Gary Parr
Certified by AHIT as a home inspection specialist Radon measurement certification through PHII Member of Inter NACHI Association of Certified Home Inspectors

With years of experience in home construction and remodeling I have a keen eye for all aspects of your home. As a licensed professional, I have a  responsibility to all my home inspection clients and I have high regard for every last one of them. I respect the fact that they rely on me and my vast home inspection knowledge to personally assist them during their home buying process. My inspection standards are always among the highest in the home inspection industry and meet or exceed every standard set by South Carolina and interNACHI ,the worlds largest organization of residential and commercial property inspectors. 

I have the trained eye and many years of experience to accurately assess the condition of any size home. I also possess the communication skills to clearly describe the inspection results directly to you. I will be providing you with the best choice for your home inspection needs. 

I personally perform every home inspection myself and I always give my home inspection clients the utmost personal attention they deserve. That is one benefit that is not always possible with the large multiple inspector firms in the Upstate. 

Parr Home Inspections is available for all your inspection needs including Radon measurement, pre inspections and post inspections.

We proudly serve all of Greenville and surrounding counties. Please call or email with questions or to discuss an inspection out of our service area. 

864-559-8060 ParrHomeInspection@gmail.com