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It is recommended that any noted deficiencies be evaluated and repaired by a certified contractor of trade.

This report is the exclusive property of this inspection company and the client(s) listed in the report title. Use of this report by any unauthorized persons is prohibited.

1 - Inspection details

Ground Condition
Present at time of the inspection
Client, Clients Agent
Property Occupancy
55 Fahrenheit
Weather Condition
Rain in the last few days
Structure Details: Structures Inspected
House, Attached Garage
Structure Details: Type of Structure
Single Family
Structure Details: Foundation Type
Structure Details: Utilities
All Utilities on
The following items have been excluded from the inspection.
Private septic system, Sport court, Tree House
What Really Matters In A Home Inspection


Congratulations on buying your new home! 

We understand the process can be stressful. A home inspection is supposed to give you peace of mind, but often has the opposite effect. You will be

 asked to absorb a lot of information in a short time. This often includes a written report, checklist, photographs, recommendations for maintenance and repairs, along with what the inspector himself says during the inspection. All this combined with the seller's disclosure and what you notice yourself makes the experience even more overwhelming. 

What should you do? Relax. Most of your inspection will be maintenance recommendations, life expectancies and minor imperfections. These are nice to know about. However, the issues that really matter will fall into four categories: 

1. Major defects. An example of this would be a significant structural failure. 

2. Things that may lead to major defects. A small water leak coming from a piece of roof flashing, for example. 

3. Things that may hinder your ability to finance, legally occupy, or insure the home. Structural damaged caused by termite infestation, for example. 

4. Safety hazards.

No home is perfect. Keep things in perspective. Don't kill your deal over things that don't matter. We are here to help any way we can. If you have questions, please call us. We also want to encourage you to review this report with your agent, and trust there professional opinions as well. We are all here to work together, and help you get moved into your new home!

Below you will find a little more detailed information on how to read and understand the report.  

Thank you for letting us help you, and congratulations on your new home! 

Overview/How To Read The Report

Thank you for choosing Reliance Home Inspections, LLC for your Home Inspection! The inspection performed to provide data for this report was visual in nature only, and non-invasive. The purpose of this report is to reflect as accurately as possible the visible condition of the home at the time of the inspection. This inspection is not a guarantee or warranty of any kind, but is an inspection for system and major accessible component defects and safety hazards. The Inspection is not Pass/Fail A property does not "Pass" or "Fail" a General Home inspection. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about either the report or the property. 

The goal of this inspection report is not to make a purchase recommendation, but to provide you with useful, accurate information that will be helpful in making an informed purchase decision. Read the Report Please read your entire inspection report carefully. Although the report has a summary that lists the most important considerations, the body of the report also contains important information. There is important information about home maintenance, materials used in the construction of this home, and appliance use and maintenance that should be read to gain an understanding of how to care for your home. 

The summary is meant to organize the defects or important repairs needed in the home. Most anything can be repaired in a home, although some repairs can be very expensive to complete. Repairs, Evaluations and Corrections For your protection, and that of others, all repairs, corrections, or specialist evaluations should be performed by qualified contractors or licensed professionals. Safety hazards or poorly performed work can continue to be a problem, or even be made worse when unqualified workmen complete the work. 

We're Here to Help! If you have questions about either the contents of this report, or about the home,please don't hesitate to contact us for help, no matter how much time has passed since your home inspection. We'll be happy to answer your questions to the best of our ability.

I = Inspected. This means the system or component was inspected and found to be functioning properly, or in acceptable condition at the time of the inspection. No further comment is necessary but whenever possible additional information about materials used in the construction and how to care for or maintain the home

NI = Not Inspected. This indicates that at least part of a system or component could not be inspected or inspected thoroughly. 

NP = Not Present. This indicates that a system or component was not present at the time of inspection. If the system or component should have been present, a comment will follow. 

O = Observation. This indicates that an action is recommended. 

