Rich Lavine


Here are just a few things people are saying about Rich:

Alexis T

Rich was super great to work with and very thorough.  He inspected the home we wanted to buy and I was impressed at how well he noticed the little things that we should fix when we move in.  I would definitely recommend him!

Richard A

Rich is extremely thorough with his inspection and make sure he didn't miss a spot in my property. His communication is great and extremely professional and clean report after he finishes his inspection! Go to Rich when you need an inspection!!

Kathy Kinghorn

So, impressed with Rich and his inspection. We purchased a relatively small townhouse and Rich spent a couple of hours or more going over ever part of it.  It is only 4 years old so I didn't expect any problems to be found.  He did find a couple of things that the owner committed to fixing before closing.  For example, one repair needed was on a window that wasn't sealed correctly but it didn't look like to us to have any problem.  It turned out it was under warranty and the fix will definitely save us over time on utility bills and preventing mold issues.  I wasn't committed to spending money on an inspection on such a new house, now I absolutely see the value of having an experienced, thorough inspector doing the job.  Pick this guy and you will not regret it!

Jodie Turner

Rich goes the extra mile and is very thorough. He is one of the best inspectors that we have ever come across (and as contractors we usually don't like home inspectors haha).

Sky Nguyen

I was in the process of buying a house and I have to say that I was very lucky to have found Southpaw Home Inspections.and Rich. He's awesome at what he does and most importantly he does what he does best. Rich went above and beyond with the inspection and I could not have asked for more. If you happen to need a home inspector Rich is the one that you should contact. Thank you again Rich for your help!

Bijan Hosseini

Thorough is an understatement. Rich absolutely goes the extra mile. Highly recommend!

Michelle Carman

Rich is truly one of kind. His attention to detail is hands down the best. You should never use anyone else when it comes to inspecting your house.

Tony Coillot

Very processional.  Thorough and detailed report.  Saved me from a possible disaster. Foundation was cracked from the outside and went all the way through in 5 spots. Highly recommended.

Rachel Ward

Utah Home Inspection experts! Rich is passionate about what he does and always does a great job. I highly recommend Southpaw Inspection.

Nancy Sylvester

Rich was awesome! He was very thorough on our home inspection and turned around our report quickly. Highly recommend.

Courtney Fronkinstein

Great availability, thorough, & honest. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

Annie Clark

We loved working with the Southpaw Home Inspections team! Rich was so great to work with. He was thorough, hardworking and made sure all of our questions were answered. We highly recommend going with Southpaw! You will not be disappointed!

Derrick Stokes

Very thorough inspection. Went well above expectations and very easy to work with. Quick response and completes work in a very professional and timely manner. Very respectful as well. Highly recommend to anyone needing an inspection.

Leaf Kolb

Rich was amazing! He took his time and went through everything in our new home more thoroughly then I could have imagined. I am very grateful he had us do the Radon testing because getting early results saved us a lot of trouble down the road.  I would absolutely recommend Southpaw to anyone I know!

Brian C Wright

We used Blue Sky Home Inspections of Utah for our home inspection and were very impressed!  The inspector walked us through the details of the report, explaining everything thoroughly.  He went above and beyond what was required to be inspected and provided his observations on things we should consider fixing in the future in addition to those requiring immediate attention.  The report provided was detailed with pictures of all deficiencies and easy-to-understand explanations.  We showed up a bit early before the scheduled home walkthrough so we could take measurements of the home to plan out where our furniture will go, and the inspector lent us his electronic laser tape measure which made measuring larger distances incredibly convenient.  We would highly recommend Southpaw Home Inspections!

Blanca Alvarez

We are purchasing our very first home!   I must say it's a lot harder and so much more stuff than I thought it would be. Rich was our home inspector and he did an amazing and thorough job. He answered all our questions thoroughly and didn't mind all the texts and emails and was quick to respond back to us. I would highly recommend him! thank you so much for the job that you've done for us.

Megan Kimberly

Rich of Southpaw was really awesome. He communicated with us very clearly and was timely and professional.  Being a millenial, we really loved his online presence with videos, scheduling, and payment.  He is a modern home inspector and is super detail oriented.  We also enjoyed that he appreciated the quirks of an old home that we were considering buying. I trust his report and felt it met our needs well. We would use him again for our next home...if we had a next home.

Amanda McFarland

Rich of Blue Sky Home Inspections was knowledgeable, friendly, and honest. He checked in with us after the inspection was complete to ask if we had any follow up questions. When we moved in to our new home, and immediately had a leak, he actually came over to make sure it wasn't something he missed in his inspection (it wasn't) and even helped us to solve the problem. And in the process saved us a lot of money! I would recommend him to anyone, and plan on using him for future inspections. Thanks Rich!

Joshua Workman

Rich did an amazing job on our home inspection. He was super thorough and went above and beyond his duties to help us foresee any issues that could arise and answer all our questions. I highly recommend him.

Kaelin Griffiths

We are buying our very first home and Rich at Blue Sky was our inspector. It was so comforting having someone walk me through our home and discuss all the different things on our report. We also received the report via emails so we could refer back to it which was so nice. I would definitely recommend Southpaw

Chris Hunlow

I have used Rich a few times now and his attention to detail is unmatched in the industry. When some people can finish an inspection in an hour, Rich takes 3 hours. He crawls around every inch of the home to get an idea of the overall condition. Some real estate agents want an inspector to give little information to not "kill" the deal. That is a shameful practice.  If you want a thorough inspection for a home you are buying or selling, I would recommend Rich to anyone. - REALTORĀ®, Imagine Real Estate

Karen Holladay

I am a real estate agent with Osmond Real Estate.  I first came in contact with Rich at Blue Sky, because one of my clients chose to do their home inspection through them.  I was impressed enough by his work to recommend him to other clients.  Every one of the clients who has chosen to use Southpaw for their home inspection has commented on how thorough Rich is in his inspection and how helpful the information is in his reports.

Lance Beare

Southpaw does an incredibly thorough job, and it's clear that not only do they know what they're doing, they actually care too.  Highly recommend Southpaw.

Sean Vest

Rich is extremely thorough!  The home my wife and I have decided to buy is a little older.  I was a little hesitant at first. Rich has given us an extremely detailed report on the home!  It has taken all of the fear out of this purchase.  There was no stone unturned with his inspection.  If you are looking for someone to crawl around and inspect EVERYTHING Rich at Southpaw Home Inspection is the man!

Brady Jaques

Rich inspected a home for my client and I was absolutely amazed at his attention to detail. Not only did he review everything but also put a binder together for my clients information. I will be using him again.

Angelica Lucas

Rich was great! Very flexible on his appointments and very friendly.