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What Top Home Inspectors Across the Country Are Doing Now

Kevin 4/11/20 2:45 PM

I'm always fascinated how businesses in general react to slow economic times. Our industry is no different from others in that they go with the traditional playbook:

Cut expenses. Clamp down. Wait it out.

However, I recently did a couple podcast episodes with Dirk Van Reenen (IEB) and Rob Lemoine (RIA - one of the largest companies in the country) that aligned with how we think of slowdowns - an opportunity to reevaluate everything you do. To think critically. To grow. Find gaps in your business.

So I asked some of the top Spectora home inspectors in the country to see how they are spending their time in quarantine and here are some of their answers:

  • Working on their templates
  • Blogging
  • Getting more active on social media or starting on Instagram
  • CE classes
  • Hiring(!)
  • Working on their website or building a new one
  • Home projects that have been neglected
  • Spending time with family
  • Starting a YouTube channel
  • Starting a podcast
  • Getting outside and taking care of their health
  • Calling their top real estate agent partners

That last one is a biggie! Why not check in with your top agents and see how they are doing? How you can support them. How you can empathize with them.

This is an area that can easily fall off in busy times so I highly recommend reaching out to your valuable sources of business and just say hi :)

Whether working on your business, yourself or your relationships just make sure to achieve balance during this time off!

Here are Apple Podcast links to the podcasts mentioned above:

Episode #38 - Dirk Van Reenen

Episode #39 - Rob Lemoine

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