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    Spectora Market Update July 2024

    Welcome to the first edition of the Spectora monthly market update blog post. Each month, we'll provide a detailed look into various aspects of the home inspection industry,..

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    The Home Inspection Industry in 2023

    Industry Snapshot Quick Facts In 2023, the average cost of a home inspection was $462 The Northeast had the most expensive inspections at $547 The South had the most affordable..

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    Spectora industry snapshot deep dive

    Median solo home inspector revenue for October dropped 24%

    In October, we released our first-ever Spectora Industry Snapshot. Since then, we are still tracking industry data to provide updates. We just got some numbers in for the month of..

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    a home inspector quitting the industry

    Industry attrition, and why it's a good thing.

    This is a deep-dive behind some data in our latest industry snapshot, in which we analyze trends on the home inspection industry.

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    New inspectors flooded the industry in 2021, but it may be over soon.

    For the past few years, it's been a good time to get into the home inspection industry. Home sales have been strong for the last decade, and really strong since 2020. But every..

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    a home inspector working as a side hustle 2022

    Why home inspecting could be the best weekend side hustle of 2022.

    In the past few years, side hustles have surged in popularity. Not quite a job, but definitely not a hobby, millions of Americans turned to part-time work to make extra cash..

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    How High is the Demand for Home Inspectors?

    Home inspectors are an important part of the home buying process, and yet many home buyers don’t even know what a home inspection is.

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    Why Home Inspections Will Never be Virtual

    There is no shortage of "How X Will Change in a Post-Covid World" and "These Industries Will Never Be the Same" articles. Heck, I even wrote one last week.

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    What Top Home Inspectors Across the Country Are Doing Now

    I'm always fascinated how businesses in general react to slow economic times. Our industry is no different from others in that they go with the traditional playbook:

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    Introducing Spectora Reviews! 

    Reviews are a great thing to have - they give you insight into your customer’s experience, help your business grow, create trust with potential new customers, and so much more.

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