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/ day
  • - 1 Conversion Tracking Set Up (Form submission)
  • - Up to 50 keywords
  • - Up to 3 ad groups
  • - Up to 15 ads (5 per ad group)


/ day
  • - 3 Conversions Tracking Set Up (Form submission, call tracking, and custom)
  • - Up to 200 keywords
  • - Up to 10 ad groups
  • - Up to 100 ads (10 per ad group)
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* = Based on existing data of our current & past clients. Your results may vary.

Management Fees

For each plan, the management fee will be equal to your ad spend. (For example, if you choose to spend $300/month on ads with Google our management fee is another $300/month.)

On-going management includes:

  • - Constant improvement of ad performance
  • - Removing unwanted keywords
  • - Removing poor performing ads
  • - Adding new landing page for A/B testing
  • - Testing different background color, image, wording, and calls to action
  • - Testing different landing pages
  • - Optimizing campaign for maximum conversions
  • - Optimizing campaign for maximum click thru rate

One Time Setup Fee of $150 includes:

  • Custom landing page

    When someone clicks your ad, they are taken to a specific web page whose sole purpose is to capture leads. This is much more effective than just sending traffic to the home page of your website. Our custom landing pages are designed to look good, load fast, and make the user want to submit their contact information to book a home inspection.

  • Keyword research

    Ideal keywords may vary depending on location, specific services offered by the inspector, and other factors. We can look up the search volume of commonly searched keywords related to home inspection in your location to determine which keywords to add to your campaign.

  • Competitor research

    Determining the amount of competition is an important step in setting up a campaign. This information helps determine bidding and overall campaign strategy.

  • Google Analytics setup and integration

    Google Analytics is necessary in order to track the success of your campaign. Your Google Analytics account needs to be linked to your Google Ads account for maximum tracking capabilities.

  • Google Search Console setup and integration

    Google Search Console offers more in-depth search data information. By connecting your organic and paid search data, we are able to draw valuable insights to help improve the effectiveness of your campaign.

  • Conversion tracking setup

    Each time a user does something that we want them to do (call you from your ad, fill out a form on your landing page, etc.) is a conversion. This is a direct measure of your campaign's effectiveness and needs to be tracked. Different types of conversions require different ways to set up tracking. Tracking direct calls from ad extensions are set up through Google Ads, tracking form submissions are set up through Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager is needed for custom tracking including calls from your landing page.

  • Bidding strategy

    Bidding strategy is determined based on cost per click and competitive metrics. Poorly set up bidding strategies result in higher cost per click, or less clicks overall - if you set your bids too low your ads may not show up at all. It's important to find a good middle ground to set your bids for peak performance, and this requires ongoing efforts.

  • Keyword strategy

    Google allows you to add custom parameters to keywords such as broad match, phrase match, exact match, modified broad match. Dynamic keywords are an advanced feature that allows your ad to display exactly what the user types in the search bar. Negative keywords are important to add in your campaign also so that you aren't showing up for similar yet irrelevant searches (ex. home inspector training, home inspection software)

  • Ad group strategy

    Your campaign will have separate ad groups that assign specific ads to a group of keywords. This is important because if you want to run ads targeting both radon inspections and mold inspections, if someone types in "radon inspections" you want your radon inspection ad to show up, not your mold inspection ad. Depending on your needs, ad groups will be based on different locations, types of service, or other variables that will help your campaign be more successful.

  • Ad set up

    We will create your ads based on our keyword research and competitive research. Ads will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to optimize performance. Poorly performing ads will be removed and high performing ads will be duplicated and further customized as part of our campaign management services.

Cost Effective Marketing. Immediate Results.

We love helping our home inspectors grow their business and become more successful! We know it can be tough to get consistent business and we're here to help.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an effective long term strategy for client-direct inspections and getting new agents. If you're looking for a short term solution, one of the most effective ways to market your business is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising (i.e. Google Ads).

See how one inspector booked 3 inspections for under $200 directly from a Google Ad campaign.

We know how to set up a successful Google Ads campaign to get you more business right away. We will work with you to set a realistic budget and get the most bang for your buck.

Reach out to me if you're interested in getting started!


Laura Cole
PPC & Digital Marketing Specialist

Our PPC programs require that you have a modern website. Non-CMS sites limit our ability to optimize the site and update content. We reserve the right to not work with any sites we didn't build. Need a new website?