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    Email Marketing Tips for Home Inspectors

    It's no secret: everyone kind of hates getting mass emails.

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    What to Expect as a New Home Inspector

    We won't sugarcoat it: your first year in the home inspection business will likely be challenging.

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    What is an electrical inspection?

    What is an electrical inspection, and why do homeowners and building owners need one?

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    Switching to Spectora from ISN

    Thinking of makling the switch to Spectora Advanced? Here are the steps we have in place to make the transition easy (and of course, you'll have a specialist to help you..

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    Is it time to raise your prices?

    When was the last time you raised your prices?

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    How to Get Your Home Inspection Website Ranking

    A website that doesn't rank is like a luxury car that doesn't run; potentially pretty, but ultimately useless. Local SEO can feel intimidating but in reality, it's achievable if..

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    How to Become a Home Inspector in Ontario

    If you want to become a home inspector in Ontario, we have good news: the process is relatively easy.

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    Winning with Instagram (with Sarah Wilson)

    It's no secret that Instagram is one of the best ways for home inspectors to connect with real estate agents. All in all, Instagram can be less of a lift (in terms of time and..

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    How to Use AI as a Home Inspector

    One of the great things about being a home inspector is that artificial intelligence will probably never replace your job.

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    5 Ways to Use Advanced Actions to Make More Money

    Whether you're the owner of a multi-inspector firm or a solo inspector who offers more than one service, Advanced Actions can be a game-changer for your business.

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