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1234 Main St.
BOCA RATON, Fl 33431
04/06/2020 9:00AM

Sample agent

Agent Name

Agency Name
Minor recommendation/maintenance item

1 - Inspection Details

In Attendance
Client, Client's Agent
Occupied, Vacant
Type of Building
All Utilities On
Temperature (approximate)
78 Fahrenheit (F)
Weather Conditions
Clear, Hot
General Overview: FYI Pictures/Videos
General Information: FYI Pictures/Videos
General: Overview

A home inspection is a non invasive, visual examination of the accessible areas of the property, designed to identify areas of concern within specific systems or components defined by the InterNACHI Standards of Practice, that are both observed and deemed material by the inspector at the exact date and time of inspection. Any and all recommendations for repair, replacement, evaluation, and maintenance issues found, should be evaluated by the appropriate trades contractors within the clients inspection contingency window or prior to closing, which is contract applicable, in order to obtain proper dollar amount estimates on the cost of said repairs and also because these evaluations could uncover more potential issues than able to be noted from a purely visual inspection of the property. This inspection will not reveal every concern or issue that exists, but only those material defects that were observable on the day of the inspection. This inspection is intended to assist in evaluation of the overall condition of the dwelling only. This inspection is not a prediction of future conditions and conditions with the property are subject to change the moment we leave the premises.

General: Notes

Note: Read the Standards of Practice set forth by the InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors for an insight into the scope of the inspection.

Note: The inspection represents the condition of the visually inspected areas of the property on the date of the inspection. Component conditions may change between the date of the inspection and the title transfer date. A thorough walk-through prior to title transfer helps protect against unexpected surprises, and is recommended. The purchase of a home warranty is recommended. 

Notice to Third Parties: This report is the exclusive property of Golden City Home Inspections LLC and the Client(s) listed above and is not transferable to any third parties or subsequent buyers. Our Inspection and this report have been performed with a written contract agreement that limits its scope and usefulness. Unauthorized recipients are therefore advised not to rely upon this report, but rather to retain the services of an appropriately qualified property inspector of their choice to provide them with their own inspection and report.

Note: For the purpose of this report, all directional references (left, right, rear, front) are based on when facing the front of the structure as depicted in the cover image above.

General: Comment Key and Definitions

The following definitions of comment descriptions represent this inspection report. All comments by the inspector should be considered before purchasing this home. Any findings / comments that are listed under "Safety / Major" by the inspector suggests a second opinion or further inspection by a qualified contractor. All costs associated with further inspection fees and repair or replacement of item, component or unit should be considered before you purchase the property.

Minor = The item, component, or system while perhaps functioning as intended is in need of minor repair, service, or maintenance; is showing signs of wear or deterioration that could result in an adverse condition at some point in the future; or considerations should be made in upgrading the item, component, or system to enhance the function, efficiency and / or safety. Items falling into this category can frequently be addressed by a homeowner or handyman and are considered to be routine homeowner maintenance (DIY) or recommended upgrades.

Moderate = The item, component, or system while perhaps functioning as intended is in need of moderate repair, service; is showing signs of wear or deterioration that could result in an adverse condition at some point in the future; or considerations should be made in upgrading the item, component, or system to enhance the function, efficiency and / or safety. Items falling into this category can frequently be addressed by a handyman or a qualified contractor and are not considered routine maintenance or DIY items.

Safety / Major = The item, component or system poses a safety concern to occupants in or around the home. Some listed concerns will be considered acceptable for the time period of construction but pose a current risk.

The item, component or system is Not functioning as intended, or needs further evaluation by a specialized qualified licensed contractor or can cause damage to the structure. Items, components or units that can be repaired to satisfactory condition may not need replacement.

2 - Exterior

Roof: Inspection Method
Walked On Roof
Roof: Construction Style
Roof: Covering Material
Architechtural Fiberglass Asphalt Shingle
Roof: Flashing Material
Roof: Drainage System/Material
No Gutters or Downspouts Installed
Wall Covering: Material
Exterior Doors: Material
Driveway: Material
Walkways, Patios: Material
Concrete, Brick
Additional Home Features
Roof: FYI Pictures/Videos
Exterior Driveway/Walkway/Patio: Pictures/Videos
Exterior Doors: FYI Pictures/Videos
Exterior Miscellaneous (pool, shed, fences, structures, etc): FYI Pictures/Vidoes
2.5.1 - Eaves, Soffits & Fascia

Fascia - Rotted
Exterior Right Rear

One or more sections of the fascia are rotted. Recommend qualified roofer evaluate & repair.

