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Bill Haughery

Precise Inspecting

Hear why this inspector chose Spectora after comparing all the alternatives.

"I ended up going with Spectora primarily because of its value. It's professional in its look, innovative in its approach, has great technical support, and has an app that works really well in the field... I am amazed at how well they integrate all aspects of a home inspector's business in the software."

Hear how a new inspector gets more business by using Spectora.

"Spectora has been a total game-changer for my business and for the experience of the clients and agents I work with."


Metro Property Inspection

What happens when a 5-star, 15-year industry veteran switches his multi-inspector company to Spectora?

"All of our inspectors have gained up to one hour per inspection back into their schedules."

See what a 15-inspector company has to say after switching to Spectora.

"It saved my inspectors 30 minutes to an hour on every inspection! I can't speak more about how great Kevin and Mike are to work with and their company is to work with."


Sentry Inspecting

Learn how a brand new inspector did 400 inspections in his first year with Spectora.

"The report that Spectora generates is unlike anything else. What I've been able to accomplish, in large part, is due to having Spectora."

Hear from a multi-inspector company owner who found everything he needed in one platform:

"Every dollar I have spent with these guys has been made up ten-fold... Whether it's the software, the website, the SEO... The money is well spent."

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13 Years I have been inspecting houses. I inspect over 300 a year and have seen inspectors and software come and go. I used a software for 11 1/2 years that I thought was excellent and had no reason to change. That being said, I am constantly looking for ways to improve my reports and my overall experience to my clients and realtors. I came across Spectora in February of 2017 on google search of home inspection software. I was very intrigued in this fledgling company and long story short, decided to make a change. It has been nothing short of spectacular. The reports are the best looking in the industry, and for an inspector in the field it has knocked time off my inspections. The automation that comes along with the report is a great bonus and has saved us tons of time both pre and post inspections. If you are reading this and are on the fence or looking for a software that will take your inspection process to the next level, then you would be wise to take advantage of this and be on the cutting edge of the next generation of software. The customer service is top notch and the new integrations and iterations are always being implemented. I would give this software and this company 5 stars in any review.

Take it from someone who has been in the business a long time. This is what you want.

Steve Coats

SDC Home Inspections

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Absolutely the best in home inspection software. I think I've reduced my reporting time by 1 hour and I put out a better looking report. The support is the best in the industry. After using several of the other softwares I've found the one I want to stick with. AND it has back office support!

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A gamechanger. Awesome report and support. Worth every penny and then some. Easy to do onsite, automation, videos, etc. etc. In a league of its own. You, you're clients, & agents won't be disappointed.

20171208 165814

A great software AND business management tool:
Its ease of use, its constant progression, the presentation to the clients, the accessibility of the developers, the Spectora community all make this software an exciting thing to be a part of. I would have given it a 6 star review for 'value for money' if I could.

Dsc 7259

Amazing Customer Service. Easy to use, super clean design, fast, no issues so far. Very customizable and the customer service and response time is top notch! It saves me 3-4 hours per home inspection which puts tons of money in my pocket
The guys are always sending out updates, like once a week, adding new features and fixing any bugs there might be. Plus they listen to feedback and act on it. Awesome cutsomer service

Zac Knoblauch

Rigid Inspections

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Amazing report software! Ease of use, faster report times, clients and realtors both have expressed love of the report outlay and usage, awesome technical response and I love that it has the capability of being checklist AND narrative as needed.

Jennifer Yarbrough

Next Jen Inspections LLC

Img 0087

Amazing, talented and professional web design team made the entire process easy and fun. I love how easy it is to customize the software and navigate your way through the dashboard. The design team did an amazing job on my site and made the entier process very easy and fun. Having both my software and web site through Spectora made the integration between the web site and the software smooth. I feel like being a newer company allows them to have the latest in software and offer the latest trends. I have found everyone there to be helpful courteous and professional.

Img 1277

an excellent piece of software. Spectora has a fast, easy to use interface and produces beautiful reports. Clients and agents love them. Excellent customer support, I would recommend this to anyone.

