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Agents and clients are researching you. What does your website tell them?
Modern Design

Present a modern, professional appearance when agents and clients checking you out online.

Mobile Friendly

More than 50% of searches for local inspectors are on a mobile device. It’s also an increasingly big ranking factor for Google. We make sure you shine on mobile.

Optimized for Conversion

Simple layout and clear call-to-action buttons to increase your conversion rate to get you more business.

Security Updates

Rest easy knowing you’re protected from viruses and spam with automatic security updates. We also back up your site regularly so you'll never lose data.

Collaboration and Support

We walk you through the process, making sure you're happy every step of the way. We'll also show you how to make your own edits and changes.

SEO Foundation

Give your site the solid SEO foundation needed to move up the rankings. If you decide to eventually do an SEO plan your website is ready.

DIY Hosting

Perfect for inspectors that want to do their own website edits. We'll show you how to log in and make changes to your website on your own!



Includes website design and first year DIY hosting.

$250 annual hosting fee after first year.

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Managed Hosting

Great for the busy inspector! Just let us know what changes you want to your website and we'll do them for you anytime!



Includes website design and first year managed hosting.

$500 annual hosting fee after first year.

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Bundle and save:

Setup & Training
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  • What is hosting?

    This is where your website "lives". Every website on the Internet has a host - it is the server machine where your files and data reside.

    There are cheap hosting options out there ("shared hosting") where your website sits on the same server as thousands of other sites. A bug, virus, or traffic spike on any of those other sites may bring down your site as well. A security breach on any site may affect all sites on a shared host.

    Our hosting uses Kinsta, a Google Cloud Platform that keeps our sites separate and private and running amazingly fast.

    Bottom-line: You get what you pay for with hosting. Don't lose business because your website is slow or prone to failure.

  • What does DIY Hosting mean?

    DIY hosting means that while we constantly do security updates and server maintenance on your website, any content updates are up to you (i.e. text, images, pages).

    Once your site is complete we'll send you a video that shows how to make your own edits so you're able to do so anytime.

  • What does Managed Hosting mean?

    Managed hosting means that, in addition to all security updates and server maintenance, we'll handle content changes, updates or other edits for you. We're basically your on-call web developer whenever you need us.

    This doesn't include total re-designs or massive site overhauls, but rather the normal edits like swapping out photos, adding new services descriptions, adding a new inspector profile, or revising some text.

  • What does the process look like?
    1. After you pay, we send you an initial questionnaire that helps us learn more about your preferences and what you’re looking for.
    2. Once we have all the materials we need, you're given the next available calendar slot for a start date.
    3. We go through 2 rounds of feedback during the process to make sure you’re happy. You'll have 3 days for each round of feedback, plenty of time to evaluate.
    4. After the final edits are made, we launch your site! We also provide you with a username/password so you have full admin access to the site to make edits anytime.

What past customers are saying

Let me just say WOW. You so nailed it. Seriously could not be more impressed.

We will have pictures for you this week to make it more personal, and some suggestions will follow, but.........I was SPEECHLESS when I saw the site!

Thanks for the amazing work, John

- John Hackbarth, HomeXam

Kevin, I’ve been meaning to tell you this because it happens often. (It just happened again this morning). I asked my client how they found me and he said his wife went online and looked at three home inspection websites and ended up choosing me! I have you to thank for that. The site you did for me has paid for itself many times over.

Sincerely, Bill

- Bill Haughery, Precise Inspecting

Great job!! I have spent a fair amount of time looking at web sites of other local inspectors and some not so local. I feel that the quality of my site is above par and I am very satisfied that I choose Spectora. I'm happy to see that the work you have done for my web site is on par with the quality and expertise I have come to find at Spectora. Most of the time, results like this, are because someone is working late at night.

Thanks so much! Nice work Sarah!

- Rick Vecchio, GCA Home Inspections

I just had my website launched yesterday and just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with Sarah and Laura.

Sarah built me a beautiful website that I've already received a ton of compliments on. It fits my style perfectly and it's so easy to navigate. I LOVE it! She was very easy to work with and quickly made all the corrections I had.

Laura launched the website and was extremely helpful. She quickly corrected an issue I had in regards to what came up on a google search. She even noticed and then let me know that my business email was due to expire very soon.

Thank you so much!

- Chris Scanland, Savior Inspection Services

Sarah was amazing throughout this entire process. She took all my needs into consideration and put things in the correct spots to make the site most effective. Her willingness to work with me and patience made what I thought was going to be a painful venture quite easy and actually fun.

The end result is that I could not be happier with the way the site turned out or with your customer service.

You have some very talented and friendly people over there and I look forward to years of business together.

- Erik Robinson, EHE Inspections

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