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Join the Spectora HQ, a community built to bring together home inspectors just like you, and: 

  Connect with your peers and with industry leaders
  Become a Spectora expert with Spectora Academy
  Learn and grow with the Spectora Growth Hub
...and so much more!

Spectora HQ is the place for you if you're ready to:

✅ End the Scroll: Say goodbye to endless scrolling through distracting content on other forums, like Facebook.
✅  Streamline Learning: Stop hopping from one resource to another. Everything you need is right in the HQ. 
✅  Learn from Peers: Gain insights from experienced inspectors, who have done it all before!
✅  Master Spectora: Complete courses specifically designed to help you learn and master our software.
✅  Fast-Track Your Growth: Whether you're new to the industry or growing your business, the HQ has resources.
Mentorship and community

It is was a lonely industry. Not anymore.

Starting an inspection business isn’t always clear. With Spectora HQ, you don't have to figure it out alone.  

Launching your business requires a myriad of skills and strategies, often find yourself wondering: 
  • Where do I start?
  • Who can help me?
  • How do I use the software?
  • Where can I grow professionally?
Good News: You don't have to answer these questions by yourself. Whether you're using Spectora resources or getting advice from your peers, Spectora HQ is your customizable roadmap to navigating this industry.

Become an expert, in Spectora and so much more.

With the Spectora Academy and Growth Hub:

  • Become a Spectora expert (or train your team) by completing the Spectora Academy lessons.  
  • Explore the Growth Hub for lessons on marketing, agent relationships, business growth, and more. 
  • Access replays from every single Spectora webinar, on demand.
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"I think the Spectora HQ (Headquarters) is really going to help connect home inspectors to each other in a way other social media platforms can’t. There aren’t any missed posts or messages, posts don’t need to go through an approval process, and there’s lots of “spaces” for different topics to keep things organized.

A good amount of the Spectora staff are available to see and answer questions that may not be something you’d want to post on the bubble.

If you’re a Spectora fan (and in my opinion, Spectora inspectors are the best inspectors), then there’s lots of extra info to dig deep into the Spectora world with their Academy and Growth Hub.

Andrew Harshman
Lead Inspector | Dwellinspect Arizona

Andrew Harshman (1)

Take a Look Inside the Community

How to Log In with Spectora

Having trouble logging in to Spectora HQ? The video below will walk you through getting started step-by-step.