Modern tools.
Intuitive design.
Responsive support.


Be proud of the reports you produce. Spectora gives home inspection reports the modern web-based experience clients and agents love.

Modern design

Clean and intuitive, Spectora reports are easy to read on web or mobile devices. We built our web-based reports from the ground-up based on agent and client feedback.


Today's world is all about efficiency - research shows that buyers and agents don't read lengthy text. Spectora reports prominently display images and videos and we write our base templates as concisely as possible.

Client- and agent-focused organization

Visual focus is on the client's and agent's top priority - the deficiencies. Descriptive information is available when a client needs it down the road.

Easy navigation

Sidebar navigation and jump links let clients and agents find the information they need quickly.

Smart filters

Clients and agents can filter by high priority items, all deficiencies, or the full report. Give your clients the ease of seeing only what they need to.

Expandable text areas

Instead of large walls of text, long comments are stored in expandable text areas that keep the report clean and approachable.

Photo lightboxes

Clients can view any photo in a full-screen lightbox to examine those hard-to-see details.

Quick contact links

Your client can call or email you with one touch.

Agent tools

Agents love helpful tools like the Repair Request Builder.

PDF output

Visually appealing PDF output for those wanting the low-tech approach. We even have TREC, Texas WDI, NPMA-33 and Florida Wind Mitigation PDF outputs!

Template Editor

How fast you write reports all depends on where you start.

Prepopulated templates

Start smart with ASHI and InterNACHI templates each prepopulated with 400+ comments. Or grab a template from our Template Center, which includes dozens of templates shared by top inspectors totaling over 100,000 narratives.

Customize everything

Create multiple templates. Add, update, or remove anything. Set default text and photos that will automatically be included in reports.

Update as you go

Add to your template directly from the report writer. You'll never have to enter the same thing twice.

Template Sharing

Our platform also allows direct template sharing between inspectors. We see members of the Spectora community share templates with each other daily!

Report Writer

Time is money. Use efficient software with the fastest learning curve in the industry.

Clean interface

Minimal clutter and an open feel let you focus on what's important. Comments show and hide based on whether an item is inspected, not inspected, not present, or deficient. No more looking through hundreds of irrelevant comments.

Designed for ease-of-use

Seamless mobile app integration, drag-and-drop photo additions, built-in recommendations list, and HTML text editing make our report writing the easiest and fastest on the market.


Reorder, duplicate, rename or remove anything.

Quick photo editing

Add shapes, adjust brightness and rotation, and add captions. All while preserving the original photo.

Mobile App

Easy data input from iOS and Android devices.

Easy to use

Clean design, large tap targets, breadcrumb navigation, and an understandable workflow make the mobile app the easiest to use in the industry.


All the features from the web platform are available, such as reordering, photo editing, and updating to your template.

Never lose data

Every tap you make writes to your device's memory, so you'll never have to worry about losing data.

Offline inspections

Do the entire report offline between import and export. No searching for connections and wasting your data and battery life. Once you're back on WiFi, one touch exports your data to the cloud.

Smart data sycning

Use two inspectors on-site? Or use a tablet in the house and a phone in the crawlspace? No problem! Our seamless data syncing allows you to split up the work without losing data. The same goes for splitting your input between the mobile app and the web.

Finish up at home or publish on-site

Export your data so it's ready for the finishing touches at home, or publish reports directly from the mobile app.

Instant updates

No more waiting weeks or months for the new version. Our modern technology allows instant in-app updates, ensuring you're using the latest. Same-day bug fixes and feature additions are now a reality.


Spend your time where it matters most.

Inspection agreements

Automated inspection agreements makes sure you're protected and the client understands what to expect.

Integrated payments

Collect payment online before releasing the report, all automated with your choice of payment processors. No more clunky card readers. You'll never have to hassle a client for payment again.

Rescheduling notifications

Automatically update everyone involved when an inspection is rescheduled.

