Repair Request List for 1234 Main St.

1234 Main St.
06/07/2019 1:08 am

The following issues were identified during the Home Inspection performed by TAYLORED INSPECTION. This document details the requested credits to the transaction.

$1500 credit requested
Professional installation of galvanized gutters and downspouts.
2.2.2 - Roof: Roof Drainage Systems
Gutters Missing

There are no gutters present on the structure.  Gutters are recommended because they collect rain water from the roof and direct it away form the building.

Contact a qualified professional.


$1800 credit requested
Regrade patio so water drains away from building.
3.3.1 - Exterior: Walkways, Patios & Driveways
Ponding on Walkway
Safety Hazard

Ponding (puddle formation) was observed in front of the main entrance. Accumulated water that freezes could pose a safety hazard.

Contact a qualified professional.


$250 credit requested
3.4.1 - Exterior: Decks, Balconies, Porches & Steps
Stairs - Deteriorated

One sections of the exterior stairs is deteriorated. Second stair from the bottom. Recommend qualified contractor evaluate & repair.


$150 credit requested
Repair requested.
8.4.4 - Electrical: Lighting Fixtures, Switches & Receptacles
Reverse Polarity

One or more receptacles have been wired with reverse polarity. This can create a shock hazard. Recommend licensed electrician evaluate & repair.

First Floor North and South Bathroom

First Floor North Bathroom
First Floor South Bathroom Top right outlet slot is blocked by a piece of an outlet protector that broke off inside. GFCI Test/Reset button broken.

$700 credit requested
Professional relocation of electrical receptacle.
8.4.5 - Electrical: Lighting Fixtures, Switches & Receptacles
Unsafe Receptacle Location
Safety Hazard

In the first floor kitchen, under the sink is an outlet that is at the level of the cabinet floor. Water leaking from the sink could pour into the receptacle creating a potentially dangerous situation.


First Floor Kitchen, Under the Sink

Contact a qualified electrical contractor.


$250 credit requested
Replacement requested.
11.2.3 - Doors, Windows & Interior: Windows
Missing Screen

Multiple windows are missing screens. Recommend replacement.

Total credit requested