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    How to Prepare for the National Home Inspector Exam

    If you're thinking about becoming a home inspector, you've likely heard of the National Home Inspector Exam. In some states, passing the NHIE is required to become a home..

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    What to Expect as a New Home Inspector

    We won't sugarcoat it: your first year in the home inspection business will likely be challenging.

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    How to Become a Home Inspector in California

    Are you interested in becoming a home inspector in California? If so, you're not alone. Home inspection offers excellent job opportunities for those with the right skills and..

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    How to Become a Home Inspector in Tennessee

    The Department of Commerce and Insurance regulates Tennesee home inspectors. What does that mean for you? In short, you'll have to take a series of state-mandated steps to become..

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    How to Become a Home Inspector in New Jersey

    In New Jersey, the home inspection industry is regulated by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. What does that mean? For prospective home inspectors, it means there's a..

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    How to Become a Home Inspector in Michigan

    Michigan doesn't regulate home inspectors, so you are not legally required to complete home inspector education or become licensed to operate as a home inspector in the state. But..

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    How to Become a Home Inspector in Maryland

    If you're thinking about becoming a Maryland home inspector, you'll have to become licensed.

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    How to Become a Home Inspector in 8 Easy Steps

    So you want to become a home inspector. It's an appealing career path. You'll get to choose your own hours, and you won't spend your days sitting in a cubicle. You can make $200..

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    part time home inspector

    Can you be a part-time home inspector?

    Changing careers is risky. Should you quit your job and live off your savings while you get your next venture off the ground? Many businesses require you to go "all in" from the..

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    home inspector conducting a wind mitigation inspection

    What is a wind mitigation inspection, and why home inspectors should offer them.

    A wind mitigation report is a special kind of inspection that provides information about how a home's roof is build, and how it is attached to your home. Not surprisingly, they..

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