For Agents Viewing the summary may be a more efficient use of your time! On the right side is the PDF button that allow you to view or print the summary only. On the top edge is the "Agent Tools" button that opens a window you can easily copy/paste from. Thank you for all the hard work that you put into this transaction! We appreciate all your hard work into this deal!

An inspector is considered to be a "Generalist" in that the job is to identify and report potential issues rather than diagnose the specific cause or repair items. For this reason, you will find that it is often recommended to seek further evaluation by a qualified professional such as an Electrical, Plumbing, or Roofing contractor.

The report includes Informational data on various components of the home, Limitations that affected the ability to inspect certain items/areas, and Recommendations for items that require immediate or future attention. Observations and Recommendations are organized into three categories by level of severity: 

1) Minor/Maintenance Issues - Primarily comprised of small cosmetic items and simple Handyman or do-it-yourself maintenance items. These observations are more informational in nature and represent more of a future to-do list rather than something you might use as a negotiation or Seller-repair item. A Summary Report can be created should you choose to view a report without these minor items or informational data. 

2) Moderate Recommendations - Most items typically fall into this category. These observations may require a qualified contractor to evaluate further and repair or replace but the cost is somewhat reasonable. 

3) Significant and/or Safety Concerns - This category is composed of immediate safety concerns or items that could represent a significant expense to repair/replace. 

This is meant to be an Honest, Impartial, Third-Party assessment. I am always more than happy to discuss anything in more detail. We're Here to Help! If you have questions about either the contents of this report, or about the home,please don't hesitate to contact us for help, no matter how much time has passed since your home inspection. We'll be happy to answer your questions to the best of our ability.

Structure Details: Occupied
Some areas and items at this property were obscured by furniture, stored items, or debris. This often includes but is not limited to walls, floors, windows, inside and under cabinets, under sinks, on counter tops, in closets, behind window coverings, under rugs or carpets, and under or behind furniture. Areas around the exterior, under the structure, in the garage and in the attic may also be obscured by stored items. The inspector in general does not move personal belongings, furnishings, carpets or appliances. When furnishings, stored items or debris are present, all areas or items that are obscured, concealed or not readily accessible are excluded from the inspection. The client should be aware that when furnishings, stored items or debris are eventually moved, damage or problems that were not noted during the inspection may be found.

2 - Roof

2.1 General X
2.2 Gutters/drains X X
2.3 Flashing/Vents X
General: Roof Type
General: Roof covering
Asphalt/Fiberglass Shingles
General: Estimated roof age(main)
11 years
General: Roof Drainage
Gutter system
General: Roof Inspection method
Traversed, Viewed from eaves with ladder
We normally conduct our typical roof inspection by walking on the roof's surface in what we call the "random walk" methodology. This method of inspection is not intended to cover every square inch of the roof's surface, nor will it. Further we could not recreate the route of a random walk even if we tried to. We do arrive at an overall impression of the roof's condition developed during this random walk inspection and extrapolate it to the entire roof's surface.
If any discrepancies are in fact identified, it is recommended that to accurately determined the scope of the actual discrepancies, as well as any cost of correction, you consult with a licensed roofing contractor. Not all roof will be walked, dimension, slope, weather, etc may allow the roof to be accessed.
General: Roof Pictures

General Pictures of the Roof

  • R = Recommendations
  • NP = Not Present
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • IN = Inspected
2.2.1 - Gutters/drains

Gutter drains on roof

One or more downspouts terminated above a roof surface, and concentrated rainwater from the downspouts washes over the roof surface below. This is a common configuration, but in some cases large quantities of rainwater can damage shingles by removing granules and reduce the life of the roof surface. I recommend installing extensions to route the rainwater directly to the closest gutter below to prevent such damage to the roofing material.