Matt Nemeth

ProEdge Inspection

Screenshot 20200724 13.23.07

As a home inspector, I have been in search of a clean, comprehensive, and user friendly home inspection software. I have been consistently disappointed and frustrated at the options that were on the market prior to Spectora. Upon finding Spectora, I was relieved and excited to have found my new platform for home inspection reports. The user interface is easy to navigate, and produces a clean and quality report for the client.

Spectora instantly improved my business and has allowed me to spend more time growing my business and less time dealing with scheduling, reports and follow up. I would highly recommend Spectora for any home inspector.

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Awesome app and company. You won't find a better software

Isaac McDowell

Reliance Home Inspections

Huron inspections llc mark melton cpi

Awesome experience using this home inspection software. Kevin and the team are always making meanimgful improvements. They are available to help use the app and software as you adjust. Can't say enough about these guys. You get what you pay for...

The software is amazing constant proactive updates & responsive updates outstanding customer service. Constant updates to improve the software both proactively and in response to users requests. A clear and professional report that realtors and customers love. I feel once I have finished all of my customizations and have been inspecting longer I will be able to leave the home with 90% of the report completed and have only to review and add some details.

Amazing home inspection report software that makes my job in reporting the condition of a home to the buyer easy. It provides a very clear presentation to the customer and realtor with realtor friendly recommendations interface. It also provides easy online payment interface that I use seamlessly with my financial institution. Customers and realtors are extremely happy with the resulting report.

The Spectora staff is very responsive to all suggestions users have and they are constantly (almost daily) improving the software.

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Best choice for launching a home inspection buisness. When I went looking for a software program to launch my home inspection business there were a lot of options to choose from. After reviewing the field I narrowed my search to four, two older and two newer. At first it was difficult to determine which program was going to work for me. Did I want price, ease of use or a quality product to weight my final decision? It wasn't until I began to actually work with each program that I quickly came to realize Spectora was going to fulfill each of those categories superbly. As a new inspector, I have found the learning curve has to be surprisingly short. The program is intuitive, the finished product is polished and the support is incredibly personal. Perhaps what I like most is knowing that I am part of something that is being built from the ground up with inspectors in mind. New features are added with direct input from users and the online forum that is very supportive. This program is not hype, it's solid performance, with lots more to come.

Bill Haughery

Precise Inspecting


Best customer service of any company ever.

John Battaglia

At Ease Inspections

Photo of me

Best thing going. The software is easy to use and the reports look great. All of the information is easy to find when you need it, and it conveys the information to the client in a format that they are more familiar with. People would rather read a web based report than print out a hard copy. Spectora allows you to link to DIY pages or other info, and simply takes the home inspection report to the digital age.

Customer reps are fantastic at what they do. Their responsiveness, attention to detail and commitment to their product, instill confidence that they can take this to the top of the market, and will succeed at this rate.

Great feedback from realtors and clients. Very easy to read and navigate. I also love the management side of the software, scheduling inspections, sending out emails and agreements.

Max Schroder

Craft Inspections LLC


By far the best software out there. A deffinate game changer!

Img 1543

Can I just say how great it is to be able to talk to you in person! As a guy who does not speak computer very well, it really helps that you make yourself so available. So glad we went with your company. I had already started down the road with a competitor, glad I switched.

John Hackbarth


20210331 150229

Definitely the best home inspection app available. Fast and efficient. Spectora is a great company, customer service is awesome.


Easy to use, everyone loves it.

We have been using Spectora for a couple months now and the software is very easy to use and all the realtors and homeowners love the layout and information presented. The customer service if great also, we always get whatever we need resolved right away!

20180321 222313

Extremely powerful, customizable and modern reporting platform. Customer service is top notch too!


Fantastic. A modern day solution, easy to use, well designed backed by a support staff that actually listens. Made several suggestions and in less than a week, what they agreed with was implemented. Can't ask for more.

Profile 4

Finally a report that's been designed by people who know what they're doing! It's the best looking report out there. It has a great layout, is user friendly and does not overwhelm the clients or their agents.

Cmi logo

Former long-term use of a competing popular inspection software, made the switch to Spectora at the beginning of the year. This was one of the best decisions I've made for my business. The software and companion app are refreshingly easy to use, the report is by far the best design out there. Clients and reps love it. I got my evening back the very first week using it- very fast learning curve. As soon as I upgrade my thermal imager to one with Wifi, I'll be completing reports on-site. Customer service from these guys is top-notch, never experiencing anything close from other reporting companies. Switch to Spectora, you won't regret it.

