I decided become a home inspector after 20 plus years of home improvement experience on my homes as well as family and friends. My interest and passion began when I was 10 years old asking my dad to take me to his work.  He was a plumber at work and a farmer at home.  I remember he was either fixing or building something on the farm or running copper or installing drains at work.  I always wanted to learn as much as I could, it was facinating watching him work. That is how I ended up here and now.  I have found myself fixing reworking and  building things for myself, family and friends. I was always fixing a previous homeowners shady project.  I never forgot his fatherly advise " If your going to do it half-assed don't do it at all".  I do my projects as if its how I would do it in my house.  I have gained a great deal of knowledge from the projects that I have worked on for my family, my friends, and now friends of friends. People began asking me to go with them to check out a house they were looking at or about to buy, which I gladly did.  As it has continued to happen, finally after the last friend (a realtor) said "you would be a great home inspector" I replied, "that has been on my mind for years now and I am going to do it!"  So here I am offering to share my lifetime of experience with you and make sure that the previous homeowner did things right and your prospective new home has been maintained with the "do it right or don't do it at all" mentality.  I pledge to inspect your future home with the scrutiny I would if I were buying it for myself.  Some inspectors in my experience go a little overboard trying to justify their fees.  If its a big concern, I'll tell you.  If its nothing to sweat about, I'll tell you.  Rest assured I will always be on the level with you.  I look forward to meeting you.