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Office Presentations Not Working? 3 Ideas to Spark Your Agent Acquisition

Spectora 7/16/16 8:49 AM

3 Ideas to Spark Your Agent Acquisition

Office presentations can be great for new agent acquisition. You reach a room full of agents at once and one or more end up referring you business.

They can also result in lots of time, money & effort for no reward.

If your office presentations are followed by weeks or months of crickets, here are 3 outside-of-the-box strategies to get agent's attention.

The New Warm Intro

We talk a lot about building familiarity and trust. This is essential for home inspectors winning over new agents.

More agents are utilizing social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to establish their local expertise and acquire new clients.

This is the perfect place to subtly put your face & home inspection business in front of an agent, while stroking their ego a little.

Here's the game plan:

  1. Search for "[your city] realtor/real estate agent" on Facebook and Twitter
  2. Follow (Twitter) and like (Facebook) all the accounts you can find
  3. Make a habit to check in every couple days for 5 minutes to see what they've been posting
  4. Like/Share/Re-tweet any of their posts that you find insightful or helpful
  5. Send a carefully crafted email introducing yourself and referencing their posts, articles, or resources

Just like in the offline world, building a genuine relationship doesn't happen overnight. You need to genuinely read their posts, find them helpful, and be consistent - Or this won't work.

It takes tact and a little bit of patience, which is why most home inspectors won't do it. Which is why it works.

Finding the High Volume Agents

Every inspector wants the high volume agents. But how do you find them?

Popular real estate sites like Redfin, Trulia or Zillow show you how many transactions an agent has had in the last 2 years.

Spend some time browsing listings and agents in your area, find the agents who are doing double digit transactions. They are likely to continue to produce at that level. Then follow the social media game plan referenced above. 

The other way is finding agents that are on the rise. Meaning they are about to start doing more transactions.

A great indicator of this is agents that are actively advertising on real estate sites. When you're looking at local listings, take note of the agents that are advertising in the sidebar. You can bet they are getting business (or will soon) from this visibility.

If agents are web savvy enough to advertise, there is a high probability they are also on social media and will appreciate the social media game plan.

Open Houses

Open houses are a great opportunity to get face-to-face time with agents. These are long days for agents and they are often bored and welcome the conversation!

You may already hit open houses and hand out business cards. If you are, make sure you are following these best practices:

  • Dress business casual - People decide if they like you in the first second. Wear a nice collared shirt.
  • Be Transparent - Introduce yourself and say you're growing your business and letting more agents know about [insert what makes you unique here, your UVP].
  • Make casual conversation - You don't want this to be a hard sell. You want to come off as transparent, yet relatable. Ask how the open house is going. Ask about their take on the local market and where it's headed.
  • Swap business cards and let them know you'll be in touch
  • Follow up! This is where most inspectors fall off. Use social media to keep your business and your UVP fresh in their mind.


  • Office presentations don't work for every inspector or local market
  • Connecting on social media is a low effort way for an agent to see your business name
  • Agents love having their ego stroked - use this to your advantage
  • Find high producing agents on real estate sites & advertising sidebars
  • Establish a genuine connection at open houses, then follow up online

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