Updated profile pic

Genius.....please pass my thanks to all of you there at Spectora. I'm new in market and I've looked at your competitors programs and read tons and tons of reviews on ***, **, and Spectora. I absolutely love your customer service, the amount of options, and everything spectora offers. I was absolutely put off by the price but after using it and seeing how professional the appearance is and all the other services I don't have pay for by using it......hands down no brainer. you guys keep up the great work. if you ever need to out source an unbiased sales person....you let me know!

Screenshot 20210719 101601 drive

Great response. This support is the best ever. As a new user I hit these little road blocks. Knowing knowledgable folks are a click away is great

Christopher McDermott

Evergreen Home Inspections


Great software! Way better than anything out there! Everything is very intuitive abd will designed. Responsive staff always proactive on fixing bugs and adding features.

Danny Geurink

Ink Home Services

Screen shot 20160510 at 5.46.01 pm

Hands down the best "bang for your buck" software out there. Looks very professional, ease of use, customer support is 2nd to none. Switching software is always a challenge, but any questions/problems I may have had were resolved in no time which is invaluable in this business.

Img 5287

Hello Spectora, First I would like to say Thank You for giving me my nights and weekends back. My wife and kids greatly appreciate it. No more staying up until 2 or 3 am doing reports. I am finishing reports on site or very close to finished.


I am in the process of switching report systems. I chose Spectora. Mostly because the report looks professional and it seems easy to navigate. I DID NOT tell my agents that I was switching. I wrote my first report that I sent out to my client. The agent is a high producing agent that only refers me. Never once has she given me grief about the long list of items I put in the report. I will concede that this home was a brand new construction that was actually done by a professional. It was in great shape. I did not ask for feedback from the agent. I just got the following comments in an email about 30 minutes after I released the report.

YOU are my new favorite person!!

1. This is so much easier to read and spot the key issues. It saves me having to summarize and simplify as I do the for clients and lawyers on each deal.
2. The file size is WAY WAY smaller. This saves me from having to compress it before emailing it to the lawyer!

I love that you are always improving and finding new and improved gadgets and methods! I am still an efficiency engineer at heart!

This is a great comment to get right out of the gate. GOOD WORK GENTLEMEN!

Charles Bellefontaine

Chicagoland Home Inspectors, Inc.

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I am very satisfied with Spectora. It’s for two reasons, Products are very good in so many ways, people are competent, support is there. More Importantly, I believe the Spectora Team to be transparent, forthcoming with info, and honest.


I compared them all and as soon as I logged in, you had everything I was looking for. It was just easier to use.


I found this software very user friendly. I loved that the client can click on the picture and enlarge it to see the detail. Other report software does not offer that.

Image1 6

I found you guys to be top notch and experts at what you do. I love the design and layout of the report. As a former Realtor myself, I love how easy it is to read and go through the report.


I had an other software before for two years. I was spending three and Four hours writing report after long days doing inspections. Today I am ready to publish a report at the inspection site, my evenings are spent with my family now. When I had issue with the old software it was 48 hour later that I would get a response. Today it minutes with Spectora. An yes I am still in the learning phase of the new software, Spectora has step up an help me produce a professional product for my clients. Real Estate Agent are excited about what they’re seeing on their computers and able to cut and paste the information they need straight to their real estate forms. In my world that money in the bank. Thank you Spectora!

Dsc 0053

I have my evenings back and no longer dread coming home to finish reports. Reports are completed in a manner of minutes, clean and modern presentation, and both realtors and clients love the reports. Turn key solution with scheduling, invoicing, and reports- all online and Kevin and Michael are years ahead of the other software companies. Spectora is changing the home inspection software industry and it saved me time and money. So grateful for their role in growing my business!

Screen shot 2018 02 19 at 4.52.14 pm

I have my reports done on site and realtors love the format.

