Our spreadsheet importer makes it easy to build a custom template from a spreadsheet in Spectora.  Here’s how to use it.


Download a spreadsheet

Grab one of our starter spreadsheets, which have the columns laid out for you:

InterNACHI base template

ASHI base template

Blank base template


Fill out the spreadsheet

Get your data in there!  A few important things to keep in mind:

  • The first two columns, Section Name and Item Name, must match exactly to be considered the same thing. We recommend copy-pasting text to ensure there’s no errors.  These columns cannot be blank or the row will be ignored.
  • Enter “Name” and “Text” for each comment.  The name cannot be blank, though the text can be (such as for multiple-choice comments.)
  • For the “Defect” column, put any value in the field for the comment to be a deficiency.  Leave blank for Informational comments.
  • For the “Safety Hazard” column, which applies only to defects, put any value in the field to have it checked.  Leave blank for unchecked.
  • To make the comment a multiple-choice (ie checkboxes), add comma-separated values to the “Multiple Choice Options” field, like “Concrete, Steel, Asphalt”.  Leave blank for comments where this does not apply.
  • To make the comment a numeric input, add comma-separated values to the “Unit Type Options” field, like “Fahrenheit, Celsius”.  Leave blank for comments where this does not apply.
  • For recommendations, choose from this list:

    appliance, cabinet, carpenter, chimney, clean, concrete, countertop, deck, door, driveway, drywall, electrician, fireplace, flooring, foundation, garage, gc, grading, handyman, hvac, insulation, landscape, lawn, mason, mold, monitor, paint, pest, plumber, roof, siding, structural, stucco, pool, tile, trees, utility, well, window, pro, diy

Spectora template imports


Upload the spreadsheet

In the Template Editor, click “+New” and select “Import From Spreadsheet”.

Choose your file and let it run!  Once you see this screen you can safely navigate away and come back later:

Data importing

Once it is done, you’ll see a fully-populated template ready for your customization.


Additional Features

Our spreadsheet importing process isn’t perfect – you’ll have to gradually update your recommendations from our dropdown selector as you use the comments.  Here’s how:

In the mobile app, tap “Save as Template Default” when you make changes:

Save as Default

This will update the text and default recommendation to the new value.

You can also add several more options in our Template Editor.  Hover over a section name and click the pencil icon:


Here you can update:

  • Whether the section is optional or included in every report
  • The section icon
  • The Standards of Practice
  • Reminders to yourself to view in our mobile app on-site


In the Template Editor, you can also select default values, resort your comments, and add default photos:

Customizing your template


Streamline your template

We’re confident that once you get used to the “Spectora way” you’ll be saving a ton of time per inspection.  Our experienced inspectors average about 1 hour per 1,000 sq.ft. to complete a report on-site.

Here are some general tips to get you there:

  • Use the “Location” field instead of making sections for various rooms.  For example, instead of a “Walls” item in “Bedroom”, “Living Room”, and “Bathroom” sections, make an “Interior” section with a “Walls” item.  Any defect you note can be tagged with a location, like “Bedroom 1”.  Photos can be as well.  No need to maintain repeat template data!
  • Clean up comment titles/text to be concise, easy-to-understand and user-friendly.  You’ll have an easier time finding comments and your agents and clients will have an easier time reading the report.
  • Use less text and more photos in your report.  Our report layout is setup to emphasize photos/videos as that is what the modern audience prefers.  You’ll open yourself up to less liability too, as text can be interpreted differently while photos are irrefutable.


We’ll constantly work to improve our template importing process.  If you find yourself doing a task that can be automated, let us know.  Your feedback is appreciated!