About Us

A note from the founders

Hi, we're Michael and Kevin, the founders and owners of Spectora. Since 2015 we've been talking to home inspectors, getting to know the industry, and working hard to build the Spectora platform. We are excited to offer a great product combined with responsive service.

We believe that home inspection reports should be visually appealing, understandable, and full of useful information. We do research with focus groups to optimize the final report for agent and client satisfaction, the main driver of your business. We believe the home inspection process should be the modern web experience, fully integrated with the latest in technology.

We believe your software should be powerful AND easy-to-use, helping you do your job faster. We value a clean interface over packing in features that very few people use. We want to streamline your workflow so you can improve your bottom line, even if it means foregoing some customizing details.

We value innovation and rapid progress - we frequently put out new features and rely on your feedback to improve them. We believe in utilizing the latest technologies to push the industry forward. We want our software and services to feel like a "steal" for you, providing a return-on-investment you'll brag about to your friends and colleagues.

If your values line up with ours, give us a try. It's free, no credit card required. We're here to build lifelong relationships with our customers so don't be surprised if you get a call from us after you've played around with the software a bit. We'll even check in from time to time to see how we can do better.

We'd love the opportunity to show you what we can do.

Michael Wagstaff
Michael Wagstaff, Founder
Kevin Wagstaff
Kevin Wagstaff, Founder

Founders / Owners

Kevin1 Kevin2

Kevin Wagstaff

Digital Marketing Specialist | Content Producer

Prior to founding Spectora, I worked as an SEO Specialist on the Search Engine Optimization Team at HomeAdvisor, where I did content creation, link building, on-page optimization, competitive research, partnership building, and rank tracking.

I have also been a Realtor for several years. After talking to dozens of home inspectors during real estate transactions, I learned many of the pain points inspectors had with software, marketing, and business growth. My brother and I started building a platform to solve these problems.

Mike4 Mike2

Michael Wagstaff

Product Manager | Software Engineer

Before founding Spectora, I spent 12 years building web and mobile applications with my consulting company Denver Digital Media. I've worked with businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 100 companies.

I am an outlier in the world of tech, being both an engineer and a designer. I believe functionality and design are inseparable in good software. We're building Spectora to be full of powerful features while maintaining an ease-of-use and approachability that makes it your go-to home inspection software!

Our Team

Tyler1 Tyler4

Tyler Lesmann

Software Engineer

Sarah Matteson

Web Designer
Laura3 Laura2

Laura Cole

Digital Marketing Specialist

Alexis1 Alexis2

Alexis Nicholls

Account Manager / Biz Dev Associate / Web Designer / Customer Success Specialist
Alejandro3 Alejandro1

Alejandro Vazquez

Software Engineer
Lorna1 Lorna2

Lorna Salerno

Digital Marketing Associate

Brooke1 Brooke2

Brooke Dowell

Digital Marketing Associate
Dave1 Dave3

Dave Pitassi

Customer Success Specialist / Trainer

Katie Walls

Customer Success Specialist


Megan Lefebvre

Customer Success Specialist
Soren1 Soren2

Soren Potato

Chief Nap Officer