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Laid Off and Looking for a Career Change? See if Home Inspections Suit You

Kevin 4/28/20 2:51 PM

I'll spare you the typical intro of most articles right now about unprecedented times and record unemployment numbers.

It's flat out terrible and has caused a ripple effect that's sure to last years. Many industries will not be hiring back the jobs they are cutting.

However, there are pockets of opportunity and certain industries that will recover. One happens to be in home inspections.


Most people outside this little industry don't realize there has always been a historic shortage of home inspectors. For the last couple years in most areas you could not book a decent home inspector for weeks. 

Most of our users reported being booked out weeks and were having records years leading up to COVID-19.

This tells you right there that there are not enough quality home inspectors out there. Especially now that many have left the industry in the past 2 months.

With so many real estate agents getting in and out of the business, this also creates a constant opportunity for those that can do a solid, technical home inspection and interact well with homebuyers and agents.


Most people assume you have to go through long training to become a home inspector. 

In less than half of states there is no licensing requirement at the state level. This means you can register your business, get a website up and start marketing!

If you're in a state that does require state licensing, now might be the time to study up and take the exam while you're at home!

  • If you have a business, sales or marketing background you will have an advantages in many ways but will have a lot to learn on the technical side
  • If you have a construction or home service trades background you will need to learn the soft skills of customer service, sales and marketing

Startup Costs

The startup costs to become a home inspector are pretty minimal when compared to many other industries. Here is what you'll need to succeed:

  • An InterNACHI membership - This is the largest training organization that provides endless guides and resources. $59/mo.
  • Home inspection software - This is a software program you'll need to do the home inspection on-site (with an app) and manage your business (at home on your computer) $99/mo.
  • A website - To be taken serious we recommend having a professional designer build you a website. This will cost anywhere from $1,000-$3,000.
  • Business cards - Vistaprint is great for this. This can cost as little as $10
  • Various inspection tools - Here is a list from one of our top home inspectors. This can cost anywhere from $10-$1000 depending how fancy you want to be.

For around $2,000 in startup costs you can start your own business and have the potential to make 6 figures within a couple of years. We've seen it happen countless times (you can hear stories on our podcast).

Not bad right?

Some Keys to Success

  • Don't kid yourself that this will be easy. This is just like any other business that will require hustle, constant learning and relationship building
  • Start asking your Realtor friends (we all have 56) what they like/dislike about the home inspectors they use
  • Start telling everyone in your network well ahead of your launch date that you're going to be a home inspector
  • Don't skimp on your software and website. Especially in these times - it's your digital brochure and you want to be taken serious.
  • Research your competition by searching for "home inspector [your city/town]". How many companies have a lot of Google Reviews? Do some of their websites look outdated? Do their reports and content look stagnant? Do they allow online booking or texting for more info?
  • Be proactive and set goals - This is the upside to being an entrepreneur if you're a self-starter. This is a downside if you aren't great at structuring your day and prioritizing.

While this business can be very difficult for some, I've seen naturals get in and build great businesses quickly. Many a great business have been started in the midst of a recession - you could be the next success story!

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