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Become a California Home Inspector

Enroll in our Six Week Guide. Get weekly goal setting, check-ins, and resources from our team to get you started in home inspecting


There's just one home inspector for every 190 homes sold in America.

Home inspection is an overlooked industry that has quietly produced six figure earners for the last decade. With nearly six million homes projected to be sold in 2022 and about 30,000 home inspectors, it's a profession that is still in demand.

Home inspection is a flexible job that pays well and prioritizes good communication over technical skills (but those will help!) Most full time home inspectors started part-time as an extra way to make money.

But Wait. . .

Don't I need a construction background?

Isn't the housing market crashing?

Can I afford to start a home inspection company?

Why Home Inspection?

Make Money

The average Spectora user makes $450 per inspection and more than $25,000 in their first year based on 60 inspections in 12 months. A study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that the 2020 median pay for full-time home inspectors throughout the country was just over$62,000 per year. Of these, the highest 10% of inspectors earned more than $97,000 per year.

Easy Entry

In California, home inspectors do not need to go through cumbersome licensing to start working. With a quality training course, modest equipment, premium software, and great marketing, you can be working within several weeks or less.

Flexible Schedule

An average home inspection take 2-3 hours and scheduling on weekends is common. New home inspectors can work part time, taking as many or as few inspections as they want.

"The California housing market is in a league of it's own."

-Forbes, March 2022

External view of a contemporary house modern villa at  sunset
  • The median price of an existing California single-family home soared 12% in March 2022 from a year earlier to a record $849,000, according to the California Realtor's Association. That’s more than twice the U.S. median of $382,000. Almost a third of all homes in the state sold for more than $1 million. 
  • 40,700 new and resale home transactions closed escrow in California during May 2022. Despite the downturn from the previous year, home sales in CA are well above pre-pandemic levels.
  • According to FirstTuesday Journal, "Relocating Baby Boomers going into retirement in the coming years will be the primary propelling force in both selling homes and buying replacements. Their Generation Y (Gen Y) children will add to the sales volume at the same time as they become first-time homebuyers.

Here's how our six week guide works

Our six week guide is broken down into focused, weekly goals.  Each week, we'll send you a list of resources.  You complete at your own pace, whether it takes you six weeks or six months:


Week 1: Enroll in Training

Week 2: Design a template, complete a practice inspection

Week 3: Start building a website, set your pricing

Week 4: Business infrastructure

Week 5: Business Assets

Week 6: Marketing and Networking

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