Client reminders

Customizable timed email and text reminders to your clients ensure you're on the same page. Build rapport, educate, and set expectations, all automatically.

Agent reminders

Show your agents you're organized and ready-to-go with automated email and text reminders leading up to the inspection.

Client follow-ups

Time-released email and text follow-ups to check in with your clients, ask for reviews, and increase referrals. Stay in mind and reduce reliance on agent referrals.

Agent follow-ups

Keep in touch with your agents through email and text to increase your referrals.

Customizable email templates

Keep your brand consistent with customized headers and footers.

Advanced automation logic

Need even more complex automation? With our add-on Spectora Advanced tools, you can have different emails & texts for different services, set up notifications for 3rd-party contractors, tag contacts to receive different emails, and much more!

Scheduling Tools

Grow your business by booking more inspections more efficiently.

Pricing made easy

Input your service types and add-ons, complete with pricing rules for age of home, square footage, travel distance, and more. We'll do the math for you on each inspection!

Availability on autopilot

Set up your availability so you're never booked on a day off. Whether you use time slots or open scheduling, we have you covered.

Embeddable Online Scheduler

Allow clients and agents to book inspections online in an embeddable web widget. Get bookings while you sleep, complete with your pricing rules and availability taken into account!

Call center integrations

We integrate with several industry-leading call centers, allowing you to spend more time inspecting and less time answering phones.

Intelligent scheduling

If you have multiple inspectors, we will automatically suggest or assign the nearest inspector based on their home address or morning job.

Automated upselling

With our add-on Spectora Advanced toolset, you can automatically send emails or texts to clients that don't add certain add-ons. Get more revenue per-inspection by selling your add-ons!

Linked inspection events

With our add-on Spectora Advanced toolset, you link events like radon pick-up and drop-off to an inspection, even assigning separate inspectors to the task.

Multi-inspector scheduling rules

With our add-on Spectora Advanced toolset, you can improve scheduling efficiency by setting certain inspectors to only operate in certain geographic areas or only perform certain services.

Business Tools

Streamline your workflow.


See today's inspections, drive times, a monthly calendar, reports-in-progress and your marketing tasks all in one easy-to-read dash.


View all of your inspections, past and upcoming. With icons representing agreement status, payment status, and publication status, you can quickly get an overview of where things stand.

Sample report generator

Agents love the clean layout and understandability of Spectora reports. Generate anonymized sample reports from your best inspections and use them to market yourself to new agents.

Mileage tracking

We automatically track mileage for all your inspections, allowing you to quickly know how much mileage to deduct come tax time.

Contact manager

View all of your agents and clients, sort by activity, and export email lists.

Discounted payment processing

Take online payments for only 2.75% by using our built-in payment processing. We've negotiated discounted bulk rates with the leverage of having thousands of inspectors!

Do more than $300k per year? Contact us for even better rates.

Contact tagging

With our add-on Spectora Advanced toolset, you can tag your clients and agents with labels like "VIP", "Investor", or "Frequent Agent", sending them a different set of automated emails and texts.

Pay splits

With our add-on Spectora Advanced toolset, you can make payroll easy! Set per-inspector and per-service pay split calculations to make payday calculations quick.


Connect with your favorite tools.

Google Maps and Street View

When booking an inspection you'll automatically see the Google Street View image and Maps location to help you estimate inspection cost and length. Automatically see driving directions and drive times for each day's inspection in your dashboard.


Automatically view Zillow data like square footage, rooms, year built, and listing data when booking an inspection to help determine inspection cost and length.

Google Calendar

Two-way syncing with Google Calendar helps you stay organized and let's you manage your schedule from your calendar. Reschedule inspections, cancel inspections, and add time-off/appointments in your calendar and they will show up in Spectora!

Google Drive

Get peace-of-mind with all of your reports, agreements, and invoices being backed up to your Google Drive account every day.


Sync your contacts with MailChimp for easy email marketing. No need to ever double-enter client or agent data!


