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Spectora Academy: Module 3

Spectora Academy

Module 3: Spectora Settings

Welcome to Module 3 of Spectora Academy. By the end of this module, you should feel confident in your Spectora profile, and ready for clients to book through your online scheduler. We'll cover:

  • User Settings
  • Setting Up Your Profile
  • Services & Fees
  • Availability
  • Inspection Agreements
  • Spectora Payments
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User Settings

In this video, we'll walk through your user settings page and give a brief overview of admin tools, including partnerships, emails, text messaging, company settings, and more. By the end of this video, you should feel confident in what each category on the settings page means, and what admin tools are used for. 

📹 Watch time: 9 minutes


Setting Up Your Profile

Now that we've covered your settings, let's walk through setting up your profile. You'll want to complete this step before booking any inspection through Spectora, because both agents and clients will see your Spectora profile. 

📹 Watch time: 4 minutes


Services & Fees

Before booking a real inspection, you'll have to set up your services and fees. In this video, we'll walk you through setting up services and fees, and cover setting up pricing modifiers, what to do if you have multiple primary services, upsells, and partnerships. 

📹 Watch time: 8 minutes



In this video, we'll walk you through setting up your availability settings within Spectora, including your internal scheduler, your online scheduler, open scheduler versus time slots, and how to set time off in your Spectora calendar. 

📹 Watch time: 4 minutes


Inspection Agreements

In this video, we'll walk you through setting up your inspection agreements (our stock agreement is from InterNACHI, but you can edit and/or replace the stock inspection agreement with your own). 

📹 Watch time: 4 minutes


Spectora Payments

Finally, we'll walk you through setting up your Spectora payments. In this video, we cover credit card payments, bank transfer payments with ACH, taking manual payments, and how to customize your payment instructions.  

📹 Watch time: 3 minutes