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don't fall for google scams

Don’t Fall for "Google" Scams

The Google Business Listing Scam While each scammer is unique, they all typically open with "I'm calling on behalf of Google" and then telling you that something is wrong with..

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2020 SEO Ranking Factors

Having a quality website gives a great first impression but doesn't do any good if no one can find it. With any website, you won't get to the top of Google right away. It takes..

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The First Thing You Need To Do As a New Home Inspector

There are over 266,000 Google searches per month having to do with home inspections.

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State of SEO in 2022 - Home Inspector Edition

This is required reading for all home inspectors that have a web presence and pay attention to their online marketing.

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graphic 5 home inspector marketing habits to stop in 2022

5 Home Inspector Marketing Habits to Stop in 2022

So much has changed for home inspectors in the past few years, that 2019 might as well be 2009. The landscape of online marketing is no exception.  2020 lurched even the most..

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The 3 Areas of Local SEO You Should Focus On

As a home inspector trying to grow your non-referral business, local SEO is the most important aspect of online marketing. Google has prioritized local results in recent years to..

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