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    how to become a home inspector in Ohio

    How to Become a Home Inspector in Ohio

    As of 2019, home inspectors in Ohio must be licensed. Here's everything you need to become a home inspector in Ohio, straight from the Ohio Home Inspector Board.

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    how to become a home inspector in illinois

    How to Become a Home Inspector in Illinois

    In Illinois, you'll have to get a license to become a home inspector because it's a regulated state. But believe it or not, becoming a home inspector involves more than just..

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    how to become a home inspector in georgia

    How to Become a Home Inspector in Georgia

    Thinking about becoming a Georgia home inspector? Even in a market downturn, Georgia stands out as an area where the population is growing, along with the job market. Housing..

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    how to become a home inspector in colorado

    How to Become a Home Inspector in Colorado

    Thinking about becoming a Colorado home inspector? You've picked a good place. Colorado offers a healthy real estate market in 2022, combined with a frictionless process of..

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    a home inspector working as a side hustle 2022

    Why home inspecting could be the best weekend side hustle of 2022.

    In the past few years, side hustles have surged in popularity. Not quite a job, but definitely not a hobby, millions of Americans turned to part-time work to make extra cash..

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    how to build a home inspector website

    8 Tips to Build a Home Inspection Website

    You might be banking on referrals to feed your home inspection business, but don't kid yourself: Your website is the most important marketing tool that you have. It will work for..

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    8 things to look for in a home inspection app

    8 Things to Look for in a Home Inspection App

    The real estate market has been in a frenzy for many years now. And while 2022 looks likely to see a slowdown, this doesn't necessarily mean less home inspections. If the market..

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    a spectora home

    A Guide for Transitioning to Spectora: FAQs and Helpful Links

    TEMPLATES, CUSTOMIZATION AND NARRATIVES Do you have a library of comments populated in your base templates? We have hundreds of common defects and comments that come with our base..

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    can you make good money as a home inspector

    Can You Make Good Money as a Home Inspector in 2022? We ran the numbers from 7,000 home inspectors. 

    It's 2022 and the housing market is still red hot (for now). If you are thinking about becoming a home inspector, or already are one, you might be wondering if you can make good..

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