Automatically send your inspection data to Quickbooks to make accounting easy.

Secure 24 / ADT

You can optionally send leads to Secure24, allowing you to make money on each inspection where a client might need an alarm system.


If you're making the transition from ISN to Spectora, we make it easy! You can still use ISN for your business tools while using Spectora for report writing using our integration. Once you're ready, we have imports for all your ISN data.

Business Metrics

Track your business and know where to focus your efforts.

Revenue tracking

Month-to-month and year-to-year charts showing you how you're performing.

Inspection stats

See how you're doing month-to-month and year-to-year in beautiful, easy-to-read charts.

Referral sources

Know where your business is coming from in an easy-to-read pie chart.

Top agents

Know who your top agents are and stay at the top of their mind.

Location mapper

See the geographic distribution of your inspections. Target untapped neighborhoods or focus your markeing on profitable ones.

Customizable charts

With our add-on Spectora Advanced toolset, you can make custom graphs and charts from any of your data metrics. Use business intelligence to make smarter decisions.


We use cutting-edge technology to ensure you're working with the best.

Cloud Infrastructure

Our cloud infrastructure is built on AWS, the same back-end that Amazon, Netflix, and Expedia use. It's reliable, scalable, and has a 99.99% up-time. With cloud-based software, you don't have to worry about your laptop crashing, your hard drive getting corrupted, or constantly needing to stay on top of updates.

Application Architecture

We build our software using the latest in tried-and-true web and mobile frameworks. We use the best coding practices, allowing us to rapidly build features and out-innovate the competition.

Data backups

Our database is replicated across multiple cloud servers and backs up daily. You'll never have to worry about data loss again.

Site security

Your sensitive account data is stored in encrypted format. All communication to and from our server uses HTTPS, an encryption format that protects your data even when using public networks. We also constantly implement the latest in web security measures to protect against attacks.

Payment security

All sensitive payment-related data is communicated from your browser directly to PCI-compliant payment processors like Authorize.net and Stripe.com. We do not store or transmit any payment data on our servers, which gives you and your clients the confidence to use Spectora for online payments.


Join with the confidence we're working hard for you.

We're always working

We make ourselves available via online chat, email, phone, Facebook groups, and forums six days a week to answer your questions and assist you when you need it. We average a 2-minute response time via our online chat Mon-Fri 7am - 6pm MT and Sat 9am-12pm MT.

Onboarding assistance

We have dozens of videos, GIFs, and articles to help you get going quickly. We also offer training via phone or video conferencing to walk you through everything you need to get started.

Custom data imports

Don't let the time you've invested into building custom templates, contact lists, and business metrics go to waste. We're happy to import your data from other sources.


Get a modern website that converts visitors to clients.


Clients and agents are checking you out online. Are you presenting a modern, professional appearance?


More than 50% of searches for local inspectors are on a mobile device. It’s also an important big ranking factor for Google. We make sure you shine on mobile.


Simple layout and clear call-to-action buttons to increase your conversion rate to get you more business.


Rest easy knowing you’re protected from viruses and spam with automatic security updates. We also back up your site regularly.


We walk you through the process, making sure you're happy every step of the way. We'll also show you how to make your own edits and changes.


Page load speed matters. We build websites that load quickly.


We give you all the tools and training you need to make changes, write blog posts, or update content if you'd like to make your own edits!

Free edits

With our managed hosting, you just send us an email for changes you'd like on your website. We will make the edits within 24 hours! No need to learn another tool - let us be your tech team.


You focus on inspections - let us be your marketing team.

SEO Content Writing

Writing fresh content is the best thing for SEO, but it is very time-consuming. Let us write content for you so you can spend your time doing more inspections.


Stay top-of-mind with your clients and agents with monthly newsletters. We'll curate content (or use your content!) to offer interesting and helpful newsletters every month.


Let us create custom marketing videos for you to show in agent presentations and on your website.