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Actionable level

This report includes test results from a radon-testing device that records the levels of radon gas in an air sample. The actual radon levels in the home may vary depending on many factors including, time, temperature, season, barometric pressure, ventilation, and other factors.

Homes tested using the EPAs protocol should not be mitigated on the basis of a single short term test as used for real estate transactions under EPA protocols. A follow-up test is necessary for mitigation decision making regardless of the initial test result.

Consulting with a professional radon mitigation specialist is your best option for retesting if there is a concern for mitigation to reducing the level of radon in the home.

EPA recommends that you should fix your home if the radon level is equal to or greater than 4 pCi/L (the Action Level) and consider fixing your home it the radon level is equal to or greater than 2 pCi/L.

Homes should be checked every few years to make sure homes are lower than the 4pCi/L level set by the EPA, whether or not you have a mitigation system.

More information can be found at the EPA's website.

1 - Details

Test Commenced
Exposure Time
2 days
Measurement Device
Two Charcoal Canisters
Monitor Location
Purpose of Test
Real Estate Transaction

2 - Radon Test Results

2.1 Report X X
Report: Test Result Canister 1
14.87 pCi/l
Report: Test Result Canister 2
14.98 pCi/l
  • IN = Inspected
  • NI = Not Inspected
  • NP = Not Present
  • O = Observations
2.1.1 - Report

Average pCi/l was over the Actionable Limit

14.93 pCi/l

The Radon gas level was found to be over 4.0 pCi/l, the level commonly agreed to be the action point.

You are now recommended to begin consultation with a radon mitigation specialist to install a suitable radon remediation system.

Contractor Radon Mitigation Specialist