1234 Main St.
STANWOOD Washington 98292
05/26/2018 9:00AM

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Agency Name
Items Inspected

1 - Inspection Details

In Attendance
Client's Agent, Home Owner
Furnished, Occupied
Temperature (approximate)
50 Fahrenheit (F)
Type of Building
Single Family
Weather Conditions
Dry, Cloudy

Thank you for choosing Reliance Home Inspections, LLC for your Home Inspection! The inspection performed to provide data for this report was visual in nature only, and non-invasive. The purpose of this report is to reflect as accurately as possible the visible condition of the home at the time of the inspection. This inspection is not a guarantee or warranty of any kind, but is an inspection for system and major accessible component defects and safety hazards. The Inspection is not Pass/Fail A property does not "Pass" or "Fail" a General Home inspection. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about either the report or the property. 

The goal of this inspection report is not to make a purchase recommendation, but to provide you with useful, accurate information that will be helpful in making an informed purchase decision. Read the Report Please read your entire inspection report carefully. Although the report has a summary that lists the most important considerations, the body of the report also contains important information. There is important information about home maintenance, materials used in the construction of this home, and appliance use and maintenance that should be read to gain an understanding of how to care for your home. 

The summary is meant to organize the defects or important repairs needed in the home. Most anything can be repaired in a home, although some repairs can be very expensive to complete. Repairs, Evaluations and Corrections For your protection, and that of others, all repairs, corrections, or specialist evaluations should be performed by qualified contractors or licensed professionals. Safety hazards or poorly performed work can continue to be a problem, or even be made worse when unqualified workmen complete the work. 

We're Here to Help! If you have questions about either the contents of this report, or about the home,please don't hesitate to contact us for help, no matter how much time has passed since your home inspection. We'll be happy to answer your questions to the best of our ability.

I = Inspected. This means the system or component was inspected and found to be functioning properly, or in acceptable condition at the time of the inspection. No further comment is necessary but whenever possible additional information about materials used in the construction and how to care for or maintain the home

NI = Not Inspected. This indicates that at least part of a system or component could not be inspected or inspected thoroughly. 

NP = Not Present. This indicates that a system or component was not present at the time of inspection. If the system or component should have been present, a comment will follow. 

O = Observation. This indicates that an action is recommended. 

For Agents Viewing the summary may be a more efficient use of your time! On the right side is the PDF button that allow you to view or print the summary only. On the top edge is the "Agent Tools" button that opens a window you can easily copy/paste from. Thank you for all the hard work that you put into this transaction! We appreciate all your hard work into this deal!

2 - Roof

2.1 Coverings X X
2.2 Roof Drainage Systems X X
2.3 Flashings
2.4 Skylights, Chimneys & Other Roof Penetrations X
Inspection Method
Roof Type/Style
Coverings: Material
Roof Drainage Systems: Gutter Material
Flashings: Material
  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • O = Observations
2.1.1 - Coverings


Roof is at or beyond expected life span. Shingles are cracked, warped, and delaminating. Multiple repairs have been made. Recommend replacement of the roof by a licensed/qualified roofer.

Contractor Qualified Professional
2.2.1 - Roof Drainage Systems

Gutters installation is loose

In one or more places the gutters were coming away from the house. I recommend having gutters re-installed and secured to the house. 

When the new roof is installed, make sure their is proper overhang into the gutters. 

Roof Roofing Professional

3 - Exterior

3.1 Siding, Flashing & Trim X X
3.2 Exterior Doors X
3.3 Walkways, Patios & Driveways X
3.4 Decks, Balconies, Porches & Steps X X
3.5 Eaves, Soffits & Fascia X
3.6 Vegetation, Grading, Drainage & Retaining Walls X
Inspection Method
Crawlspace Access, Attic Access, Visual
Siding, Flashing & Trim: Siding Material
Siding, Flashing & Trim: Siding Style
Exterior Doors: Exterior Entry Door
Walkways, Patios & Driveways: Driveway Material
Decks, Balconies, Porches & Steps: Appurtenance
Deck with Steps
Decks, Balconies, Porches & Steps: Material
  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • O = Observations
3.1.1 - Siding, Flashing & Trim

Loose Boards

One or more siding boards were loose, which could result in moisture intrusion. Recommend a qualified siding contractor secure and fasten.

