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Top Home Inspector Accounts to Follow on Social Media

Olivia Oksenhorn 5/13/24 12:00 PM


Whether they're showing atrocious house flip fails, educating current and future homeowners on home maintenance, or executing creative marketing campaigns, these home inspectors are killing the social media game.

Why do home inspectors have such a large social media following?

In an age where younger generations (namely, millennials and Gen-Z, who are now entering the housing market) seem to have less knowledge about home maintenance, there's an appetite for educational content about the home. 

With social media, home inspectors show the value of a home inspection and why current and future homebuyers absolutely need to get a home inspection. 

Lastly, it's simply entertaining; home inspectors who post about home flip fails, or show the crazy things home sellers leave around for the inspection get high engagement. 

Home Inspectors to Follow on Social Media 

Here are some of our favorite accounts posting the good, the bad, and the ugly of the home inspection world. 

***  Inspectors are listed in no particular order

1. Phil Dancer

It's easy to romanticize mansions on Zillow — Phil Dancer's social media channels show that all mansions aren't built perfectly. 

Phil, along with the other inspectors at Dancer & Co., specializes in inspecting luxury homes and mansions. His content shows that even the biggest and best homes on the market need to be inspected. 

You can find Phil at @homeinspector_phil on Instagram, and hear more about his journey with social media here.


 2. Austin Jenkins (Inspector AJ)

Anyone who has scrolled through the home inspection corner of the internet has likely seen Inspector AJ's content. Austin has amassed nearly two million followers on TikTok by creating educational content for homeowners, and humorously showing the most outrageous defects in the homes he inspects. 

You can find Austin at @inspector.aj on Instagram and @inspector_aj on TikTok.


3. Site Inspections

From Australia, the Site Inspections team delivers great property inspection content on their social media channels. With over 270k followers on TikTok, it's clear we're not the only ones who love their videos. 

You can find the Site Inspections team at @siteinspection on Instagram and @siteinspections on TikTok

4. Ben Hendricks

Ben Hendricks, aka Inspector Ben, is the perfect inspector to follow on social media if you're looking for clear, concise educational content.  

You can find Ben at @inspectorben on Instagram.


5. Spencer Clark

Spencer Clark continually makes great home inspection content out of Utah on both Instagram and TikTok. One thing we love about Spencer's content is his attention to brand impressions (you'll never catch him without his Town & Country Home Inspections hat or shirt in a video). 

You can find Spencer at @homeinspection_utah on Instagram and @homeinspection_utah on TikTok.

6. Brad Zirlott

Brad strikes the perfect balance of education and humor in his content, as he shows his findings from home inspections in Alabama. 

You can find Brad at @duesouthbrad on Instagram and on TikTok. 

7. Scott Broussard

With over 294,000 followers on TikTok,  Scott Broussard is an example of how inspectors can amass a large social media following simply by filming themselves at work. 

You can find Scott at @homeinspector_sb on Instagram and @homeinspector_sb on TikTok


8. Bailey McHugh

The SWELL Home Inspections social media page is a perfect example of how inspectors can use social media as an educational tool. Bailey recently spoke about her journey with social media on the Spectora Spotlight podcast (watch the full interview here). 

You can find Bailey at @swell_homeinspections on Instagram and @swell_homeinspections.


9. Kenneth "Bubba" Benedicto

Kenneth "Bubba" Benedicto has a knack for creating content that will make his audience laugh, and that alone is worth a follow.

You can find Kenneth at @inspected_by_bubba on Instagram and @bubbalookinspector on TikTok.

10. Mike Totino

While Mike is a home inspector by trade, his social media shows that he might be a marketer at heart. Our favorite example of his clever social media usage is a recent collaboration with a real estate agent, where they faked a proposal to drive engagement for a local event. 

You can find Mike at @hyperfocusedhomeinspections on Instagram and @hyperfocusedhi on TikTok.

11. Nita D

Nita D's content differs from the other inspectors on this list, mostly because her target audience is fellow and prospective home inspectors. 

If you're looking for a home inspector to follow in the space for motivation and educational tips about the industry, look no further: Nita D's content is for you. 

You can find Nita D. at @househunter216 on Instagram and @iamhousehunter216 on TikTok.

12. Cy Porter

Cy Porter of CyFy Inspections knows what he's doing when it comes to social media. With 218k followers on Instagram and 174k on TikTok, Cy has built his following off of sharp and witty but informative content. 

You can find Cy at @cyfyhomeinspections on both Instagram and TikTok. 

13. Trey Hill

Trey Hill of Gold Star Inspections shows the best (well, technically the worst) in Texas. Any home buyer skeptical of the value of a home inspection should scroll through his content. 

You can find Trey at on Instagram and on TikTok. 

14. Ralph Borgess

Based out of the DMV area, Ralph's friendly demeanor and eagle-eyed attention to detail make his social media pages stand out.

You can find Ralph at @inspectorralph on Instagram and TikTok. 


I'm a home inspector - should I have a social media presence?

If you're a home inspector, we highly recommend that you incorporate social media into your marketing efforts for a few key reasons: 

  • Enhance Your Marketing and Branding: Use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok to showcase your expertise and services. A strong social media presence will help you reach a larger audience, attract potential clients, and establish credibility in the industry. It can also give you additional revenue opportunities (with a larger following, you can capitalize off of brand partnerships). 

  • Educate and Inform: Use social media to share valuable content such as videos, infographics, and articles about home maintenance, safety tips, and inspection processes. By providing useful information, you position yourself as a knowledgeable and trusted resource to realtors and homebuyers alike. 

  • Expand Your Network: Connect with real estate agents, contractors, and other professionals in related fields through social media. Building a network can lead to referrals and collaborations, opening up new opportunities for your business.

  • Improve Customer Engagement: Engage directly with clients and prospects by answering questions, addressing concerns, and providing insights on social media. This enhances customer service and fosters trust with your audience.

  • Showcase Your Work: Share before-and-after photos, inspection reports, and success stories to visually demonstrate the value of your services. This transparency helps potential clients understand the impact of your work, and will allow you to value your business higher, 

  • Boost Your Online Visibility: Maintain active social media profiles to improve your online presence and search engine visibility. This can lead to increased website traffic and inquiries from potential clients searching for home inspection services.

Do you know a home inspector with an awesome social media presence who didn't make this list? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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