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1234 Main St.
Madison, AL 35756
09/23/2019 9:00AM

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Items Inspected
Moderate concerns
Major concerns

1 - Inspection Details

In Attendance
Client, Inspector
Type of Building
Single Family
Weather Conditions

Thank You for choosing Up and Up Home Inspections to perform your home inspection. The goal of this inspection and report is to put you in a better position to make an informed real estate decision. 

This report is a general guide and provides you with some objection information to help you make your own evaluation of the overall condition of the home and is not intended to reflect the value of the property, or to make any representation as to the advisability of purchase. Not all improvements, defects or hazards will be identified during this inspection. Unexpected repairs should still be anticipated.This inspection is not a guarantee or warranty of any kind. 

Up and Up Home Inspections endeavors to perform all inspections in substantial compliance with InterNACHI's Standards of Practice and the laws of Alabama. Please refer to the pre-inspection contract for a full explanation of the scope of the inspection. 

This Home Inspection Report contains observations of those systems and components that, in the professional judgement of the inspector, are not functioning properly, significantly deficient, unsafe, or are near the end of their useful service lives. 

This report is effectively a snapshot of the house recording the conditions on a given date and time. Home inspectors cannot predict future behavior, and as such, we cannot be responsible for things that occur after the inspection. If conditions change, we are available to revisit the property for an additional charge and update our report. Any oral statements made by the Inspector pertaining to Recommended Upgrades or any inclusion in the Inspection Report of information regarding Recommended Upgrades shall be deemed to be informational only and supplied as a courtesy to you and shall not be deemed to be an amendment to or waiver of any exclusions included in the "Home Inspection Agreement and Standards of Practice".  Any and all recommendations for repair, replacement, evaluation and maintenance issues found should be evaluated by the appropriate trade Professionals.

Your report includes many photographs. Some pictures are intended as a courtesy and are added for your information. Some are to help clarify where the inspector has been, what was looked at, and the condition of the system or component at the time of the inspection. Some of the pictures may be of deficiencies or problem areas, these are to help you better understand what is documented in this report and may allow you to see areas or items that you normally would not see. Not all problem areas or conditions will be supported with photos.

Again, thanks very much for the opportunity to conduct this home inspection for you. We are available to you throughout the entire real estate transaction process. Should you have any questions, please call or email.


Chris Bowman

Certified & Licensed Professional



Report Catagories

The Report contains categorizations of Major Concerns (red), Moderate Concerns (orange), and  Observations (blue). The colors and classifications are done for illustrative purposes and convenience. All issues should be considered and evaluated equally.

The Red Category is for a specific issue with a system or component that may have an adverse impact on the value of the property, or that poses an unreasonable risk to people or property. 

The Orange Category is for items that are not functional or will lead to further defects if not addressed. 

The Blue Category  is mostly observations of routine maintenance that is due now and that new owners should do periodically. It may also point to noticed items that were observed but may need no immediate action. This categorization is not intended to determine which items need to be addressed as part of negotiations, even though any  items of concern should be addressed as you deem necessary. 

For the purpose of this report, all directional references (Left, Right, Front, Back) are based on when facing the front of the structure. 

The following definitions of comment descriptions represent this inspection report. All comments by the inspector should be considered before purchasing this home.

Inspected (IN) = The item, component or system was visually inspected and if no other comments were made, then it appeared to be functioning as intended allowing for normal wear and tear.

Not Inspected (NI) = The item, component or system was not inspected and no representations made of whether or not it was functioning as intended and may state a reason for not inspecting.

Not Present (NP) = The item, component or system is not in this home or building.

Not Accessible (NA) = There were issues about being able to access the item being inspected.  Further information may be provided


For furnished homes, access to some items such as electrical outlets, windows, wall/floor surfaces and cabinet interiors can be restricted by furniture and/or personal belongings. These items are limitations of the inspection and these items may be concealed defects.