Source possibly from termites.  Recommend further evaluation by a licensed termite inspector. 

Repair cost estimate:  $250-$400 replacing boards and painting. (not including termite repair)

2.9.1 - Vegetation and Grading

Tree Overhang

Trees observed overhanging the roof. This can cause damage to the roof and prevent proper drainage. Recommend a qualified tree service trim to allow for proper drainage. 

Repair cost estimate:  tree trimming around $150

2.9.2 - Vegetation and Grading

Vegetation Too Close to House
front right exterior

Vegetation was observed in one or more area to be in direct contact to the house.  This can cause deterioration, staining, and damage to siding, screens, etc.  Recommend trimming back all vegetation from house. 

Repair cost estimate:   $35-$50

Contractor Qualified Professional
2.12.1 - Fences, Gates, Retaining Walls

Fence Damaged

One or more areas of the fence was damaged.  Recommend correction.

Repair cost estimate:   $125-$200

Contractor Qualified Professional
2.15.1 - Miscellaneous

damaged fascia - insects

Damage to the fasica was observed in multiple areas which may have been the result of wood destroying organisms.  Recommend further evaluation and treatment if needed by a pest control pro.

Repair cost estimate:   $1200 for termite treatment

Contractor Qualified Professional
2.15.2 - Miscellaneous

Sprinkler not present
exterior front

One or more areas in front did not have a sprinkler where there is grass.  This may be more noticed in the winter months where there is less rainfall.  Recommend installing sprinklers when observed to be insufficient.

Repair cost estimate:  $100-$175 depending how what is needed

Grass Lawncare Professional

3 - Interior

Window Type/Manufacturer
Wall Material
Floor Coverings
Engineered Wood, Tile
Cabinetry Material
Countertop Material
Attic: Inspected From?
Inside the attic
Attic: Insulation Type
Attic: Adequate Insulation?
Attic: Approx. attic thermal Insulation depth:
Attic: Roof Ventilation Type
Soffit Vents
Ventilation: Exhaust Fans
One bathroom missing fan
Interior: FYI Pictures/Videos
Interior Garage: FYI Pictures/Videos
Attic: FYI Photos/Videos
3.1.1 - Windows

Screen Missing
Middle bedroom and front bedroom

Window missing screen. Recommend installation to prevent insect entry.

Repair cost estimate:   $60-$100

3.1.2 - Windows

Crack in glass
middle bedroom

One or more windows had a crack in it.  Recommend replacing the pane of glass that is cracked for safety.

Contractor Qualified Professional
3.2.1 - Walls

Wall - Damage
Middle bedroom closet

One or more areas of the walls were observed to be damaged at the time of inspection.  Recommend repair.

Wrenches Handyman
3.5.1 - Floors

Trim or threshold missing, loose, or broken
rear bedroom

One or more areas of trim or threshold was missing, loose or broken at the time of inspection.  Recommend repairing or replacing where needed,

Repair cost estimate:   $75-$100

Contractor Qualified Professional
3.6.1 - Countertops & Cabinets

Cabinet Handle Missing
Rear bathroom

One or more cabinet handles were missing.  Cabinet doors work - this recommendation is solely for ease of use.

Repair cost estimate:  $75-$100 (for handles on all openings and install)

3.6.2 - Countertops & Cabinets

Cabinet Hinge Loose

One or more cabinet hinges were loose. Recommend a qualified handyman or cabinet contractor repair. 

Here is a helpful DIY article on cabinet repairs.

Repair cost estimate:   DIY or $25

3.11.1 - Attached Garage

Fire Door Deficient

The door between the attached garage and the house was observed to be deficient in either that it was not a fire rated door or it was not self closing.  Recommend correction for safety.  No gas appliances located in garage therefore a fire risk is minimized.

Not self closing.

3.11.2 - Attached Garage

Garage Door Gaps

The garage door was observed to have light gaps showing at the time of inspection.  This could be due to the door needing alignment.  Recommend further evaluation and repair by a garage door contractor to reduce energy loss and prevent pest entry.

Repair cost estimate:   $125-$300

Contractor Qualified Professional
3.11.3 - Attached Garage

Garage door inoperable

Garage door was found to be inoperable at the time of inspection.  Garage door made a noise when operated but door did not respond.  Recommend further evaluation by a garage door contractor.  