Contractor Qualified Professional
3.1.2 - Siding, Flashing & Trim

Rot - Minor

Signs of rot in the siding was noted in several locations around the house. Gutter end appears to be leaking, causing water damage and rot to the siding. Recommend further evaluation and repaires as needed to prevent further damage. 

Contractor Qualified Professional
3.1.3 - Siding, Flashing & Trim

Caulking Cracking

Caulking around one or more windows was cracking. I recommend cleaning out old caulking, and sealing with new caulking to prevent any potential moisture intrusion issues. 

Wrench DIY
3.4.1 - Decks, Balconies, Porches & Steps

Deck - Rotted Boards

One or more deck boards are showing signs of rot. Recommend a qualified deck contractor replace.
House front 1 Deck Contractor

4 - Basement, Foundation, Crawlspace & Structure

4.1 Foundation X
4.2 Basements & Crawlspaces
4.3 Floor Structure X
4.4 Wall Structure X
4.5 Ceiling Structure X
Inspection Method
Crawlspace Access, Visual
Foundation: Material
Floor Structure: Material
Wood floor joists
Floor Structure: Sub-floor
Floor Structure: Basement/Crawlspace Floor
  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • O = Observations
4.2.1 - Basements & Crawlspaces

Beam Connections

Under the house in the crawl space, the post and beam connections are only made on one side of each post/beam. I recommend installing positive connections on each side of every post/beam.  

Hardhat General Contractor
4.2.2 - Basements & Crawlspaces


Rodent evidence was present in the crawl space. Droppings on the vapor barrier and one dead carcass found. Reccommend monitoring and having pest control contractor evaluate if necessary. 

Contractor Qualified Professional

5 - Heating

5.1 Equipment X
5.2 Normal Operating Controls X
5.3 Vents, Flues & Chimneys X
5.4 Presence of Installed Heat Source in Each Room X
Equipment: Energy Source
Equipment: Heat Type
Electric Wall Heater
Equipment: Brand
  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • O = Observations
5.3.1 - Vents, Flues & Chimneys

Fireplaced remove

It was observed that the fireplace was removed. The is just a observation. If there are no plans to re-install then the chimney can be removed from the roof. 

Contractor Qualified Professional

6 - Plumbing

6.1 Main Water Shut-off Device X
6.2 Drain, Waste, & Vent Systems X
6.3 Water Supply, Distribution Systems & Fixtures X
6.4 Hot Water Systems, Controls, Flues & Vents X
Water Source
Main Water Shut-off Device: Location
Hot water tank
Drain, Waste, & Vent Systems: Drain Size
2", 1 1/2"
Water Supply, Distribution Systems & Fixtures: Water Supply Material
Hot Water Systems, Controls, Flues & Vents: Power Source/Type
Hot Water Systems, Controls, Flues & Vents: Capacity
50 gallons
Hot Water Systems, Controls, Flues & Vents: Location
Main Floor, Washer/Dryer Area
Drain, Waste, & Vent Systems: Material
Water Supply, Distribution Systems & Fixtures: Distribution Material
Hot Water Systems, Controls, Flues & Vents: Manufacturer

I recommend flushing & servicing your water heater tank annually for optimal performance. Water temperature should be set to at least 120 degrees F to kill microbes and no higher than 130 degrees F to prevent scalding.

Here is a nice maintenance guide from Lowe's to help.

