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  • One year web hosting ($240 separately)
  • One year software ($828 separately)
  • Business Setup, Competitor Analysis, and Training Courses ($600 value)
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  • Are there any one-time fees or installation costs?

    No! Our software is subscription-based so you can get started without an upfront payment.

  • Is there anything to download or install?

    No! Spectora is web-based and accessed through your Internet browser, which means you'll never have to worry about updating your software or losing data. (If you wish to use the mobile app, you will have to download that to your mobile device.)

  • What happens to my data if I cancel?

    Your data will always be preserved on Spectora. You will still be able to login and view previous inspections and data. You just won't be able to create new inspections after cancelation.

  • Do you integrate with RWS/RecallChek?
  • Do you have a TREC template?
  • Do you have a Mold / Radon / Commercial / Sewage / etc. template?

    Check out the base templates in our template editor - we have most needs covered. Our software also allows inspectors to share templates with each other, so ask in our User Group or around the community too.