Img 0480

I have spent the last year working as an apprentice with an established and successful inspector. He uses different software than Spectora. We have often compared the two and the one drawback he found with Spectora was the camera and lack of rapid fire. He considered changing at one point because Spectora has scheduling and other integrations, but he couldn't get beyond the camera limitaions. We take so many pics and this saves so much time! Now he doesn't have an argument that his software is better. I never thought his was anyway with all the integrations that Spectora has, but this really puts you guys over the top!


I heard back from today's client (thanks to Spectora!):

"Wow, I don't have a lot of experience with home inspections (this is my first, Amanda's 3rd), but that is an incredibly thorough, yet easy-to-read and understand report."


I just got done doing a presentation in an office with 13 plus agents. They called ME because they liked my summary and said it was the cleanest, best-looking report they have seen in 25 years and asked me to do a presentation! Thanks, Spectora!

I just wanted to send a positive feed back! This software is top shelf! I did my first mock inspection today, my whole family was blown away at how professional the report was. Thanks again so much!

Roof picture

I just want to say thank you to everyone at Spectora for your continued hard work, dedication and awesomeness. You guys and gals rock, much love from NC.

Img 20171222 100552

I looked at a dozen other software and they were all crap. You guys made it so easy to use and have it all. Best report for my clients to read. The ease of editing and using this product is top notch. Wont be using anything else. Amazing company with even better service. Look forward to growing with you guys!

Top notch service, they are the future in inspection technology. Keep it up guys

Jesse Fox

FXC Inspections

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I love the program. It's the only system that made me feel comfortable switching. 2 thumbs up.

Andrew Killian

Total Home Inspection

Home inspector headshot

I’m noticing the reviews are coming in at least twice as often since the switch. I literally got 2 in 2 minutes the other day.


I moved over to Spectora a little over 2 weeks ago full time and it has drastically improved my quality of life. I no longer spend 2-3 hours a night writing reports using Home Gauge. I am basically done in the field and spend maybe 15 minutes per inspection at the office. THANK YOU!

Clayton Bowman, CMI®

Bowman Inspections Group


I'm starting to love you guys. You've made it so easy. I've used every software out there.


I really like the professional look compared to xxxxxxxxx which I was using and the work flow is soooooo much better.

36ap 2

i really like working with Spectora, there is no better software out there


I REALLY like your report format and really want to use this. It is exactly what I have been looking for – a web-based format, that is Agent and client-friendly, highlights deficiencies & recommendations, but allows the user to delve deeper for more information as they want to. I can see this helping my business to grow and enable me to employ inspectors.


I recently purchased Spectora’s Home Inspection software and it has been user friendly and extremely easy to use. Customer service agents also built my website and it turned out better than I could have imagined. I’m highly impressed with their work, professionalism, and response time all around. I can’t say enough about my experience so far and I’m glad I decided to go with the newest and easiest to use products out there!!

Slis logo final ko

I started thinking about becoming a home inspector a little one a year ago. The first thing I looked into after licensing education was software. As far as I could see there were two big options, then this puny little startup caught my attention.

I was hesitant at first to go with something I didn't know would even be there by the time I was able to start my business, but I started watching this group and how everything expanded over the following months. I was impressed enough to take the leap and go with something I wasn't completely sure about, and it has been one of the best decisions I've made regarding my business.

I believe the help I've received from the brothers and everyone else in this group has been very influential in making the start of my business easier than I could have imagined. I look forward to moving forward with this group of people who are interested in figuring out how to make things better, and that take the time to help everyone along the way.


Saranac Lake Inspection Services

Img 0063

It took forever to talk my partners into moving, but now that we have moved... we're in love!!!!! Unbelievably great feedback from realtors, clients and my inspectors.

Jonathan Wiesehuegel

Home Spec, Inc

Me 1

I used it for the first time today. I like how it’s set up to easily customize often-used phrases specific to each inspection system and further customized to system components. I’ll be using it again tomorrow for another inspection. I might be sold!! Spectora home inspection software is a great product.

Pierre Arcos

JAKE Home Inspections


I've been in home inspections since 2009 and this is by far the best software out there. This is what I've been waiting for. I didn't know how good it software could be until I saw it with Spectora!

Img 3241edit 150sq

I've literally been searching for something like Spectora for years. I've been through all the software out there. This has revolutionized by business!

