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Spectora Advanced

Powerful business tools for growing inspection companies.

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Grow your business faster.

Schedule more efficiently, upsell automatically, automate communication, and much more.

Spectora Advanced is the solution for both multi-inspector firms and solo inspectors who offer multiple ancillary services. 

Advanced is an optional add-on to our base software and costs $3.00 per published inspection. You get to choose whichever features you want to use.

We offer free one-month trials to test out the Advanced toolset. Use all the inspections you want with no limits or feature restrictions.

Increase Revenue with Automated Upsells

Intelligently upsell your ancillary services through Actions, our rule-based email and text system that immediately gives you a return on investment.


Automation on steroids.

Actions allows you to create unlimited and highly customizable automated emails, texts, and webhook calls based on custom rules. The possibilities are endless, including:


If a client didn't book an add-on service, you can automatically send them an email or text message. Our customers add an average of $76 of revenue per inspection with upsells!

Contractor Notices

Automatically send 3rd-party contractors an email or text when you need them. For example, everytime a sewer scope is added your sewer guy gets notified.

Internal Notifications

Let your inspectors know when they get assigned a new inspection so they don't need to keep checking their calendar.

Service-Specific Automation

Different services can have different automated emails and text messages. For example, on a "New Construction Inspection" you can add an 11-month follow-up reminder to schedule a re-inspection.

Smart Reminders

Set custom rules for certain emails and texts. For example, only send a reminder text if the client hasn't signed your contract or paid you yet the day before an inspection.

Report Writer

Categorize your contacts.

Actions can be customized even further by adding customizable tags to clients and agents. For example:

Repeat Agents

Agents you frequently work with can get a different set of email & text message reminders than the agent working with you for the first time.



Investors often have different needs than a family buying their next home. Give them a different set of automated actions.


First-Time Home Buyers

Know it's a client's first rodeo? Give them extra love with an email sequence offering more education and knowledge.

Get your team paid.

Create rules to determine what you pay your inspectors, whether flat rate, percentage, or percentage-after-deduction. We'll do the math and give you easy reports every pay period.

By Service

If you have different pay splits for each service we have you covered - just decide what each service pays to the inspector.

By Inspector

Additionally, you can add overrides for each inspector, allowing you to give raises to your loyal inspectors over time.

Payroll Reports

Payroll is now easy - select the dates and see a full report of pay splits, including which inspection they came from, the payment method, and how the split was calculated.


When you're doing more than just home inspections.

Link a separate calendar event directly to an inspection, allowing you quick access from the web and mobile app. See all an inspection's associated events in the Inspection Details and assign pay splits for certain events. This can be used for:

Radon Drop-off / Pick-up

Know when you need to drop off and pick up your equipment. Assign the event to a different inspector than is doing the main inspection.

Water Tests

Pick up and drop off water samples.

The right inspector. Every time.

As you add more inspectors and more services, not every inspector can perform every service. Spectora Advanced allows you to specify which inspectors can perform which services, keeping scheduling efficient.

Online Scheduler Accuracy

The Online Scheduler will intelligently assign inspectors that can perform the primary service being requested or, optionally, all services being requested.


Office Staff Warnings

When your office staff or call center is trying to schedule an inspector that cannot perform the requested services, your team will see warnings to prevent bad assignments.

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Minimize drive times.

As your team grows, you must optimize efficiency by having certain inspectors operate in certain geographic areas. Service Areas allows you to draw boundaries for each inspector on a map, allowing your Online Scheduler to assign the right inspector every time.

Maximize efficiency

The Online Scheduler will intelligently offer only inspectors that work in the service area. If you auto-select inspectors, the closest inspector in that service area will be chosen to minimize drive times.


Alert Office Staff

When your office staff or call center is trying to schedule an inspector outside his service area, your team will see warnings to prevent bad assignments.

Make better decisions.

Advanced data visualization and reporting to help you make business decisions based on real data.


Business Intelligence

Create custom dashboards showing you the data you need to make intelligent business decisions. You can create graphs and charts for any data you want, such as "Revenue By Inspector", "Inspections By Zipcode", "Top Agencies for the Past Year", "Revenue By Service", or anything else you can think of!

Prebuilt charts/graphs

We have created dozens of the most common charts, graphs, and displays to help you quickly set up your dashboard.

Spreadsheet Exports

Any data can be exported into a CSV spreadsheet easily.



What Customers Are Saying

Inspection companies from the one-man-shop all the way up to the largest companies in the industry are trusting Spectora Advanced.

"Do I want to add a team member to do all these functions? In the end the Advanced platform is much more affordable."
Brit Coffman, Owner



Contact Tagging

Pay Splits

Inspection Events

Service Limitations

Services Areas

Custom Metrics


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Get a personalized demo.

We offer free one-month trials to test out the tools - use all the inspections you want, with no limits or feature restrictions. You can test the new Actions side-by-side with your current automated emails (only using on mock inspections, for example, or per-inspection.)

Want to learn more first? Set up a demo of Advanced tools with our team!