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Custom newsletters for clients and agents

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Send a custom email newsletter every month to either your clients OR agents.

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Email Marketing

Getting a new customer costs 6 times the amount versus keeping an existing one. That means part of your marketing budget should be allocated to agent retention.

Allow our marketing team to create a custom monthly newsletters for you to stay top-of-mind with agents. We'll share content specific to your area and send it out to your agent list using MailChimp! We'll even set up your MailChimp account for you if you don't have one yet and sync it with Spectora's contacts.

By using email marketing you can:

  • Stay top-of-mind with local real estate agents
  • Send agents articles that they can share with clients
  • Announce new services or company updates
  • Offer discounts for inspection services
  • Add links to leave you reviews on Google, Yelp, etc.
  • Invite your agents to follow you on social media

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Laura Cole
Digital Marketing Specialist


  • Do I need a paid MailChimp account?

    Recently Mailchimp has required a paid account to use key features such as allowing integrations and having multiple users. Due to these changes, a paid Mailchimp account is required for our newsletter service. Prices start at $9.99/month depending how many contacts you have in your database.

  • Do I have to come up with the newsletter content?

    No, Spectora will provide the newsletter content unless you prefer to submit your own content to include.

  • Where does the content come from?

    Newsletter content will come from researched articles from reputable sources. We use our best judgment to select relevant and useful content for your target audience (agents or clients).

  • Will the content in the newsletter be included on my website?

    No, the newsletter will link to the content's original source (unless you are writing your own blogs to be included in the newsletter, then yes it will link back to your site.) If you are interested in having custom content created for your site, check out our SEO plans.

  • Where do the email lists come from?

    All email lists will be provided by the inspector. This service is solely to create and send newsletters, not building email lists. Our Mailchimp integration allows us to sync the contacts directly from your Spectora account.

    If you acquire a list of prospective agents that did not directly opt-in to receive your emails, there is a risk of your account getting flagged for spam. We don't recommend sending unsolicited emails because of this, however we do have a validation process for these types of lists but we cannot guarantee it won't still trigger spam filters. Please review Mailchimp's anti-spam requirements and details about Mailchimp's spam filter.

  • Do I have to be on an SEO plan to do this?

    No, but if you do we can share that unique content on your website for even better SEO results!

  • Do you write blog posts that are shared in these newsletters?

    No, that is part of our SEO plans.

  • Will emailing monthly annoy agents?

    We are of the belief that a quality newsletter will do more good than harm. If they don't open it, then it most likely won't hit their primary inbox anyway.

  • What happens after I sign up?

    One of our Marketing Specialists will be in touch within two business days for a kick-off conversation!