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Benefit of Thermal Imaging in Home Inspections

Spectora 10/2/19 10:52 AM


Infrared imaging allows unseen problems to be found, which might lead to major problems down the road. 

Home inspectors have trained eyes to see problems and areas for potential problems, however, they can’t see everything. While the naked eye can see where a problem may be, an infrared camera can see exactly where the problems are and can be a big advantage for new home buyers. 

What Can Infrared Show You?

Infrared can reveal a lot of hidden issues in a home - including moisture, heat & energy, pest infestations, foundation cracks, ventilation problems, missing insulation, and structural concerns. 

Roofing Leaks 

  • Leaks in a roof can sometimes be seen or felt if they are large enough, however, if they are just starting to occur they are harder to see. 
  • Water will hold onto its thermal energy for longer than other materials, which is why it is easy to spot leaks with a thermal image.
  • The water will show up as warmer spots in the summer (but only at night) because the roof will have released its heat from the day, while the water will still be warm. In the winter, the water will show up as a cold spot on the heated roof of their home. 


  • In the same way that water shows up for leaks, it also shows moisture within walls. 
  • This moisture usually indicates that there is condensation in that area, which tells inspectors that mold or mildew is either already there or will be soon. 

Electrical Faults

  • Discovering the electrical faults within a home is a huge advantage for sellers because they can quickly and easily find the source of electrical circuit damage and fix it. 
  • Electrical damage will show up yellow in the image, making it easy to find problems and make a repair list.

Structural Defects

  • Infrared can show the different structural problems in a home without invasive testing. 
  • This is a great way to look for missing insulation, damaged framing, and other problems. 

Infrared imaging can tell the buyer a lot about a house and makes damage that may not have been noticed otherwise easy to find. It is a good idea for owners to have an infrared scan of the home before selling so that they can find and fix any serious problems. 

Home buyers can use infrared to either counter-offer lower on a home or decide not to buy it. 

If you offer thermal imaging in your inspection, it's important to have a good report so the homebuyer and real estate agent can easily understand defects. 

The best home inspection software will allow you to write clean reports efficiently, and make your time spent on the job worth your while. 

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