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    part time home inspector

    Can you be a part-time home inspector?

    Changing careers is risky. Should you quit your job and live off your savings while you get your next venture off the ground? Many businesses require you to go "all in" from the..

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    a spectora home

    A Guide for Transitioning to Spectora: FAQs and Helpful Links

    TEMPLATES, CUSTOMIZATION AND NARRATIVES   Do you have a library of comments populated in your base templates? We have hundreds of common defects and comments that come with our..

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    Spectora Website Resource Center

    Spectora Website & Hosting FAQs

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    User Tips and Tricks

    We asked users what tricks and tips they had for those first coming to Spectora.  Here are a few:

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    Understanding How Spectora's Save To Template Saves You Time on Mobile

    Saving defects and comments "to your template" is one the foundational features of Spectora. It not only allows you to save and pre-populate common defects and comments, but it..

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