Single Level

2 - Roof

2.1 Coverings X
2.2 Roof Drainage Systems X
2.3 Flashings X
2.4 Skylights, Chimneys & Other Roof Penetrations X
2.5 Roof Structure X
Inspection Method
Ground, GO PRO
Roof Type/Style
Roof Drainage Systems: Gutter Material
Roof Inspection Introduction

The roof inspection portion of the General Home Inspection will not be as comprehensive as an inspection performed by a qualified roofing contractor. Because of variations in installation requirements of the huge number of different roof-covering materials installed over the years, the General Home Inspection does not include confirmation of proper installation. Home Inspectors are trained to identify common deficiencies and to recognize conditions that require evaluation by a specialist. Inspection of the roof typically includes visual evaluation of the roof structure, roof-covering materials, flashing, and roof penetrations like chimneys, mounting hardware for roof-mounted equipment, attic ventilation devices, ducts for evaporative coolers, and combustion and plumbing vents. The roof inspection does not include leak-testing and will not certify or warranty the roof against future leakage. Other limitations may apply and will be included in the comments as necessary.

Coverings: Material
Flashings: General Flashing Description

Flashing is a general term used to describe sheet metal fabricated into shapes and used to protect areas of the roof from moisture intrusion. Inspection typically includes inspection for condition and proper installation of flashing in the following locations: - roof penetrations such as vents, electrical masts, chimneys, mechanical equipment, patio cover attachment points, and around skylights; - junctions at which roofs meet walls; - roof edges; - areas at which roofs change slope; - areas at which roof-covering materials change; and - areas at which different roof planes meet (such as valleys). Chimney flashings are covered in next section


Skylights, Chimneys & Other Roof Penetrations: Roof Penetrations
Vents, Chimney
  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • NA = Not Accessible
2.2.1 - Roof Drainage Systems

Gutter Debris

Debris has accumulated in the gutters. Recommend cleaning to facilitate water flow.

Here is a DIY resource for cleaning your gutters.

Tools Handyman/DIY

3 - Exterior

3.1 Siding, Flashing & Trim X
3.2 Exterior Doors X
3.3 Windows Exterior Trim X
3.4 Decks, Balconies, Porches & Steps X
3.5 Walkways, Patios & Driveways X
3.6 Eaves, Soffits & Fascia X
3.7 Vegetation, Grading, Drainage & Retaining Walls X
Siding, Flashing & Trim: Siding Material
Brick Veneer, Stone Veneer, Vinyl
Siding, Flashing & Trim: Siding Style
Vinyl - Lap
Decks, Balconies, Porches & Steps: Appurtenance
Patio, Sidewalk, Covered Front Porch, Covered Rear Porch, Pergola
Decks, Balconies, Porches & Steps: Material
Walkways, Patios & Driveways: Driveway Material
Walkways, Patios & Driveways: Cracks are noted but appear normal for this age house.

Sealing cracks would deter water penetration.

  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • NA = Not Accessible
3.1.1 - Siding, Flashing & Trim

Brick Missing

Observed that a partial brick had become dislodged and is missing.  This can create a situation in which water penetration can occur.  Recommend a qualified professional replace and seal.

Contractor Qualified Professional

4 - Basement, Foundation, Crawlspace & Structure

4.1 Foundation X
4.2 Basements & Crawlspaces X
4.3 Floor Structure X
4.4 Wall Structure X
4.5 Ceiling Structure X
Inspection Method
Attic Access, Visual
Foundation: Material
Slab on Grade
Floor Structure: Material
Floor Structure: Basement/Crawlspace Floor
No Basement or Crawlspace
  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • NA = Not Accessible

