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The Journey to Happiness for Spectora Clients

See how inspectors like you partner with Spectora to save time, make more money and deliver a industry-leading report.

Spectora reviews and testimonials


Precise Inspecting

Hear why this inspector chose Spectora after comparing all the alternatives.

"I ended up going with Spectora primarily because of its value. It's professional in its look, innovative in its approach, has great technical support, and has an app that works really well in the field... I am amazed at how well they integrate all aspects of a home inspector's business in the software."


Alpine Building Performance

Hear how a new inspector gets more business by using Spectora.


"Spectora has been a total game-changer for my business and for the experience of the clients and agents I work with."


Metro Property Inspection

A 15-year industry veteran switches his multi-inspector company to Spectora.

"All of our inspectors have gained up to one hour per inspection back into their schedules."


Donofrio & Associates Building Inspections

See what a 15-inspector company has to say after switching to Spectora.

"It saved my inspectors 30 minutes to an hour on every inspection! I can't speak more about how great Kevin and Mike are to work with and their company is to work with."


Sentry Inspecting

Learn how a brand new inspector did 400 inspections in his first year with Spectora.

"The report that Spectora generates is unlike anything else. What I've been able to accomplish, in large part, is due to having Spectora."


PacWest Home Inspections

Hear from a multi-inspector company owner who found everything he needed in one platform:

"Every dollar I have spent with these guys has been made up ten-fold... Whether it's the software, the website, the SEO... The money is well spent."


Use the highest-rated home inspection software in the industry.


An excellent piece of software. Spectora has a fast, easy to use interface and produces beautiful reports. Clients and agents love them. Excellent customer support, I would recommend this to anyone.

Matt Nemeth
ProEdge Inspection


A gamechanger. Awesome report and support. Worth every penny and then some. Easy to do onsite, automation, videos, etc. etc. In a league of its own. You, you're clients, & agents won't be disappointed.

Josh Frederick
ASPEC Residential Services, LLC


Absolutely the best in home inspection software. I think I've reduced my reporting time by 1 hour and I put out a better looking report. The support is the best in the industry. After using several of the other softwares I've found the one I want to stick with. AND it has back office support!

Chad Schultz
Slab To Slate Home Inspections, LLC


Amazing report software! Ease of use, faster report times, clients and realtors both have expressed love of the report outlay and usage, awesome technical response and I love that it has the capability of being checklist AND narrative as needed.

Jennifer Yarbrough
Next Jen Inspections LLC


A great software AND business management tool:
Its ease of use, its constant progression, the presentation to the clients, the accessibility of the developers, the Spectora community all make this software an exciting thing to be a part of. I would have given it a 6 star review for 'value for money' if I could.

Wayne Thurber
Kirwynd Property Inspections


Amazing Customer Service. Easy to use, super clean design, fast, no issues so far. Very customizable and the customer service and response time is top notch! It saves me 3-4 hours per home inspection which puts tons of money in my pocket
The guys are always sending out updates, like once a week, adding new features and fixing any bugs there might be. Plus they listen to feedback and act on it. Awesome customer service.

Zac Knoblauch
Rigid Inspections


Amazing, talented and professional web design team made the entire process easy and fun. I love how easy it is to customize the software and navigate your way through the dashboard. The design team did an amazing job on my site and made the entier process very easy and fun. Having both my software and web site through Spectora made the integration between the web site and the software smooth. I feel like being a newer company allows them to have the latest in software and offer the latest trends. I have found everyone there to be helpful courteous and professional.

Erik Robinson
Exclusive Home Evaluations & Inspections


As a home inspector, I have been in search of a clean, comprehensive, and user friendly home inspection software. I have been consistently disappointed and frustrated at the options that were on the market prior to Spectora. Upon finding Spectora, I was relieved and excited to have found my new platform for home inspection reports. The user interface is easy to navigate, and produces a clean and quality report for the client.

Spectora instantly improved my business and has allowed me to spend more time growing my business and less time dealing with scheduling, reports and follow up. I would highly recommend Spectora for any home inspector.

Andrew Sams
Alpine Building Performance


Best choice for launching a home inspection business. When I went looking for a software program to launch my home inspection business there were a lot of options to choose from. After reviewing the field I narrowed my search to four, two older and two newer. At first it was difficult to determine which program was going to work for me. Did I want price, ease of use or a quality product to weight my final decision?

It wasn't until I began to actually work with each program that I quickly came to realize Spectora was going to fulfill each of those categories superbly. As a new inspector, I have found the learning curve has to be surprisingly short. The program is intuitive, the finished product is polished and the support is incredibly personal.

Perhaps what I like most is knowing that I am part of something that is being built from the ground up with inspectors in mind. New features are added with direct input from users and the online forum that is very supportive. This program is not hype, it's solid performance, with lots more to come.

Bill Haughery
Precise Inspecting

KC Bartley - Spectora Testimonial

Spectora is the absolute best report writing software I have used. I have used software from three competing companies, two of them being the most "common" in the industry, and in my opinion nothing comes close to putting out a cleaner, easier to read report.

I am a perfectionist when it comes to my "finished product" (being the report), and Spectora has allowed me to up my game and provide a little "Wow" factor. Realtors look over hundreds of reports, setting yourself apart with a clean, easy to read, and technologically advanced report...will grow your business, if you're taking care of other facets of your business.

On top of that you have the developers & customer support, who are there for you immediately if you need any assistance or have suggestions. You can tell they are passionate about what they do, so the future of this software is only going to get better with more feature.

KC Bartley
Professional Home Inspections


13 Years I have been inspecting houses. I inspect over 300 a year and have seen inspectors and software come and go. I used a software for 11 1/2 years that I thought was excellent and had no reason to change. That being said, I am constantly looking for ways to improve my reports and my overall experience to my clients and realtors.

I came across Spectora in February of 2017 on google search of home inspection software. I was very intrigued in this fledgling company and long story short, decided to make a change. It has been nothing short of spectacular. The reports are the best looking in the industry, and for an inspector in the field it has knocked time off my inspections. The automation that comes along with the report is a great bonus and has saved us tons of time both pre and post inspections. If you are reading this and are on the fence or looking for a software that will take your inspection process to the next level, then you would be wise to take advantage of this and be on the cutting edge of the next generation of software. The customer service is top notch and the new integrations and iterations are always being implemented. I would give this software and this company 5 stars in any review.

Take it from someone who has been in the business a long time. This is what you want.

Steve Coats
SDC Home Inspections


Awesome experience using this home inspection software. Kevin and the team are always making meanimgful improvements. They are available to help use the app and software as you adjust. Can't say enough about these guys. You get what you pay for...

The software is amazing constant proactive updates & responsive updates outstanding customer service. Constant updates to improve the software both proactively and in response to users requests. A clear and professional report that realtors and customers love. I feel once I have finished all of my customizations and have been inspecting longer I will be able to leave the home with 90% of the report completed and have only to review and add some details.

Amazing home inspection report software that makes my job in reporting the condition of a home to the buyer easy. It provides a very clear presentation to the customer and realtor with realtor friendly recommendations interface. It also provides easy online payment interface that I use seamlessly with my financial institution. Customers and realtors are extremely happy with the resulting report.

The Spectora staff is very responsive to all suggestions users have and they are constantly (almost daily) improving the software.

Mark Melton
Huron Inspections, LLC

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Spectora offers state-of-the-art home inspection software and resources to help new inspectors get their business off the ground. Not only do we offer tools to help grow your business and learn the software, but we also offer tips on best practices because when you win, we win.