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Here's the average number of home inspector defects by state

Spectora 8/15/22 2:45 PM


We love data at Spectora, so when we come across information that may be useful for our inspectors, we share them. Below you'll find the average number of defects that Spectora users collect. 

note: we'll update this article over time as we get more data.

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What is considered a defect?

If you're a home owner reeling from the thought of dozens of defects, don't worry. Home inspectors are required to report every defect they find, up to and including things as minor as "noisy appliances." 

The majority of defects fall under the category of "deferred maintenance", meaning that they are mostly minor observations that won't affect the value of a home whatsoever. Often times these defects can be fixed by the homeowner.

Home inspectors will also point out  that no home has zero defects. Many of them are simply relating to the age and style of the home, and every other house on your street is likely to share them.

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How do I know which defects are serious?

A good home inspection report will have indicators to make it easy to understand the severity of a defect. Here's some sample reports you can view to get a feel for different styles. If you're a homeowner and you like what you see, you can find an inspector in your area that uses Spectora reports.

A good home inspector will also discuss the report with you and give you some guidance on what's worth being concerned about.


Remember, you cannot fail a home inspection. It all comes down to what a buyer and seller are willing to accept in the transaction.



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