5 - Attic, Insulation & Ventilation

5.1 Attic Insulation X
5.2 Vapor Retarders (Crawlspace or Basement) X
5.3 Ventilation X
5.4 Exhaust Systems X
Dryer Power Source
220 Electric
Dryer Vent
Flooring Insulation
Attic Insulation: Insulation Depth In Attic
8 - 14
Ventilation: Ventilation Type
Ridge Vents, Soffit Vents
Exhaust Systems: Exhaust Fans
Fans In Bathrooms
Attic Insulation: Insulation Type
  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • NA = Not Accessible

6 - Garage

6.1 Ceiling X
6.2 Floor X
6.3 Walls & Firewalls X
6.4 Garage Door X
6.5 Garage Door Opener X
6.6 Garage Door Casing X
6.7 Occupant Door (From garage to inside of home) X
Garage Door: Material
Garage Door: Type
  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • NA = Not Accessible

7 - Doors, Windows & Interior

7.1 Doors X
7.2 Windows X
7.3 Floors X
7.4 Walls X
7.5 Ceilings X
7.6 Steps, Stairways & Railings X
7.7 Countertops & Cabinets X
  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • NA = Not Accessible
7.2.1 - Windows

Failed Seal

One or more windows appeared to have condensation between the window panes, which indicates a failed seal. Recommend qualified window contractor evaluate & replace.

Window Window Repair and Installation Contractor
7.3.1 - Floors

Minor Tile Cracks

A few areas had tile cracks. Recommend monitoring for further damage.  

Mag glass Monitor
7.5.1 - Ceilings

Recent Roof Leak Damage

Stains on the ceiling appear to be the result of roof leaks or a leaking water pipe. The source of leakage should be identified and corrected, and the ceiling repaired and re-painted.   This should be handled by a qualified professional.

Contractor Qualified Professional

8 - Built-in Appliances

8.1 Dishwasher X
8.2 Refrigerator X
8.3 Range/Oven/Cooktop X
8.4 Garbage Disposal X
8.5 Built-in Microwave X
Range/Oven/Cooktop: Range/Oven Energy Source
Range/Oven/Cooktop: Exhaust Hood Type
Built In Microwave with re-circulate vent
Appliance Inspections Are Not Part of SOP

Appliances are operated not part of the list of inspection items in the Internachi Standards of Practice.   Any comments or offerings are a courtesy but should not be a warranty or guarantee.  If an appliance is indicated to be inspected, it is referring to its response to on off controls only. 

  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • NA = Not Accessible

9 - Plumbing

9.1 Main Water Shut-off Device X
9.2 Drain, Waste, & Vent Systems X
9.3 Water Supply, Distribution Systems & Fixtures X
9.4 Hot Water Systems, Controls, Flues & Vents X
9.5 Fuel Storage & Distribution Systems X
9.6 Sump Pump X
Water Source
Main Water Shut-off Device: Location
Outside Front
Hot Water Systems, Controls, Flues & Vents: Manufacture Date
Hot Water Systems, Controls, Flues & Vents: Capacity
50 gallons
Hot Water Systems, Controls, Flues & Vents: Power Source/Type
Hot Water Systems, Controls, Flues & Vents: Location
Fuel Storage & Distribution Systems: Main Gas Shut-off Location
Gas Meter
Hot Water Systems, Controls, Flues & Vents: Manufacturer

I recommend flushing & servicing your water heater tank annually for optimal performance. Water temperature should be set to at least 120 degrees F to kill microbes and no higher than 130 degrees F to prevent scalding.

Here is a nice maintenance guide from Lowe's to help.

  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • NA = Not Accessible
9.3.1 - Water Supply, Distribution Systems & Fixtures

Drain Seal Mechanism Not Present


9.4.1 - Hot Water Systems, Controls, Flues & Vents

Water Heater 8+ Years Old (2006)

The Hot Water Heater was 8+ years old. The average estimated life expectancy of a gas  hot water heater is from 8-12 years and an electric water heater should last anywhere from 10-15 years.  Due to the age of the Heater,, they could be more prone to breakdown and should be budgeted for replacement in the future. At the time of the inspection the system(s) were performing satisfactorily. Monitor.

