly and may be in need of adjustment or repair. 

Door Door Repair and Installation Contractor
3.2.2 - Exterior Doors & Windows

Screen Door
Master Bedroom

Screen door damaged or not operating properly. Recommend repair. 

Door Door Repair and Installation Contractor

4 - Roofing

Inspection Method
Walked on Roof
Roof Type
Roof Covering
Architectural Asphalt Shingle
Approximate Age
0-10 Years
Ventilation Type
Passive, Ridge Vents, Soffit Vents
Gutter Material

An inspection of the roof includes the roof covering materials; gutters and downspout systems; visible flashings; roof vents; skylights, and any other roof penetrations; and the portions of the chimneys and flues visible from the exterior.

4.2.1 - Gutter & Drainage Systems


Debris has accumulated in the gutters. Recommend cleaning to facilitate water flow.

Here is a DIY resource for cleaning your gutters. 

Roof Roofing Professional
4.2.2 - Gutter & Drainage Systems

Downspouts Drain Near House

One or more downspouts drain too close to the home's foundation. This can result in excessive moisture in the soil at the foundation, which could lead to eventual structural compromise. Recommend a qualified contractor adjust downspout extensions to drain at least 6 feet from the foundation. 

Here is a helpful DIY link and video on draining water flow away from your house. 

Roof Roofing Professional
4.2.3 - Gutter & Drainage Systems

Gutter Leakage

Gutters were observed to be leaking in one or more areas. This can result in excessive moisture in the soil at the foundation, which can lead to structural compromise. Recommend a qualified professional further evaluate and repair. 

Roof Roofing Professional

5 - Plumbing

Main Water Shut-Off Location
Interior Closet
Supply Distribution
Drain / Waste & Vent System
Main Fuel Shut-Off Location
At Meter
Main Water Supply

Entry Closet

Water Pressure Tested / Recorded

Maximum recommended water pressure for most residential situations 60-80 P.S.I

An inspection of the plumbing system includes visible water supply lines; visible waste/soil and vent lines; fixtures and faucets; domestic hot water system and fuel source.

5.1.1 - Fixtures / Faucets

Shower Diverter Not Operating
Hall Bathroom

Shower diverter valve was not diverting water flow to shower head properly or completely. Recommend repair.

This may be a symptom of not being used and may self repair with time. 

Pipes Plumbing Contractor
5.2.1 - Drain / Waste, & Vent Systems

Leak Observed
Crawlspace (hall bathroom)

Leak observed at waste drain plumbing. Condition conducive to moisture damage. Recommend a qualified professional further evaluate and repair. 

Pipes Plumbing Contractor
5.4.1 - Appliances

Garbage Disposal Leaking

Leak noted at garbage disposal. Condition conducive to moisture damage. Recommend a qualified professional further evaluate and repair. 

Pipes Plumbing Contractor

6 - Water Heater

Power / Fuel Source
50 gal
Approximate Age
Seismic Strapping
Not present
TPR Valve
Proper (w/ Discharge Piping)
Water Temperature
Less than 120ºF

Maximum safe water temperature to avoid potential scalding 120ºF

6.1.1 - Condition

Deferred Cost Item

Hot Water Tank is 10 years old or more and may be within 5 years of its estimated useful life. This comment is based off an estimated useful life of 10-15 years for Hot Water Tanks. Recommend Monitor. 

Pipes Plumbing Contractor
6.1.2 - Condition

Leak - Minor

Possible (minor) leak noted at base of Hot Water Tank. Recommend a qualified professional further evaluate and repair as needed. 

Pipes Plumbing Contractor
6.4.1 - Seismic Strapping

Seismic Strapping Not Installed

Modern code requires Hot Water Tank seismic strapping at top and bottom thirds of tank using an approved strapping and anchored to framing. Recommend qualified professional further evaluate and repair. 

Here is a helpful article on the subject. 

Wash Appliance Repair

7 - Electrical

Electrical Service Conductors
Below ground, Aluminum, 240 volts
Main Disconnect Location
Service Panel
Panel Locations
Panel Manufacturer
Cutler Hammer
Panel Type / Capacity
200 amp
Service Panel Grounding Conductor
Branch Circuit Conductors
Copper, Stranded copper
Ground Source
Ground Rod

The inspection of the electrical system includes the service drop through the main panel; sub-panels including feeders; branch circuits, connected devices, and lighting fixtures.

7.4.1 - Connected Devices and Fixtures

Unknown Switch / Device
Living Room

Unknown switch/device noted. Recommend qualified electrician further evaluate. 

Electric Electrical Contractor
7.4.2 - Connected Devices and Fixtures

Damaged Device

Damages switch or outlets observed. Recommend a qualified professional further evaluate and repair. 

Electric Electrical Contractor
7.4.3 - Connected Devices and Fixtures

Device Intermittent
Living Room

A switch or outlet was intermittent at time of inspection. Recommend a qualified professional further evaluate and repiar.  