Repair cost estimate:   Not sure what the issue is.  Recommend a garage door contractor to evaluate.

Garage Garage Door Contractor
3.11.4 - Attached Garage

Garage door sensor too low

Garage door sensor was observed to be too low.  Height of sensor should be between 6"-8" above the floor.  Recommend correction by a garage door contractor.

Repair cost estimate:  $75

Contractor Qualified Professional

4 - Electrical

Service Equipment: Panel Manufacturer
General Electric
Service Equipment: Capacity
150 AMP
Service Equipment: Type
Circuit Breaker
Service Equipment: Conductors
Below Ground
Service Equipment: Panel Location
Service Equipment: Shut off location
Exterior Left
Service Equipment: Type of Branch Wiring
Romex, Copper
Smoke Detectors Present
Service Equipment: FYI Photo/Video
4.2.1 - Door Bell

Door Bell Inoperable

Recommend fixing if desired.

Repair cost estimate:  $75-$150

Contractor Qualified Professional
4.3.1 - Electrical Panel


One or more proper screws for the dead front panel cover were observed to be missing during the time of inspection.  Recommend correction for added safety.

Repair cost estimate:  DIY or $25

Electric Electrical Contractor
4.4.1 - Lighting Fixtures, Wires, Switches & Receptacles

Wall Outlet or Switch Inoperable

One or more wall outlets or switches was found to be inoperable at the time of inspection.  Recommend evaluation and repair.

Repair cost estimate:   $75-$100

Electric Electrical Contractor
4.4.2 - Lighting Fixtures, Wires, Switches & Receptacles

Cover Plates Missing
Living Room and Attic

One or more receptacles are missing a cover plate. This causes short and shock risk. Recommend installation of plates.

Repair cost estimate:   DIY or $15

4.4.3 - Lighting Fixtures, Wires, Switches & Receptacles

Exposed Wiring
Middle bedroom closet

One or more area has exposed wiring.  Recommend either removing wire (if unused and no current) or properly putting wires in a junction box for safety. 

Repair cost estimate:  $75 

Electric Electrical Contractor
4.4.4 - Lighting Fixtures, Wires, Switches & Receptacles

Light Inoperable
exterior front

One or more lights or fans are not operating. This light had the glass guards open and I was unable to determine if these lights are working.  Recommend verifying that this light fixture works before closing.

Repair cost estimate:  

4.4.5 - Lighting Fixtures, Wires, Switches & Receptacles

Ungrounded Receptacle
Rear bedroom

One or more receptacles are ungrounded. To eliminate safety hazards, all receptacles in kitchen, bathrooms, garage & exterior should be grounded.

Repair cost estimate:   $50

4.6.1 - Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke detector missing
Front Bedroom

One or more smoke detectors missing. Recommend installing where necessary. 

Repair cost estimate:  $50

Electric Electrical Contractor

5 - Heating and Cooling

Cooling System: Type/Brand
Electric, Central, GmC
Cooling System: AC Shut off Location

Main ac disconnect location next to exterior ac unit

Cooling System: # of Tons

2.5 tons

Cooling System: Refrigerant Type
Temperature Differential

18 degrees

Ideal temperature differential is 15-20 degrees

Heating/Cooling System: Thermostat Location
Heating System: Type/Brand
Heating System: Year of Manufacture

Manufactured 12/08.  11 years old

Air handlers typically last 18-30 years

Heating System: Heating/Cooling Ductwork
Heating System: Air filter type, Filter Size
Disposable, 16 x 20 x 1
Presence of Cooling/Heating Vents in Each Room
Cooling System: Year of Manufacture
exterior rear

manufactured:  12/08

11 years old.  These systems last between 12-15 years.  Nearing the end of it's serviceable life.  Recommend budgeting for replacement within the next few years.

Cooling System: FYI Photos/Videos
Heating System: FYI Photos/Videos
Heat Not Tested

Heat was not tested because it is recommended to not run heat on a system when the exterior temperature is above 80 degrees.  

5.1.1 - Outdoor Cooling System (Air Condenser)

Not Secured to Pad

The outside condenser unit was not secured to the concrete pad. Building standards require units to be secured to the pad to prevent damage, theft, and injury. Recommend a qualified person secure to the pad properly.

