New Inspector?

Get all the tools you need to start off right with our Jumpstart Package.

Professional web design

  • Clean and modern design
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Blog-ready
  • Online scheduling integrated with your software

One year of web hosting

  • Ongoing security updates
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited small edits
  • 24-response time on edits

One year software subscription

  • All-in-one business/scheduling tools
  • Modern web-based reports
  • Intuitive mobile app
  • Responsive customer support


  • What does it cost after the first year?

    After your first year, hosting and software will renew at your locked-in annual rates:
    $500 hosting + $999 software = $1499 annually.

  • What does the web design process look like?
    1. After you pay, we send you an initial questionnaire that helps us learn more about your preferences and what you’re looking for.
    2. Once we have all the materials we need, you're given the next available calendar slot for a start date.
    3. We go through 2 rounds of feedback during the process to make sure you’re happy. You'll have 3 days for each round of feedback, plenty of time to evaluate.
    4. After the final edits are made, we launch your site! We also provide you with a username/password so you have full admin access to the site to make edits anytime.
  • What is hosting?

    This is where your website "lives". Every website on the Internet has a host - it is the server machine where your files and data reside.

    There are cheap hosting options out there ("shared hosting") where your website sits on the same server as thousands of other sites. A bug, virus, or traffic spike on any of those other sites may bring down your site as well. A security breach on any site may affect all sites on a shared host.

    Good web hosting will keep up with the latest security updates, both on the server itself and on Wordpress (including the Wordpress install, theme, and all plugins) to prevent any security issues. Quality web hosting also constantly monitors site speed to ensure sites are loading well.

    Our hosting uses Kinsta, a Google Cloud Platform that keeps our sites separate and private and running amazingly fast. We stay on top of security updates and constantly monitor our sites. We also have daily backups of all site data.

    Bottom-line: You get what you pay for with hosting. Don't lose business because your website is slow or prone to failure.

  • What does Managed Hosting mean?

    Managed hosting means that, in addition to all security updates and server maintenance, we'll handle content changes, updates or other edits for you. We're basically your on-call web developer whenever you need us.

    This doesn't include total re-designs or massive site overhauls, but rather the normal edits like swapping out photos, adding new services descriptions, adding a new inspector profile, or revising some text.

  • Is a domain name included?

    No, you will need to provide your own domain name. Sites like GoDaddy allow you to purchase domain names, which vary in cost depending on the extension (".com" vs ".net" etc.) and if the domain is currently owned.

  • Is SEO included?

    SEO is a pretty broad range of tasks that take hours each month so our SEO Services are a separate package. We do however build in SEO best practices like including your city in the page title tags, making H1 headers on each page, etc.

    A great website gives a great first impression but doesn't do any good if no one can find it. With any website, you won't get to the top right away. It actually takes a lot of work!

    We have separate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) packages for that. Our SEO plans range in price depending how aggressive you want to be and how long of a commitment you can make. You can do SEO yourself, it just takes a while to learn it.

  • Will my site have HTTPS (ie a secure certificate)?

    Yes, your site will be secured with HTTPS, meaning all communication to and from the server is encrypted. This offers more security as well SEO benefits.

  • Does website design include logo design?

    No, you will need to provide your own logo. InterNACHI and ASHI design free logos for their members. If you're not a member of either, sites like Fiverr are great for hiring logo designers.

  • Is this for any kind of website, no matter the size?

    No, this price is for a high-quality website for the average new inspector. There is a max of 10 pages. Check out our demos below for examples of the work we do. Anything in excess can be custom-quoted, though we often will refer you to web design shops that specialize in custom work.

  • Can I bring in an existing site?

    It depends. Certain Wordpress themes like Divi can be imported into our network. If we cannot import an existing site, sometimes we can use it as a reference for a new site. Custom rates may apply.

  • What happens if I cancel?

    If you choose to leave our hosting platform, we'll provide you a data export of all the content on your site that you own rights to (i.e. your text, images you have provided, etc.) This may not include themes we have paid commercial licenses for, stock photos we have provided, or plugins we have paid commercial licenses for.

    If you want to set up your site elsewhere, you'll likely need to hire a web developer to help get it set up, which is beyond the scope of our services.

    Our system uses something called "WP Multisite", which enables us to do security updates across our platform much easier than having unlinked stand-alone sites. However, be aware that this makes it necessary for a web developer to have deeper knowledge of Wordpress to take your data and set it up elsewhere. It is outside the scope of our services to assist with setting up your website elsewhere.