The easiest most intuitive navigation of any inspection software I've ever used. I used it for two weeks to make sure it was as good as I hoped. It wasn't- it was better! I chose not to import my own observations, I just added them to the existing template as they came up. After 2 weeks I was pretty efficient and a good working library/database. I held a one hour office meeting to roll it out to the other inspectors and by the end of their second week we were all thrilled with the ease of use, the ability to modify both the report and the template as needed (or not!), the intuitive navigation and lastly the quality of the output. All of our inspectors have gained back up to one hour per inspection into their lives. I love this because they are more willing to do another inspection in a given day, they love this because at the end of the day- its really the end of the day. Gone are the days of heading back to the office to write an hour long (each) report. We've all gained capacity, our quality has gone up and we've moved to a better work/life balance. Win win win!

Michael Pelliccia

Metro Property Inspection


I want to thank you and your brother and Spectora for your product. I should have started to use Spectora waaay earlier. I've used it for 2 weeks and absolutely love it. Not only does it save me time but I get great feedback from clients, agents and lawyers. Again thank you.

Woytek Niemiec

Elite Inspections Inc.

File may 27  9 50 33 pm

I was doing 3 a day with my old software, but Spectora makes this infinitely easier. You've made my life easier. There IS NO QUESTION this is the best reporting software out there. There is nothing that competes with this.

Kurt Puterbaugh

iInspect Home Inspections

Img 6482

I wish my husband had a video camera to record me during my first inspection with Spectora. I was so happy. It was so easy. It took me 5 minutes when I got home to finish the report.

Img 20200505 115116994 1

"Last month, I did 60+ inspections alone and I couldn't have done it without Spectora."

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Love the software. I've been in the industry for 13 years and this is the best reporting software I have seen. The developers truly care about their users. I can vouch for that since they took the time to call me personally when I came on board. I highly recommend.

Dusty Jameson

Inspector Cluseau


Megan is awesome! She is always wiling to help in every way. She is knowledgeable and professional. I appreciate her being there for us.


Michael and Kevin are incredible and are on the move! They are extremely responsive to the needs of their users and implement suggestions at an incredible rate. They have, and continue to expand the most comprehensive and modern inspection software out there. My advise to the old players in this market is WATCH OUT ;)

Daylan Whitney

Sentry Inspecting

Dsc 9255

My brother and I really like the platform. It’s been really easy to navigate/setup…very intuitive.
Very happy with the platform.

Modern, clean, easy to read reports, and amazing customer service! There's a lot to love about this software, but overall, I love how modern and clean the reports are. It's incredibly user friendly for everyone involved, the inspector, agent, and client.

Cap city inspect headshot 18  2

My only mistake was not using it sooner! Why did I waste so much time on inferior software?Mobile first! Fast, sleek, reports on site. Photo edit on mobile. Video. Edit template on mobile. Full ISN integration. Mobile search. Breadcrumbs. In short... It's a 99 out of 100. The most inspection reporting software is barely a 70. Spectora is far and above the best reporting software out there!

Are you a home inspectors? If you're not using Spectora then you're spending too much time writing reports and not enough time growing your business. Giant leap forward!

Img 2729

My team here is getting used to the software and it's features. It's been almost 9 months since we went live. We're getting RAVE reviews about it and both myself and other inspector are doing 10 inspections a week. I'd have to say the system has moved a lot of agents toward us instead of their old 3d and Homeguage inspectors.


No reporting software has ever produced something comparable to my custom Reports - until SPECTORA! The "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" concept makes it super user-friendly which means the learning curve is very low compared to the other "competitive" software out there.

The software also incorporates lots of top-notch abilities such as drag-and-drop sections, comments, etc., in-app image editing, video embedding and last but not least, the ability to Report on-site using your mobile device WITHOUT using data, you just upload to the cloud using Wifi or data whenever you're finished.

I can't express enough how impressed I am with the boys over at Spectora, their customer service and response to our requests for new features and customisation happens lightning fast and their commitment to producing a game-changing software in less than 12 months has allowed them to enter a market dominated by VERY outdated programs and literally knock all the other BIG players out of the game.

Spectora is THE next generation of Home Inspection Reporting software!

