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5 Tips for New Home Inspectors From a 15-Year Multi-Inspector Veteran

Spectora 2/5/19 10:33 AM

We wanted to share some quick tips from Farren West at Key Inspection Services in Snohomish, Washington. He is a multi-inspector company that has been growing and thriving for 15 years.

We just finished recording a Spectora Spotlight podcast episode but he's so helpful that he sent me more thoughts and tips for new home inspectors.

Send out sample reports

Use Spectora to send out sample reports with a 30 second video of you showing how easy it is to read your reports. Use It's free and easy to use.

Join a networking group

Join a biz networking group like and visit other groups. There rarely have any inspectors in the group.

Ask for referrals and give incentives

Ask realtors that like you (and that you like) to refer you to their friends. Give them an incentive of sorts. Subway gift card, Starbucks card, etc.

Actively solicit feedback from realtors

Practice going over your report findings with realtors you like & trust. You'll get more comfortable. Ask them "is this to confusing? Too much jargon? How can I improve?" Be vulnerable and be authentic!


Avoid bad realtors

Build relationships with good realtors and build off them. If they are crappy or unethical do NOT work with them, they'll get you sued & won't have your back if things go sideways!
Always be asking "How can I help you more".

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