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Spectora Academy: Module 5

Spectora Academy

Module 5: Revenue and Reviews

Welcome to the fifth and final module of Spectora Academy. Now that you've learned most of the platform, we'll cover how to get reviews and how to market/allow clients to book ancillary services within Spectora. 

We'll cover:

  • Client Portal Upsells
  • Client Portal Reviews

Client Portal Reviews

Reviews are incredibly important. In this quick video, we'll guide you through setting up external reviews (Google, or a platform of your choice) in the Client Portal. 

📹 Watch time: 2 minutes

Client Portal Upsells

We make upselling easy -- in this video, we'll show you how to include your ancillary services and add-ons in your Client Portal so every client will see them automatically if they don't initially purchase your ancillary services. 

📹 Watch time: 2 minutes