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How to Create a Home Inspection Report Template

Trust me, I get it — you’re an inspector, not a writer.

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The Ultimate Home Inspection Pricing Guide for Home Inspectors

We don’t want to be dramatic here, but calculating how much to charge for home inspection services might be the single biggest business decision you can make when starting as a..

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home inspector license requirements map

State-by-State Home Inspector Licensing Requirements for 2022 (Map)

With a surging housing market and new technologies for scheduling, billing, and sending reports, the barriers to entry for a new home inspector are lower than ever. We’ve updated..

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how to become a home inspector in Texas guide

How to Become a Home Inspector in Texas

The real-estate market is thriving in the Lonestar state. We have a full guide on how to become a home inspector in Texas. You've probably heard people talking about how hot the..

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Is the housing market slowing down? Home inspectors see early indicators of a changing market.

"Agents that were doing 3 deals per month are doing 1-2 deals every 3 months." BIG PICTURE

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How Much Does it Cost to Start a Home Inspection Business? 

Like starting any business, to make money you’ll have to spend some first. 

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Can You Perform Your Own Home Inspection?

While DIY projects can be fun, you should save the DIY-ing for smaller scale projects. 

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How High is the Demand for Home Inspectors?

Home inspectors are an important part of the home buying process, and yet many home buyers don’t even know what a home inspection is. 

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Start Your Home Inspection Business - The Time is Now!

Many people would think that this would be the worst time to start a business. You might be thinking, “Start my business now? At the beginning of a recession?! Are you serious?”

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What Do Real Estate Agents Want from Home Inspectors?

Real estate agents and home inspectors work closely together, and oftentimes form friendships and working relationships that last for many years. 

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