John and Marcella have worked in remodeling & contracting since the late 1980's.  John has performed over 2,000 inspections and Marcella has been a teacher for over 20 years.  James Southerland has been an inspector for 29 years and is Code Energy Certified, Commercial Code Certified, and Code & State Certified for ADA Accessibility. This makes the Inspections of Texas team uniquely qualified to provide a thorough, accurate and detailed home inspection.  Their knowledge and experience are essential to performing your home inspection.  They are known in the community as an honest people of integrity who give exceptional customer service with great communication skills.  

Your home will be evaluated objectively.  All homes have imperfections.  Major components of the home will be analyzed by "The Phoenix 400+ Point Inspection" which exceeds the mandated standards of the Texas Real Estate Commission.  

Every inspection includes a verbal consultation where questions and concerns are covered.  

You can be confident that Inspection of Texas' attention to details and comprehensive evaluation skills will provide you all of the information you need to make an informed decision and give you peace of mind in the purchase of your home.