Contractor Qualified Professional

3 - Exterior

3.1 General X
3.2 Driveway, Walkway, Patio X
3.3 Exterior issues X
3.4 Electrical X
3.5 Windows and Door X
3.6 Soffit and Fascia X
3.7 Gutters and Flashing X
General: Foundation Material
General: Exterior wall structure
wood Frame
General: Wall Covering
Wood Shingles, Cement Board Siding
General: Driveway Material
General: Exterior doors
Metal w/Window
General: Fencing
General: Garage Door Material
General: Sidewalk/Patio Material
General: Vehicle Parking
Attached Garage, Driveway
Exterior issues: Exterior Walls Obscured

Exterior wall sections were obscured by vegetation / stored items / debris and couldn't be fully evaluated. They are excluded from this inspection. On the left side of the house. 

  • R = Recommendations
  • NP = Not Present
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • IN = Inspected
3.3.1 - Exterior issues

gable vent damage

One gable vent on the left of the house was damaged. Their purpose is to allow air into the attic, and keep out birds, rodents and bugs. The screen on one of the gable vent appears to be damaged and birds have built a nest in the attic space. I recommend the nest is removed/cleaned from the attic, and new screen is installed over the gable vent.  

Contractor Qualified Professional
3.3.2 - Exterior issues

Sealant Maintenance

Some of the caulking in various places around the exterior need to be sealed. Around windows, doors, siding seams, siding meets trim, etc...I recommend that these areas are re-sealed to prevent any potential moisture intrusion issues. 

Contractor Qualified Professional
3.3.3 - Exterior issues

Deck Sealant

The deck is staining/water sealing is faded. It is important to keep the deck stained/water sealed to prevent decking from decay. Decking wears out not only from rain, but also from UV rays. A good quality stain will help extend the life of the deck and protect it from the weather. I recommend the deck is stained/water sealed. 

Contractor Qualified Professional
3.3.4 - Exterior issues

Deck Board Damage

Several deck boards were starting to show some signs of wear/decay. It is recommended these are repaired and replaced before staining or water sealing the deck

Contractor Qualified Professional
3.3.5 - Exterior issues

Deck Pickets

A couple of the deck pickets as you come down the stairs have come loose. I recommend these are re-secured for child safety. 

Contractor Qualified Professional
3.3.6 - Exterior issues

Dryer vent cleaning

I recommend the dryer vent is cleaned on a annual basis. This is good maintenance for the house and the dryer. A clogged dryer vent can lead to dryer failure an extended dry times. 

Contractor Qualified Professional
3.5.1 - Windows and Door

Failed Seal

One window overlooking the back deck had a failed seal. I was informed during the inspection that the window was on order and is being replaced. This is a informational comment. Verify the window pane replacement is completed. 

Contractor Qualified Professional

4 - Plumbing

4.1 General X
4.2 Supply Lines X
4.3 Drain and Waste X
4.4 Main Water X
General: Location of main fuel shut off
Gas Meter
General: Service Pipe to house
Not Visible
General: Interior Supply piping
General: Drain Pipe
General: Vent Pipe
General: Waste Pipe
General: Plumbing In Walls

As is typical of most buildings, the majority of the supply piping is concealed from view. Basically it is installed inside the walls and under the floors. Where the supply piping was noted, it was found to be copper and pex. These are excellent water piping materials with an indefinite lifespan.

Drain and Waste: Inspect, Pump Septic

Septic tank was inspected while our inspection was happening. We were informed during the inspection that the septic tank passed inspection. 

Drain and Waste: Pump station
There is a pump station located in the basement of the home. Upon inspection everything seemed to be in working order. A buzzer alarm has been installed. In the event the alarm goes off, shut down the pump and contact the septic company for repairs. 
  • R = Recommendations
  • NP = Not Present
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • IN = Inspected

5 - Water Heater

5.1 Water Heater X X
Water Heater: Estimated Age
11 Years
Water Heater: Energy Source
Water Heater: Manufacturer
Bradford White
Water Heater: Location
Water Heater: Water Temperature
130 Degrees
Water Heater: Capacity
Water Heater: Type
Water Heater: Pictures of Unit
  • R = Recommendations
  • NP = Not Present
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • IN = Inspected
5.1.1 - Water Heater