10 - Electrical

10.1 Service Entrance Conductors X
10.2 Main & Subpanels, Service & Grounding, Main Overcurrent Device X
10.3 Branch Wiring Circuits, Breakers & Fuses X
10.4 Lighting Fixtures, Switches & Receptacles X
10.5 GFCI Protection X
10.6 Smoke Detectors X
10.7 AFCI Protection X
10.8 Carbon Monoxide Detector X
10.9 Doorbell X
Service Entrance Conductors: Location
Right End
Main & Subpanels, Service & Grounding, Main Overcurrent Device: Panel Capacity (Amp Rating)
200 AMP
Main & Subpanels, Service & Grounding, Main Overcurrent Device: Panel Manufacturer
Cutler Hammer
Main & Subpanels, Service & Grounding, Main Overcurrent Device: Panel Type
Circuit Breaker
Branch Wiring Circuits, Breakers & Fuses: Branch Wire 15 and 20 AMP
Branch Wiring Circuits, Breakers & Fuses: Wiring Method
AFCI Protection: AFCI Protection Observed and Tested For Limited Number Of Breakers
Service Entrance Conductors: Electrical Service Conductors
Below Ground, 220 Volts
Main & Subpanels, Service & Grounding, Main Overcurrent Device: Main Panel Location
Right End Of House
Main & Subpanels, Service & Grounding, Main Overcurrent Device: Sub Panel Locations
Laundry Room
GFCI Protection: GFCI Installed In Some Locations

The home had ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection that appeared to comply with generally-accepted modern safety standards. A representative number of GFCI-protected electrical receptacles were tested and responded in a satisfactory manner at the time of the inspection.

Smoke Detectors: Smoke Detector SOP Requirements

Under Internachi and State Of Alabama SOPs, Smoke Detectors are not required to be tested.  Is is required to indicate if Smoke Detectors are present,  

Carbon Monoxide Detector: Carbon Monoxide Detector Inspection Requirements

We are to indicate in our report if Carbon Monoxide Detectors are not present in an area with a fireplace.

  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • NA = Not Accessible
10.4.1 - Lighting Fixtures, Switches & Receptacles

Cover Plates Missing

One or more receptacles are missing a cover plate. This causes short and shock risk. Recommend installation of plates.

Tools Handyman/DIY
10.4.2 - Lighting Fixtures, Switches & Receptacles

Reverse Polarity

One or more receptacles have been wired with reverse polarity. This can create a shock hazard. Recommend licensed electrician evaluate & repair.

Contractor Qualified Professional
10.5.1 - GFCI Protection

GFCI Plug Did Not Have Electricity

GFCI Plug by front door did not have power so a test could not be conducted.  Recommend that the plug be checked by a qualified professional and replaced.  

Contractor Qualified Professional
10.7.1 - AFCI Protection

AFCI Breaker Did Not Test Properly

Recommend Replacement

Contractor Qualified Professional

11 - Heating/Cooling

11.1 General X
11.2 Equipment X
11.3 Normal Operating Controls X
11.4 Distribution Systems X
11.5 Vents, Flues & Chimneys X
11.6 Presence of Installed Source in Each Room X
Equipment: Types
Split Unit, Heat Pump
Equipment: Energy Sources
Equipment: Unit was manufactured in 2012
Normal Operating Controls: Location
Equipment: Units
  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • NA = Not Accessible
11.2.1 - Equipment

Insulation of Gas Line Needs to be Repaired

Recommend a handyman or HVAC professional repair or replace.

Wrenches Handyman

12 - Heating (Not HVAC)

12.1 General X
12.2 Equipment X
12.3 Vents, Flues & Chimneys X
12.4 Gas/LP Firelogs & Fireplaces X
Equipment: Heat Types
Gas/Lp Fireplace
Equipment: Energy Sources
Natural Gas
  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • NA = Not Accessible