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Spectora Does Wind Mitigation

Spectora has everything you need for wind mitigation inspections.

No credit card, no time limits. Just the full Spectora app for 5 published inspections.

wind mit demo in Spectora app

Adding a wind mitigation inspection is easy with Spectora.

Spectora has a special template for Florida wind mitigation inspections, which you can use out of the box or make changes to yourself. 


Why choose software with Wind Mit features?

If you live in a high storm area like Florida, you're getting a lot of requests for wind mitigation inspections. Without integrated templates, inspectors must fill out a separate Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form. 

With Spectora, you can complete your report in the app, and it will automatically generate a pre-filled PDF based on your inspection, including signatures.

Deliver the modern experience in today’s market demands with Spectora.

The software Florida Inspectors use to get more done

Focus on inspecting, not figuring out software. Cutting-edge technology and intuitive design make Spectora the choice for hundreds of Florida home inspectors.

We have dozens of templates prebuilt and ready to use on day 1, which you can customize over time. We also support 4-point inspections right from the mobile app.

Florida home small size

Keep it simple.

Finally, everything you need to run your home inspection business in one place.

Our all-in-one platform helps you create stunning reports, schedule more inspections, and automate your business. Instead of piecing together several platforms, you can rely on our world class team to support you with whatever you need.

We’ve helped thousands of satisfied inspectors launch their business - we look forward to working with you.

Community matters.

We work really hard to create a welcoming, helpful community that supports one another - especially new inspectors. Our Facebook page is great for learning tips & tricks and our Spectora Spotlight podcast is full of amazing advice from successful inspectors. We also do regular webinars to help you grow your business.

Don’t let this be an isolating profession. Join a community that lifts you up!

Start off with the top tools.

Here are just a few of the tools that new home inspectors love about Spectora.

Mobile App
Business Tools

Your product should be as professional as you are.

Our web-based, mobile-friendly, interactive reports are built to impress. Our reports emphasize what's most important to deliver the modern experience today's market demands.

Our reports even help agents do their job with tools like the Repair Request Builder. Home buyers love the smart filters, high-def photos, embedded video, and automated summaries.

Don't deliver long, hard-to-read PDFs. Deliver reports that clients and agents love.

Get started right.

Our Template Center offers dozens of free templates ready for you to use on day one, based off of your Standards of Practice and industry best practices.

All of our templates are completely customizable, allowing you to make adjustments as you go.

Template Center_-min

A breath of fresh air.

Our mobile app, your day-to-day companion on-site, streamlines the inspection process and tracks your progress so you stay on track. You can even review your Standards of Practice in each part of the house to ensure you never miss a thing.

Start your new career with the best - an app that is intuitive, efficient, and easy-to-use.

Everything you need to run your business.

Everything you need to succeed is under one roof and for one price. This means no additional monthly fees and no stitching together a dozen different software programs.

Write reports, schedule inspections, automate emails and texts, collect payments and agreements, and run your back-office with our all-in-one software.

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Stand out against your competition.

Your website is your modern day business card, showing you're legitimate and trust-worthy.

We build beautiful websites that help you get more inspections and grow your business without spending hours learning the tech to build websites.



Mobile App

Business Tools


Don't just take our word for it.

See how these new inspectors launched their business with Spectora.

Michael Van Hall

Finally a report that's been designed by people who know what they're doing! It's the best looking report out there. It has a great layout, is user friendly and does not overwhelm the clients or their agents.

Wayne Thurber

A great software AND business management tool: Its ease of use, its constant progression, the presentation to the clients, the accessibility of the developers, the Spectora community all make this software an exciting thing to be a part of. I would have given it a 6 star review for 'value for money' if I could.

Matt Nemeth

An excellent piece of software. Spectora has a fast, easy to use interface and produces beautiful reports. Clients and agents love them. Excellent customer support, I would recommend this to anyone.

Matt Nemeth
Josh Frederick

A gamechanger. Awesome report and support. Worth every penny and then some. Easy to do onsite, automation, videos, etc. etc. In a league of its own. You, you're clients, & agents won't be disappointed.

Start your business with the best.

We talked to thousand of inspectors over the years. We know what it takes to succeed in this business. We have the tools, the tech, the team, and the community to ensure you succeed.