Why choose Summit Home Inspection? 

Summit Home Inspection, LLC proudly serves the S. New Hampshire region and is dedicated to helping our clients make the best decision possible during their home buying process. Purchasing a new house can be very stressful and sometimes even overwhelming. This is where we excel. We not only perform comprehensive home inspections with thorough reports, we also educate the clients about their new home. Taking the time to walk through the home with the client to explain each system and answer questions along the way. 

In addition to performing comprehensive home inspections, we utilize sUAS (quadcopter-drones) for any unsafe or steep roof systems, FLIR thermal imaging when moisture is detected or present and continuous radon monitors (CRM) to obtain immediate results for the client when a Radon Air Test is requested. These all help aid the buyer with making a sound decision. Having as much knowledge about the condition of the home will also lessen the stress associated with the purchase. 

Call today or schedule online 24/7 to see why Summit Home Inspection, LLC is your trusted S. New Hampshire Home Inspection Company!