This software has allowed me to significantly increase my volume of inspections, while at the same time the quality of my Reports hasn't suffered at all, in fact in some ways they have improved compared to my custom reports that I have been using for the past 6 years.

My clients and Realtors alike are all enjoying the new Reports and have nothing but great things to say about how they are VERY easy to read, yet they have an abundance of valuable information which has helped them make smart decisions when looking to purchase the property they had us inspect.

Tyler Thompson-Love

360 Inspection Services


One of the hardest things for an inspector to do is switch software. It’s like wearing someone else’s tool pouch. It doesn’t fit right and you don’t know where anything is. I’ve been inspecting for 8 years now and for most of those inspections I used the same software. It was a good program. I was fast when using it. But it had some limitations and I could see myself getting left behind if I didn’t make a change. I started searching for another option and came across Spectora. It had the features I was looking for. The presentation was stellar. The all-in-one package really appealed to me. So I made the switch and I’m glad that I did! The software is easy to use. Easy to customize. The response rate from the developers is astounding! This is the future of report writing! The slow season is the time to make the switch so do it now! If you’re new... this will be the only tool pouch you’ll ever need.

Mi housed detective head shot w logo

Perfect and thank you! I am very happy I made the investment in your company rather than go cheap.

Website head shot

Please thank your team for all the excellent assistance and amazing responsiveness! You guys at Spectora have absolutely improved my business 10 fold!


Props to the Spectora Peeps!! We published our first 2 inspections of the day within 30 minutes for the first time ever.

Clr2clz inspection logo final

Proud to be a Spectorian. I make ton of money because of what this platform allows my company to do. It's truly insane how awesome Spectora is, and continues to be. If you haven't made the switch, you're missing out.

Shawn Reed

Clr2Clz Inspections

Dsc 4823 hi res

Reporting is very clean. All my Clients and Agents love it the format! I love the online scheduler, email contract, digitally signed and returned. The desktop is just easy to use.

Img 5442

Since moving to Spectora in March, only one glitch I can think of that you fixed right away for me. Countless hours saved in report writing, clients love my reports. This has allowed me to add and train a new inspector. In short you have changed my business model. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Gallery 1 0018

Spectora has been nothing but great to my company. Because of this software, it saved my company.

Customer support: the key to any business is having support /communication from your software companies. I get excellent response from spectora, with dedicated people who make great efforts of going above and beyond their means to make sure my success.

Product: SPECTORA SAVED MY BUSINESS. As home inspector we have a lot of things we note. Responsiveness is most important along with easy navigation in the software is so important to us. I've tried multiple softwares and spectora is elite of them all.

Overall: if you are a home inspector and looking for a quick, uniformed, professionally, responsive inspection report. Look no further. Spectora is light years ahead of all those other inspection reports and blows HG, Inspector1, axium, etc... out of the water.

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Spectora has made a difference to my customers, agents and most importantly my family because I spend less time writing reports. I'm going to be a customer for a very long time.

Shawn Juscak

Mike Gindlesperger


Spectora is a revolutionary software. Spectora is an amazing software. The automation features and the simple to read and navigate report format is incomparable to any other reporting software. Using two other reporting software's before discovering Spectora, I'll never change again. Spectora has revolutionized my business, I couldn't be more satisfied.


Spectora is hands down the best home inspection software I have ever used in this field. The efficiency in which it helps my business run is second to none and Customer support representative is always there for me anytime a problem or a question arises. Ease of use when it comes to doing and inspections and getting my report emailed off to multiple people with one click.

Dominic Benedet

Benedet Quality Inspections

Storer head shot

Spectora is really going to speed up my report writing time.

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Spectora is the absolute best report writing software I have used. I have used software from three competing companies, two of them being the most "common" in the industry, and in my opinion nothing comes close to putting out a cleaner, easier to read report. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my "finished product" (being the report), and Spectora has allowed me to up my game and provide a little "Wow" factor. Realtors look over hundreds of reports, setting yourself apart with a clean, easy to read, and technologically advanced report...will grow your business, if you're taking care of other facets of your business.

On top of that you have the Developers; customer support, who are there for you immediately if you need any assistance or have suggestions. You can tell they are passionate about what they do, so the future of this software is only going to get better with more feature.

