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    How to Become a Home Inspector in New Jersey

    In New Jersey, the home inspection industry is regulated by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. What does that mean? For prospective home inspectors, it means there's a..

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    How to Become a Home Inspector in Washington

    Take the Fundamentals of Home Inspection Course In Washington, you'll have to take a 120-hour Fundamentals of Home Inspection course. Check out a list of Washington state-approved..

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    a home inspection marketing funnel

    5 Home Inspector Websites that Probably Get More Leads than Yours

    Do you ever feel like your home inspection website is just kinda . . . there? Most inspectors build their websites for the basic purpose of social proof. That is, establishing..

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    What Insurance Does a Home Inspector Need?

    Whether your state requires it or not, you should have insurance.

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    10 Free Tools to Up Your Digital Marketing Game

    You probably didn't become a home inspector to be a marketer. As a business owner though, you'll have to invest some of your time in marketing, and as someone who works in..

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    How to Become a Home Inspector in Michigan

    Michigan doesn't regulate home inspectors, so you are not legally required to complete home inspector education or become licensed to operate as a home inspector in the state. But..

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    How to Become a Home Inspector in Maryland

    If you're thinking about becoming a Maryland home inspector, you'll have to become licensed.

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    How to Become a Home Inspector in Pennsylvania

    Thinking of becoming a home inspector in Pennsylvania? The commonwealth doesn't require home inspectors to be licensed, but home inspectors are regulated by the PA Office of the..

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    a home inspector choosing between two inspection software platforms

    23 Reasons to Switch to Spectora in 2023

    It's a new year, and a seismic shift is happening in home inspection. Inventory is still low, sales volume is down, and prices cuts are starting to happen in many markets as a..

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    a home inspector considering marketing ideas

    23 Marketing Ideas for Home Inspectors in 2024

    Remember when you were too busy to work on marketing in the past few years? Now is the time. 2023 is the year to hone in on your marketing. With the rumblings of a recession in..

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