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Personalize the Recommended Contractor Experience for Your Clients with New Service Areas

Agnes Sokol 4/30/24 10:00 AM

You asked, we listened: the Recommended Contractors feature in Spectora now offers the ability to control which contractors display on your reports based on selected geographical limitations. 

This highly-requested functionality allows inspectors to add even more value to clients by recommending the right contractor for the right property, on every inspection report.

Our inspectors always look for ways to go the extra mile for clients, and the Recommended Contractor feature does just that by allowing you to display a list of trusted contractors within your reports that clients can call on to service a wide variety of defects post-inspection. You can display contractors of your choosing in the report, and include their name, logo, description, and contact information details as well.  

Clients can then follow up and request quotes from the suggested contractors from within the Spectora platform, or reach out directly based on the contact information displayed in their reports. 

Our team has spent the last few months re-building the Recommended Contractors feature based on inspector feedback, and we are excited to share new capabilities to help you make the most out of your contractor network.

Here’s what’s new and improved:

1. Service Areas

Recommended Contractors also now offers the ability to control which contractors display on your reports based on selected geographical limitations.

An image highlighting how and where to manage service areas for Spectora recommended contractors in the Spectora platform.

Why it matters to Inspectors:

  • Add more value to your clients.
  • Recommend the right contractor for the right property.
  • Ensure your recommended contractors won't be notified of jobs outside of their geographic service boundaries.
  • Eliminate quote requests on properties your contractors will not serve.
  • Make Recommended Contractors a growth driver for your business.

Why it matters to your clients:

  • Personalize the experience for your clients based on their locations.
  • Ensure that clients only see recommended contractors that truly want their business and are located in the appropriate service area range.
  • Go above and beyond for your clients with thoughtful contractor recommendations that respect their time.
  • Avoid handing off clients to contractors that will inevitably de-prioritize them due to their location.

Set Up Service Areas

Here’s how to get started with Service Areas in three simple steps.

An image depicting Step 1 of setting up Service Areas in the Spectora Platform. Step 1: Enter Name, then draw shape on the map (as shown above).

Set Up Service Areas Step 2Step 2: Assign Contractors of your choice to the Service Area (as shown above). 

An image depicting Step 3 of setting up Service Areas in the Spectora Platform. Step 3: View all Service Areas on the map (as shown above). 

2. Recommended Contractors Now Reside in Contacts

The Recommended Contractors feature is now housed under “Contacts” for easier accessibility and includes a new search capability for better management of contractor information.

Now located under “Contacts” for accessibility and ease of use, the feature also includes a Search capability for contractor management. 

3. Bulk Action

Quickly modify contractor details en masse, whether you're updating statuses or refining your list.

The Bulk Action functionality has been added to speed up deleting or changing the status of your contractors. You can select a group, or all contractors for quick and easy list updates. 

Unlock the power of Recommended Contractors with easy accessibility, streamlined contractor management, and designated service areas for more thoughtful and targeted recommendations. Your clients will thank you!

Ready to give it a try? Anyone with a Spectora subscription can easily enable Recommended Contractors in their account and get started right away.


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