As of now, the software is meeting all of my needs and saving me time on report writing. All of the needed features are here; default pics, locations, etc.


Spectora is the way forward in inspection reporting software. Our clients love, and so do we! The report is everything. Only 25-40 pages of relevant information that is easy for the customer to read. The app works seamlessly so that you aren't slowed down during an inspection, and you can even tailor your own inspection templates. Add the company marketing, customer / realtor and financial tracking features, and Spectora can't be matched by any other software on the market.

Brodie Lotz

AmPro Inspections

Kurt headshot

Spectora provides an easy to use interface for creating great looking web based and PDF reports. They are an all in one solution that allows for automated contracts, collecting payment and report delivery. Every aspect of the software has been very well thought out and there are constant updates and upgrades being made before I even realize that I need them. I highly recommend the Spectora team. It has been a huge part of me growing my business this year.

 voc0143 face shot 1  2

Thanks everyone, you all are the best part of my team. the feed back from clients and realtors is amazing. The report and its user friendliest has booked me inspections by itself!

Spectview full

Thanks for building awesome software. Im just getting started in the industry and found your application is far superior to the other 4 I tried.

Westley Anderson

SpectView, PLC

Morgan b w

Thank you for putting so much into this software. It was great 2 years ago but it is so so so great now! It's a game changer for our business and it's light years ahead of the software we came from! I've been doing this for 15 years and never felt connected to the company making it until now. The tone of your support team is so valuable - they are free to be fun, yet professional and makes this experience so enjoyable.

Morgan Cohen

MKC Associates LLC


The Best Business Decision I've Ever Made

I’d have to say the best quality is the ease of use and non PC type format we have become accustomed to using through google. Literally you can do one test report and just start using it.

The software is incredibly easy to use and making changes in the template, capturing photos/video, and sending to clients is as easy as a click through the app.
Instead of releasing updates every 6 months or longer like most Inspection software companies Spectora releases updated as often as every few days.


The customer service and tech support is amazing and the team at Spectora has really made me feel like my business is “Valued”. The operations side of navigating the platform is pretty awesome too- and when my customers get there reports they usually say they’re impressed. Agents are sending me more business and when we do hit a snag it’s addressed in a timely fashion and smoothed out. Spectora has made my business into a superstar and I’m crushing the competition. It’s the edge I needed.


The first thing we’ve noticed since switching to Spectora from another leading home inspection software is the customer service. Our rep has blown us away with his willingness to go above and beyond – even with items for our business unrelated to the software itself! He’s super responsive, communicates well and is pleasant to work with. We are just starting to really dive into the software but we like the modern look of the interface and reports. The software is user friendly and is compatible with the latest technology.

Img 6211

The guys at Spectora are working hard to put out the very best Home Inspection platform/solution possible. Their customer service and support is unmatched. Spectora is in an excellent position to dominate the market in the near future. For a relatively early platform these guys are making regular updates and improvements. There UI is clean and user friendly. Reports are simple, clear and easy to read. Great stuff.

Give these guys a try. Its a great system.


The software is complex but SIMPLE to use! I feel that Spectora is like a Virtual assistant to my business. The Facebook community is incredible and the customer service is the best in the industry. Keep rocking it guys! Bob Clark Footprint Property Inspections LLC

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The Spectora software program is easy to use and requires very little support to get started.
I like having the freedom to tailor the software to meet my specific needs. Every Inspector has their own preference on how they perform their inspections. This program provides the user with the flexibility to "have it their way". The software designers have applied feedback from the inspectors to implement updates on a regular basis. The designers listen to the feedback on Facebook and other platforms to gather the information. The automation portion of the program sends reminder notifications to the client and agents, In addition; the system provides the inspector with the option to send out the agreement, and invoice. This software system is the complete package.

Patrick Carothers

Carothers Property Inspections

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The thing that I like the most about this software is the final product that my clients get to see. It’s well laid out graphically and clients can easily navigate to see all of the information. They also have the option to simply print it out if they want something to hold in their hands.

I was banging my head against the wall trying to figure out some of the other antiquated software that’s currently available. I would get so frustrated over simple little tasks, that in this day and age, should not be an issue. Spectora is like a breath of fresh air and they are always available to help you out.