Pan missing same Elevation

A water heater is installed at the same elevation as the finished living spaces and has no catch pan and drain installed. Recommend having a qualified contractor install a catch pan and drain to prevent water damage to finished interior spaces if/when the water heater develops a leak or is drained.
Pipes Plumbing Contractor
5.1.2 - Water Heater

Near life expectancy

The estimated useful life for most water heaters is 8 to 12 years. This water heater appears to be approaching this age and may need replacing in the near future. Recommend budgeting for a replacement in the near future. Everything was functional at the time of inspection and in good working order. The hot water tank was manufactured in 2007 making it about 11 years old. 

Here is a link to showing the age. On these tanks it is done by the first 2 letters of the serial number. DC on this tank. 


Pipes Plumbing Contractor

6 - Electric Service

6.1 Electric Panel X
6.2 Sub-Panel X
6.3 Outlets, Switches, Lights X
6.4 Branch Wiring X
6.5 Circuit Breakers X
6.6 Meter X
6.7 Service Wires X
Electric Panel: Amperage
Electric Panel: Panel Manufacturer
Square D
Electric Panel: Protection
Electric Panel: Service Type
Electric Panel: Service Voltage
Electric Panel: Branch Wiring
Aluminum multi-strand
Electric Panel: Location of Main Disconnect
Top of Panel
Electric Panel: Service Conductor
Multi-strain Aluminum
Electric Panel: System Grounding
Concrete encased electrode
Electric Panel: Location of Main Panel
Sub-Panel: Panel Location
Sub-Panel: Panel Manufacturer
Sub-Panel: Protection
Sub-Panel: Branch Wiring
Sub-Panel: Service Conductor
Multi-strain Aluminum
Electric Panel: Panel pictures
Electric Panel: Positive Attributes
The size of the electrical service is sufficient for the typical single family needs. The electrical panel is well arranged and all fuses/breakers are properly sized. All outlets and light fixtures that were tasted operated satisfactorily. All 3-prong outlets that were tested were appropriately grounded. Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) devices have been provided in some areas of the home. These devices are extremely valuable, as they offer an extra level of shock protection. All GFCI's that were tested responded properly. Dedicated 220 volt circuits have been provided for all 220 volt appliances within the home. All visible wiring within the home is copper. This is a good quality electrical conductor.
Sub-Panel: Pictures of panel

Sub-panel in the basement just had Labor and Industries electrical approval done on 6/14/18. 

  • R = Recommendations
  • NP = Not Present
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • IN = Inspected
6.3.1 - Outlets, Switches, Lights

Bedroom Outlet

One bedroom outlet was not working on my tester. The bedroom to the left at the top of the stairs. The outlet is to the left as you walk in the door. I recommend this outlet is diagnosed and repaired/replaced by a electrical contractor. 

Contractor Qualified Professional
6.3.2 - Outlets, Switches, Lights

Light above shower not working

Light above the shower I could not get to turn on with any switches. It may just need to have a bulb/LED replaced. I recommend replacing the bulb and verify the light fixture is working. 

Contractor Qualified Professional
6.3.3 - Outlets, Switches, Lights

Closet Light Out

Light in one of the closets was not working. More than likely just needs a new bulb. I recommend replacing the bulb and verifying the light fixture is working. 

Contractor Qualified Professional

7 - Heat


The furnace in the basement was tested and found to be in working condition. The filter was clean and appeared to be pretty new. The heat output at the ducts was tested and working properly. It is always recommended that the furnace is cleaned and serviced on a annual basis. The video of the furnace is to show it was running during the inspection. 

