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Spectora Academy: Module 1

Spectora Academy

Module 1: Getting Started

Welcome to Module 1 of Spectora Academy. We'll jump right in and get started. In our first module, we cover:

  • Scheduling a Mock Inspection
  • Mobile App & Web Editor Quick Start

After watching these videos, you should feel confident to perform a mock inspection on your home, and we encourage you to do so before moving onto Module 2.

Juan 3

Scheduling a Mock Inspection

By the end of this video, you should feel ready to schedule a mock inspection of your house (but watch our next video on the mobile app and web editor before you start inspecting. 

📹 Watch time: 5 minutes

Mobile App & Web Editor

Now that you have scheduled a mock inspection, it's time to get to the fun part: inspecting! In this video, we'll cover how to start an inspection on the mobile app, report writing basics on the mobile app, and how you can make edits on the web editor. 

📹 Watch time: 14 minutes