The videos, articles, podcasts, templates and all resources you all provide are SO helpful to new inspectors. Every interaction with your team has been professional and timely. I simply wouldn't be in the business without Spectora. It's been that good for me. I feel like I'm a part of Spectora and know your whole team like family!


This is a very good app for home inspections. It is improved frequently and very reliable. Tech support is very responsive and takes my concerns very seriously. They have earned five stars!


This is the best Software we have used. It is so easy to navigate, the presentation is amazing and the whole report can be completed on site. This has been a game changer and not only do I thank you for such amazing work, my family thanks you as I no longer have to write reports when I get home. I love seeing the Software grow with new updates and features added regularly. The customer service from Spectora is top notch and they are always available to help. Our clients and realtors absolutely love our reports as well. I would recommend this Software for any home inspector!

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This is the future of home inspection software and it was long overdue. Support is excellent and the value is industry leading.


This software has allowed me to almost double my inspections and have time at home. I'm so happy i made the plunge.

James Brady

Inspector Express


This software has saved me so much time! When i leave the inspection site the report is pretty much complete. I still have a few minutes of computer time cleaning up the report (usually my typos and editing the pictures) before I send it, but thing like before! The intuitive software is easy to navigate. The option to send the client and realtor email/text reminder has gotten me positive feedback from both parties. There are so many little set up options that give the software/report a super professional feel and presentation I can't list them all!! Each report I do takes less time!

I am really enjoying using the software, It makes doing reports MUCH easier and saves me lots of time. Each time I use it I tweak the report a little bit to my liking!

B morrisredrooster

Time saving software that is innovative and easy to use! The ability to modify and add to my template on the go has saved me many nighttime hours that other softwares were costing me.

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Very intuitive software. We went from using Home Gauge to this overnight. The ability to customize the report on site is worth it’s weight in gold. The professional presentation of the report is incredible. We are getting referrals just from the report!

It is the best software on the planet.

Drew White

AmPro Inspections

Marcavery logo

We could not be more pleased! Spectora is amazing, modern, user friendly software that makes our job - and agent's job- easier. The developers listen to us and incorporate our requests with frequent updates. They are responsive and great to work with.


We have used several of the other big name softwares on the market. Spectora by far has been the best and easiest to use. we have many real estate agents complement us on the new look at the report and they love how simple it is to understand. The customer service with Spectora had been phenomenal they are quick to fix things and respond to questions we have. With three different inspectors in our company Spectora has been a huge timesaver and has eliminated many of the issues and headaches we used to have. This software had made on site reporting a reality.

Matthew Cottenham

Trademark Home Inspection, LLC


We just landed a big team of realtors because they had been on the selling side of one of our/your reports. They loved the reporting software so much they wanted to use us for all their buying inspections! Your software is so good and user friendly, we have gotten so many amazing compliments on it we just wanted to say thank you!


We love Spectora, has really boosted our inspections in the last year, our google reviews are through the roof, we’re up 130 reviews in the year that we’ve been using you guys.


We've spent thousands of dollars and countless hours on other software, and it didn't even matter anymore once we found Spectora. It's so clean and easy to use and we got our nights back. Agents have called unsolicited to tell me how much they love the new reports!


Y'all are the best. Spectora has been a game changer for me.

John Paul Rhodes

House Call Home Inspection


Y'all save me so much time and money. I used to spend 4-8 hours writing reports. My average inspection price has also gone up. I just want to thank you!


You guys are the software for the next generation. Everything else just feels so clunky and outdated.


You guys just made everything so easy, it's all right there.

Christopher Metayer

Next Level Home Inspections


You guys make it so easy. It's seamless and the most user-friendly of all the softwares out there.

Architecture1867187 1920

You know what I love about you guys. YOU CALL BACK! Amazing software, amazing support.

Claude E. Bailey III

Sharpeye Property Inspections

Home inspection7

Your hard work and great product makes my job easier and that trickles down to my clients and there agents. I cringe at the idea of where I would be if I did not choose Spectora a little over a year back when I made the decision to become a home inspector.


GCA Home Inspections

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You won't find a better deal! I researched every reporting software out there to the point of insanity. When I found Spectora it was love at first sight.:) It's the best option hands down.