  • R = Recommendations
  • NP = Not Present
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • IN = Inspected

8 - Kitchen

8.1 Cabinets X
8.2 Countertops-Backsplash X
8.3 Electrical X
8.4 Flooring X
8.5 Sink X
Sink: below sink pictures
  • R = Recommendations
  • NP = Not Present
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • IN = Inspected

9 - Interiors

9.1 Electrical X
9.2 Floors, Walls, Ceilings X
9.3 Smoke and CO alarms X
9.4 Windows and Door X X
Floors, Walls, Ceilings: Wall material/covering
Smoke and CO alarms: Smoke Alarms Present
  • R = Recommendations
  • NP = Not Present
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • IN = Inspected
9.4.1 - Windows and Door

Window-screen holes/tears

Screen(s) in one or more windows are torn or have holes in them. Screens should be replaced where necessary.
Window Window Repair and Installation Contractor
9.4.2 - Windows and Door

Door Latch Damaged

One of the bedroom door latches was damaged and prevent the door from closing/latching. I recommend repairs are made so the door can latch properly when closed. 

Contractor Qualified Professional

10 - Bathrooms

10.1 Bathub X X
10.2 Cabinets X
10.3 Electrical X
10.4 Exhaust Fan X
10.5 Flooring X
10.6 Shower X
10.7 Sink/countertop X X
10.8 Toilets X X
10.9 Wall X
Toilets: Tested and Working

Toilets were tested and working at the time of inspection 

  • R = Recommendations
  • NP = Not Present
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • IN = Inspected
10.1.1 - Bathub

Clogged or Drains slowly

The master bathroom tub appeared to be draining a little slower than normal. Drain speeds can vary from house to house slightly depending on drain installation and design. I recommend making sure the drain is clear and free from all hair/clogs and see if the drain speed improves. 

Pipes Plumbing Contractor
10.7.1 - Sink/countertop

Sink Drains Slow

The master bathroom sink was clogged and draining very slowly. Drain(s) should be cleared as necessary, and by a qualified plumber if necessary.

Pipes Plumbing Contractor
10.8.1 - Toilets


One toilet was loose during inspection. A qualified contractor should remove the toilet(s) for further evaluation and repairs if necessary. A new wax ring should be installed and toilet(s) should be securely anchored to the floor to prevent movement and leaking.

Pipes Plumbing Contractor

11 - Garage

11.1 Interior-Exterior doors-Windows X
11.2 Electrical X
11.3 Floors, walls, Ceiling X
11.4 Vehicle door X
Vehicle door: Vehicle Door safety

VEHICLE DOOR: safety tips:

1. The garage door is the largest moving object in the home. It can weigh hundreds of pounds. Often it is supported with spring tension Both the weight of the door itself and the condition of these powerful springs can be dangerous on their own. Combined these two items can become a potentially lethal item. During our inspection, we attempt to inspect vehicle doors for proper operation.

2. Operation of the safety mechanisms should be verified monthly. Switches for door openers should be located as high as practical to prevent children from playing with the door. Children should be warned of the potential risk of injury.

3. Regular lubrication of the garage door tracks, rollers, springs and mounting hardware is recommended. ( consult the owners manual or contact the door/opener manufacture. www.overheaddoor.com/Pages/safety-information.aspx

Floors, walls, Ceiling: Items Perimeter
There were items around the perimeter walls of the garage. Because of this areas of the walls(especially the base) can not be evaluated. The garage walls should be checked on the walk through or upon taking ownership.
  • R = Recommendations
  • NP = Not Present
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • IN = Inspected
11.4.1 - Vehicle door

Weather strip deteriorated

Weatherstrip at the sides vehicle door is damaged and/or deteriorated. It should be replaced where necessary to prevent intrusion of the exterior elements.

Garage Garage Door Contractor

12 - Attic

12.1 General X
12.2 Attic Hatch X
12.3 Electrical X
12.4 Insulation X
12.5 Ventilation X
General: Ceiling Structure
General: Inspection Method
Viewed from access, Traversed
General: Insulation Depth
18" deep.
General: Insulation Material
Fiberglass loose
General: Roof Structure
  • R = Recommendations
  • NP = Not Present
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • IN = Inspected