  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • O = Observations
6.4.1 - Hot Water Systems, Controls, Flues & Vents

No Expansion Tank

No expansion tank was present. Expansion tanks allow for the thermal expansion of water in the pipes. These are required in certain areas for new installs. Recommend a qualified plumber evaluate and install.
Pipes Plumbing Contractor
6.4.2 - Hot Water Systems, Controls, Flues & Vents

Earthquake straps missing

At the time of inspection no earthquake straps were installed. The home owner showed me the straps and said they plan on installing. Recommend verifying installation of straps. 

Contractor Qualified Professional
6.4.3 - Hot Water Systems, Controls, Flues & Vents

TPR valve not connected

TPR valve was not connected. It is important that these are connected properly. I recommend licensed plumber connects the TPR properly. 

Contractor Qualified Professional

7 - Electrical

7.1 Service Entrance Conductors X
7.2 Main & Subpanels, Service & Grounding, Main Overcurrent Device X
7.3 Branch Wiring Circuits, Breakers & Fuses X
7.4 Lighting Fixtures, Switches & Receptacles X
7.6 Smoke Detectors X
7.7 Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Service Entrance Conductors: Electrical Service Conductors
Main & Subpanels, Service & Grounding, Main Overcurrent Device: Main Panel Location
Main & Subpanels, Service & Grounding, Main Overcurrent Device: Panel Capacity
200 AMP
Main & Subpanels, Service & Grounding, Main Overcurrent Device: Panel Type
Circuit Breaker
Main & Subpanels, Service & Grounding, Main Overcurrent Device: Sub Panel Location
Branch Wiring Circuits, Breakers & Fuses: Branch Wire 15 and 20 AMP
Branch Wiring Circuits, Breakers & Fuses: Wiring Method
Main & Subpanels, Service & Grounding, Main Overcurrent Device: Panel Manufacturer
Lighting Fixtures, Switches & Receptacles: Overview
  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • O = Observations

8 - Attic, Insulation & Ventilation

8.1 Attic Insulation X X
8.2 Vapor Retarders (Crawlspace or Basement) X
8.3 Ventilation X
8.4 Exhaust Systems X
Dryer Power Source
220 Electric
Dryer Vent
Metal (Flex)
Flooring Insulation
Attic Insulation: Insulation Type
Ventilation: Ventilation Type
Gable Vents, Soffit Vents
Exhaust Systems: Exhaust Fans
Fan with Light
  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • O = Observations
8.1.1 - Attic Insulation

Insufficient Insulation

Insulation depth was inadequate. Recommend a qualified attic insulation contractor install additional insulation. Approximately 12" thick will achieve a R38 value in the attic. 

House construction Insulation Contractor

9 - Doors, Windows & Interior

9.1 Doors X
9.2 Windows X X
9.3 Floors X
9.4 Walls X
9.5 Ceilings X
9.6 Steps, Stairways & Railings X
9.7 Countertops & Cabinets X
Windows: Window Manufacturer
West Coast Vinyl
Floors: Floor Coverings
Walls: Wall Material
Ceilings: Ceiling Material
Countertops & Cabinets: Cabinetry
Windows: Window Type
  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • O = Observations
9.2.1 - Windows

Improper Installation

Windows was installed directly over the siding with no window trim installed. The flange is nailed and caulked to the siding. Exterior window trim should be installed, and sealed to prevent any potential water intrusion issues.

Window Window Repair and Installation Contractor

10 - Built-in Appliances

10.1 Dishwasher X
10.2 Refrigerator X
10.3 Range/Oven/Cooktop X
10.4 Garbage Disposal X
Range/Oven/Cooktop: Range/Oven Energy Source
Dishwasher: Dishwasher
Refrigerator: Fridge
Range/Oven/Cooktop: Exhaust Hood Type
Range/Oven/Cooktop: Range
  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • O = Observations

11 - Fence

11.1 Fence Condition X
  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • O = Observations
11.1.1 - Fence Condition

Fence Worn Out

In one or more places the fence showed signs of wear and in need of repairs/replacement. I recommend a licensed contractor evaluates and repairs/replaces as needed.