Spectora Advanced

Powerful business tools for the growing home inspection company

Spectora Advanced is an upcoming suite of business tools to help growing home inspection companies improve efficiency and automate complex processes.

Currently in-development and in the beta phase, these tools are ideal for companies with multiple inspectors, multiple services, and complex automation needs.

These tools will likely be included in an add-on product or additional pricing tier once they pass the beta phase. We hope to discuss possible pricing structures with our beta users soon.

Learn more about each feature below:

Custom Automation

Spectora Advanced's new automation system, Actions, allows you to create unlimited and highly customizable automated emails, texts, and webhook calls based on any triggering event and various rules. Possibilities include:

Conditional Reminders

In addition to the standard reminders, you can send a reminder to unpaid inspections the day prior to increase your rate of prepayment.


If a residential inspection doesn't have a radon add-on when booked, you can send a text message asking if they'd like one, perhaps including some stats on why it's a good idea.

Contractor Notices

If you utilize 3rd-party contractors for certain services, you can automatically send them an email or text when that service is scheduled. For example, your sewer scope contractor gets notified everytime a sewer scope service is added to an inspection.

Service-Specific Actions

Different services can have different automated actions. For example, on a "New Construction Inspection" you can add an 11-month follow-up for a reinspection.

Contact Tagging

Your automated Actions can be customized even further by adding customizable tags to clients and agents. For example:

Repeat Agents

Agents you frequently work with can get a different set of email & text message reminders than the agent working with you for the first time.


Investors often have different needs than a family buying their next home. Give them a different set of automated actions.

Linked Events

Link a calendar event directly to an inspection, allowing you quick access from the web and mobile app. See all an inspection's associated events in the Inspection Details. This can be used for:

Radon Drop-off / Pick-up

Know when you need to drop off and pick up your equipment.

Water Tests

Pick up and drop off water samples.

Service Limitations

As you add more inspectors and more services, not every inspector can perform every service. Spectora Advanced allows you to specify which inspectors can perform which services.

Online Scheduler Accuracy

The Online Scheduler will intelligently assign inspectors that can perform the primary service being requested.

Office Staff Warnings

When your office staff or call center is trying to schedule an inspector that cannot perform the necessary services, your team will see warnings to prevent bad assignments.

Service Areas

As your team grows, you may wish to optimize efficiency by having certain inspectors operate in certain geographic areas. Spectora Advanced allows you to draw boundaries on a map for each inspector, allowing your Online Scheduler to assign the right inspector every time.

Online Scheduler Accuracy

The Online Scheduler will intelligently offer only inspectors that work in the service area. If you auto-select inspectors, the closest inspector in that service area will be chosen.

Office Staff Warnings

When your office staff or call center is trying to schedule an inspector outside his service area, your team will see warnings to prevent bad assignments.

Pay Splits

However you choose to pay your inspectors, whether flat rate, percentage, or percentage-after-deduction, we have tools to make payroll easy.

By Service

If you have different pay splits for each service we have you covered - just decide what each service pays to the inspector.

By Inspector

Additionally, you can add overrides for each inspector, allowing you to give raises to your loyal inspectors over time.

Custom Metrics

Advanced data visualization and reporting.

Custom Business Intelligence

Create custom dashboards showing you the data you need to make intelligent business decisions. You can create graphs and charts for any data you want, such as "Revenue By Inspector", "Inspections By Zipcode", "Top Agencies for the Past Year", "Revenue By Service", or anything else you can think of!

Spreadsheet Exports

Any data can be exported into a CSV spreadsheet easily.


  • Who should use this product?

    Spectora Advanced is designed for companies that offer multiple services, employ multiple inspectors, and/or have complex automation needs. Most new inspectors, non-tech-savvy users, inspectors offering only a couple services, and side-job inspectors don't need these advanced tools and will find them overly complicating.

  • How much does it cost?

    Spectora Advanced is currently in an open beta. We hope to iron out the kinks and fill any gaps in functionality before going live in late Summer 2019. We will be discussing desired pricing models with our beta testers and finalize pricing before our live release. We intend to offer more value than alternative solutions at a comparable or lesser cost.

  • Is this a replacement ISN or NXT?

    Yes. The idea is to avoid the issues that happen with integrations between different systems and allow a single point-of-contact for any issues. We've built this at the request of numerous companies asking for an alternative to ISN.

  • Why is this an add-on product?

    Millions of dollars and thousands of hours go into the development, maintenance and support of these tools. Additionally, there are metered costs with every email and text message that gets sent. To make this a worthwhile venture we need to charge an additional fee.

    Also, many of the features of Spectora Advanced will only be useful to a subset of the inspection industry. Including these features in everyone's system would be overly complicating, increasing our support costs and making our base software prohibitively expensive to new inspectors.

  • Will you continue adding new features to the base Spectora platform?

    Of course! We'll continue to improve our product offerings constantly just as we always have.