Electric Electrical Contractor
7.4.4 - Connected Devices and Fixtures

Loose / Unsecured Outlets
Kitchen, Hall Bathroom

Loose or unsecured outlets may risk short or possible electrical shock. Recommend a qualified electrician further evaluate and repair. 

Electric Electrical Contractor
7.6.1 - GFCI & AFCI

Outlet(s) Won't Trip
Exterior, Garage

One or more outlets won't "trip" when tested. Recommend a qualified electrician further evaluate all required GFCI locations and repair as needed.

Electric Electrical Contractor

8 - Heating

Heat Type
Gas-Fired Heat, Forced Air
Energy Source
Approximate Age
Recorded Temperature (primary)
Filter Type

The inspection of the heating system includes the fuel source; heating equipment; heating distribution; operating controls; flue pipes, chimneys and venting; auxiliary heating units.

8.1.1 - Heating Equipment

Filter requires replacement

The furnace filter appears to be beyond its expected lifespan. A dirty Furnace Filter may cause excessive wear and undue maintenance to HVAC system. Recommend replacement.

Fire HVAC Professional

9 - Air Conditioning

Heat pump
Energy Source/Type
Approximate Age
Temperature Split / Differential
More Than 21ºF

The inspection of the air conditioning system includes the cooling equipment; cooling distribution equipment and the operating controls.

10 - Interiors

Single-hung, Sliders, Vinyl, Fixed
Floor Coverings
Carpet, Tile, Wood
Walls & Ceilings
Interior Doors
Hinged, Bi-Fold, Hollow Core
Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Smoke Detectors

The inspection of the interior includes the walls, ceilings, floors, windows, and doors; steps, stairways, balconies and railings. 

10.1.1 - Walls

Cosmetic Damage

Some interior cosmetic damage was noted at walls and/or ceiliings. 

Hardhat General Contractor
10.4.1 - Windows

Single-Hung Windows
Living Room, Bonus Room

Some single hung windows not operating smoothly/properly and may be in need of adjustment or repair. Recommend qualified professional further evaluate and repair. 

Contractor Qualified Professional
10.5.1 - Doors

Door Doesn't Latch

Door/s doesn't latch properly and may be in need of adjustment or repair. 

Wrenches Handyman
10.5.2 - Doors

Doors Missing or Not Installed

Some interior doors and/or closet doors were missing or not installed at time of inspection. Recommend repair. 

Door Door Repair and Installation Contractor
10.5.3 - Doors

Door Stops Missing

Some interior or entry door Door Stops were missing or not installed. This may result in damage to walls and/or door hardware. 

Wrench DIY
10.9.1 - Bathroom

Damaged Shower Curb
Master Bathroom

Shower curb was loose or damaged. Condition condusive to moisture damage. Recommend repair. 

Hardhat General Contractor
10.10.1 - Safety Features

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

State law required Carbon Monoxide Detectors be installed on each floor and outside all bedroom/sleeping areas. Inspector was unable to confirm all required Co. detectors at time of inspection. Recommend repair. 

Wrench DIY

11 - Fireplaces and Fuel-Burning Appliances

Inspection Method
Gas, Insert

Includes solid fuel and gas fireplaces, stoves, dampers, fireboxes and hearths.

12 - Insulation and Ventilation

Crawlspace Insulation
Batt, Fiberglass
Vapor Barrier
Foundation Vents
Attic Insulation
Batt, Blown, Fiberglass
Ductwork Insulation
Pluming Insulation
Attic Ventalation
Ridge Vents, Soffit Vents
Dryer Vent
Exhaust Fans
Fan Only

The inspection of the insulation and ventilation includes the type and condition of the insulation and ventilation in viewable unfinished attics and subgrade areas as well as the installed mechanical ventilation systems.

13 - Structural Components

Roof Type
Floor Structure
Roof Sheathing
Wall Structure
Roof Structure
Truss System
Foundation: Typical Cracks

Small vertical cracks know as shrinkage or typical cracks were noted. These vertical cracks are not typically considered to be any reason for concern. If any vertical cracks begin to grow then further evaluation would be required. Recommend monitor. 

An inspection of the structure will include the visible foundation; floor framing; roof framing and decking; other support and substructure/superstructure components; stairs; ventilation (when applicable); and exposed concrete slabs in garages and habitable areas.

14 - Garage

Garage Door Safety Features
Photoelectric Eye, Edge Sensor (force)
Fire Seperation
Gas Appliance Safety Features
Elevated 18", Bulkhead
Garage Type

The inspection of attached garages and carports includes their framing, siding, roof, doors, windows, and installed electrical/mechanical systems pertaining to the operation of the home.

14.1.1 - Garage Door

Threshold Seal

Garage door threshold seal was worn or damaged. Recommend repair. 

Garage Garage Door Contractor