Scott Foland
InterNachi Certified, Certified Professional Inspector, Licensed Professional Engineer

My name is Scott Foland and I am the owner of the company.  I have been a licensed Professional Engineer for 24 years now.  I built my first home 25 years ago and my love for home construction immediately started to grow.  Over the past 25 years, I have been involved in many home improvement projects and built my second home 18 years ago.  It was after this that I decided to open up my own home inspection company.  I absolutely enjoy the process of working with all of my clients in assisting them in buying their new home, selling their home, and helping them with their new investment. 

I feel our company is different then other inspection companies solely because of the way we work hand-in-hand with our clients during the inspection process.  As a Certified Professional Inspector, we realize every home has certain concerns.  We work work with each of our clients to carefully explain each concern and its level of importance and severity.  At the completion of each inspection, it is our goal to have every client clearly understand the issues we encountered so they have all the tools to decide the next step to take in their transaction process.  Our inspectors are extremely professional and work extremely well with each client and their real estate agent to help each and every real estate transaction.