Repair cost estimate:  $100-$175

Fire HVAC Professional
5.2.1 - Air Handler

Needs Servicing/Cleaning

Furnace should be cleaned and serviced annually. Recommend a qualified HVAC contractor clean, service and certify furnace.

Here is a resource on the importance of furnace maintenance.

Repair cost estimate:   $75-$125

5.2.2 - Air Handler

Coils wet
air handler

The evaporator coils on the indoor air handler were observed to be leaking water at the time of inspection.  Recommend further evaluation by a licensed HVAC technician.

Repair cost estimate:   $75 for evaluation

Contractor Qualified Professional

6 - Plumbing

Water Heater: Capacity
38 gallons
Water Heater: Year Manufactured

04/2012.  7.5 years old

Typically lasts 10-15 years

Plumbing: Source and Shut Off
Exterior water pressure (PSI)

75 psi

should be between 60-80 psi

Plumbing: Distribution Material
Copper, PVC
Plumbing: Water Supply Material
Plumbing: Drain Material
Gas: Shut-off Location
Water Heater: Manufacturer/Source

I recommend flushing & servicing your water heater tank annually for optimal performance. Water temperature should be set to at least 120 degrees F to kill microbes and no higher than 130 degrees F to prevent scalding. 

Here is a nice maintenance guide from Lowe's to help. 

Plumbing: FYI Photos/Videos
6.2.1 - Toilets, Sinks, Showers, Faucets

Leaking Faucet

One or more faucets were leaking at the time of inspection.  This spigot and the one by the sprinkler system are old.  Recommend replacing these spigots with current standard anti-siphon spigots.

Repair cost estimate:  $100-$150 for 2 anti-siphon spigot replacements

Pipes Plumbing Contractor
6.2.2 - Toilets, Sinks, Showers, Faucets

Loose Sink, Faucet, or Shower Head Component
Front bathroom

One or more components of a sink, faucet, or shower head were observed to be loose at the time of inspection.  Recommend securing.

Repair cost estimate:  $50

Pipes Plumbing Contractor
6.2.3 - Toilets, Sinks, Showers, Faucets

Unfinished Plumbing

One or more areas showed plumbing that is not completed. Recommend further evaluation and correction by a plumbing contractor.

Repair cost estimate:  Not applicable if there are no supply lines or drain lines installed.

Pipes Plumbing Contractor

7 - Built-in Appliances

Refrigerator Brand
Dishwasher Brand
Range Type/Brand
Range Hood Type/Brand
Vented, Arietta
Built-In Microwave Brand
Garbage Disposal Brand
Appliances: FYI Photos/Videos

8 - summary

8.1.1 - Summary


Hi!  It was a pleasure seeing you again and performing your home inspection!

Here is your personal summary:

The house is in overall very good condition, and it has some nice features.

Some of the positive features in the home:

- Roof!  Less than 1 year old

- Appliances were all found to be working at the time of inspection and appear of decent quality

- updated kitchen and bathrooms

- AC was pumping cold air throughout the house

Some Items to consider:

- As you know, termites were found on the property.  The best recommendation for this is to tent (ie request seller to tent) property for $1200.  This will kill them all and there is a 1 year warranty with this.

- Garage door was inoperable at the time of inspection

- The indoor air handler is recommended to be cleaned and the wetness on the coils is also recommended to be evaluated by a licensed HVAC technician 

- Did not receive the insurance deduction for hurricane protection because the front door is not protected itself nor does it have shutter protection hardware installed (would be quite awkward to shutter front door).  Recommend replacing front door with a hurricane protected door (Around $700-$1000) or maybe there is another option of just putting the screws in to make it able to hold shutters in order to get the discount.  Would need a re-inspection after screws were installed.

Some smaller, inexpensive items worth fixing:

- exterior:  trim trees in rear above roof, replace 2 exterior spigots with anti-siphon spigots

- interior:  replace 2 missing screens, broken pane of glass, repair wall in closet, replace wood threshold back bedroom, raise garage sensors, fix switch in attic, secure cabinets in kitchen, install cabinet handles in rear bathroom, missing smoke detector front bedroom

 If you want to build a repair request for the seller, just click the tap in the upper right that says "report tools" and select "repair request builder".

The repair cost estimates are based on labor and materials and if you were to hire a professional in the trade.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to do your inspection.  Please do not hesitate to call or contact me for any questions you may have.  Good luck and all the best!  Jay